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The Secret to Ecommerce Branding to Stand Out From Competition

Amazon’s sales are now more than half the size of Amazon’s medium and small businesses, a 30% increase over the previous decade.

Online marketplaces are now open to any company that has a high-quality product, regardless of whether they have 5 or 5,000 employees. As long as they pay attention and use social proof branding, they can find success. 

Both small and large businesses, regardless of size, can be distinguished from their competitors by creating a consistent brand identity and taking advantage of all branding opportunities. This will allow them to stand out and increase conversion.

The basics of branding for ecommerce

The brand of a company is the perception that consumers have about it or its products. Ecommerce branding should aim to positively influence this perception through real customer testimonials and reviews. Your customers’ reviews and recommendations can influence the identity of your company. This identity is what will make your brand loyal and long-lasting customers.

Potential customers interact with your brand every time they see your product videos online. What impression do you want to leave when someone views your video reviews online? Important core values of the company? the kind of vibe do you want your customers to experience when they use your products or visit your website? These are the questions that your branding strategy should address.

Social Proof + Branding makes a personalized touch

Social proofing your identity across platforms and elements helps consumers understand your brand regardless of where it is found. This increases brand recognition and trust in your product.

Across Platform

The key to branding success is consistency. Your branding style doesn’t matter as much. What matters is that your brand identity is consistent across all platforms, markets, and social media channels.

Do not create a brand identity that is identical in all channels, including social media, online marketplaces and your company website. Consumers who don’t understand your brand identity and can’t recognize it immediately are less likely to trust you, purchase your products, or stay with your company for a long time.

Even established companies can struggle to communicate their brand identity online, even if they have a strong brand and style. These brands might have creative teams who create compelling content for display in brick-and mortar stores and on their company websites.

Across Elements

Your overall creative strategy should remain consistent across platforms. The same goes for your creative elements. Your brand identity, logo and packaging should all be compatible. 

If your product is modern and sleek, your logo and font choices should reflect this style. You don’t want your product to be packaged in a lot of plastic if your main focus is on environmental sustainability. Bright colors are a good choice if your brand is positive and energetic.

Across Products 

Lastly, consistency and continuity should be maintained between all your products. Even though you may sell many goods, it is important that they all are connected within your product family. Your social proof videos reviews should show that you are proud of each product and company.

Once you have established your brand consistency, make sure to share it with customers via video marketing. This is the best form of marketing for ecommerce. Optimize below-the-fold by using social proof content to fill every image on your product listing page. 

You should use as much space as possible on the platform. You should fill product pages with consistent brand and visual content.

When social proof videos are implemented, we have seen significant conversion increases, from 5% to 20% for established companies as well as new ecommerce businesses. Why? Why? Because it is clear who is buying your products and who is promoting them, customers will believe in your brand and feel safer investing in your products.

Use creative content to innovate and strengthen your brand

Take a moment to picture yourself shopping in a store. When you have many options, how do you choose which product you want to purchase? First, you will likely gravitate towards a product based upon its packaging and presentation. Then you might pick it up and feel its weight. You can also read the ingredients on the label. Finally, you might compare its features with similar products on the shelves.

All of these factors are important in helping you–and all consumers–understand the brand and make a final purchasing decision. Creative content online should use visual elements to replicate the brick-and-mortar experience. Visually communicating the shopping experience to customers through product descriptions, images, videos and descriptions is key. They should be able to tell as much about your product if they can personally touch it.

Optimizing the product listing basics, such as the image stack or product description, can help your brand recreate the shopping experience for consumers and answer their questions. There are many other tactics that you can use to improve your conversion rate and strengthen your brand image


E Commerce is an area that is often overlooked. Video allows consumers to see and touch a product in real time, something that is important in today’s post-COVID world. A short video clip can bring your product to life and communicate more than the 7 images in your image stack. Your product is the only listing that consumers will interact with before making a decision.

Amazon Live events.

Amazon Live allows brands to show their products live to customers via an interactive streaming feed. This is a great way for brands to communicate with customers, share their brand stories, and highlight their products.

Seasonal promotions.

Online sellers can make seasonal promotions just like retailers revamp their window displays for each season. For example, if you sell health supplements, you might rework your creative content to highlight supplements that enhance immune system function for the back-to-school season.

A+ Content.

Amazon’s A+ Content, Previously known as Amazon EBC Content. This tool allows you to add visually rich content such images, diagrams, and text placement to your product listings. A+ Content is a simple way to display your brand’s identity in every product listing. Amazon claims that adding this feature to your listing can increase sales by 3% to 10% on average.

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