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Why Gojek Clone Malaysia Is Unique App To Launch Your On Demand Multi Service Business In 2021

Gojek Clone App is more powerful and mightier than nature’s strongest thunderclap because of its State-Of-The-Art and trailblazing features. With one single login, User has instant access to a diverse genre of on-demand services to choose from. They can book Taxi Rides, order in food, groceries, medicines and even appointments with a Doctor, Plumber, Electrician and Masseuse. This All in One Services App can also get their Car-Washed, help them find a baby-sitter and even send parcels to multiple locations for your App’s User.

See for yourself how ingenious this App’s features are!

a. Instant Taxi Booking with your iWatch

This masterpiece has introduced a futuristic feature by allowing Users to book Taxi Rides using their Apple smart-watches! All that the User has to ensure is that their iWatches are digitally connected to their iPhones and both of these smart-devices have constant supply of Internet! Once that is ensured, download Taxi Booking iWatch App on your smart-watch and automatically a Rider’s App will get installed on their IPhone.

With two or three simple taps on the iWatch, your User can book the Ride and can also choose to pay online either via an already saved Card in the account or using the In-App Wallet.

b. Service Providers can no longer cheat you with exorbitant waiting period surcharge

The App Owner had noticed an unfortunate yet steady pattern among the Service Providers who’d click on the “Arrived” icon even when they are at least a mile away from the Pick-Up or Parcel Delivery Destination. And then these Service Providers will argue and fight with the Rider to pay extra money over and above the Ride cost as Waiting Period Surcharge. This infelicitous incident kept on happening for some while until the App Owner introduced a feature to safeguard the interests of Riders.

The Delivery Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Delivery Genie and Runners can no longer click on the “Arrived” icon unless they are hardly 20 metres away from the Pick-Up Location or Drop-Off Destination.

And even if they try to do so, a pop up window will show up on the smartphone screen saying you haven’t reached the location yet. And because you are still 2 miles away, the App won’t let you click on “Arrived” icon.

The App Owner can decide the minimum distance at which the “Arrived” icon should be activated. The Entrepreneur has to just login into the Admin Panel and make the changes there.

c. 10,000 new Users verified every month with Firebase for Free

Firebase allows you to verify phone numbers of up to 10,000 New Users every month at no extra cost. This is definitely a cheaper alternative than the Twilio – a Platform that verifies phone numbers via sending codes through messages.

d. It’s Pizza Mania here with so many options in Toppings and Crust-Types 

Order in your Deep-Dish Pizza using Gojek Clone App today and see the magic unfold before your eyes. Your User can choose Ground Beef, Sausage, Pepperoni, Onion, Mushrooms and Green Peppers to be its toppings. And all of this will be under a thick blanket of Tomato Sauce. Your App’s User can also give baking instructions to the Restaurant, to make the base of the Chicago Pizza crispier, just ask them to oil the pan before baking it in an oven for 30-35 minutes. The User can also instruct the Restaurant to grate Parmesan Cheese on top of the Ketchup.

This On-Demand Multi-Service App Malaysia understands the gravity of the situation and can feel how scared people are to step out amidst this ongoing Pandemic. But it also had to support a big chunk of Service Providers and millions of Delivery Drivers who were out of business and had to live through the darkest days of their lives in reality.

But something changed! 

This App’s Conscience couldn’t bear the plight and pain of its workforce and merchants. That is why it launched Covid-19 Safety Measures to help kick-start the business by gaining the trust of the customers back.

Customers wanted hygiene and a sanitized environment!

That is why Taxi Drivers had to mandatorily wear a Face Mask and upload it on the App before starting the ride, and Restaurant Owners had started to upload pictures of clean, sanitized kitchens on their App for Users to browse through. It also included pictures of Chefs’ and the Servers’ earning Face Mask and Hand Gloves at all times, even temperature checks of the entire Restaurant workforce including the In-house Delivery Drivers.


Gojek Clone App isn’t just a profit-churning machine but has a deep sense of responsibility towards the society and especially towards its Service Providers and Delivery Drivers. Do you aspire to run a successful and profitable business? Then buy a Gojek Clone App from CubeTaxi without wasting a single moment. CubeTaxi will help you go live with your App in just under 7 days and then you can start earning easy and quick money from the Day one of the Launch. 

Alexa James

Alexa James is the Content Manager at Cubetaxi.com. She has a keen interest in writing about the latest mobile app technologies. She also loves to write a lot about on-demand mobile app development.

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