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Natural Remedies for Sleep Deprivation

A lot of type 2 diabetics have to get up multiple at night to eliminate sleep deprivation, insomnia, and many more. I am sure that I have to do it… usually at least once, and sometimes two or even three times at night.

It, naturally, can disrupt a peaceful night’s rest.

Sleep loss can result in a myriad of medical conditions. In fact, it may increase the dangers of diseases like heart disease kidney failure, stroke blindness, neuropathy, and others which are the result of being diabetic.

Medical conditions that result from sleep deprivation

It is likely that following a bad night’s rest, you’ll be groggy and cranky when you wake up.

Did you know that sleep deprivation can affect your judgment and affect your memory, and cause havoc on your overall health, sexual health and appearance?

Here are six general kinds of disorders that are caused by sleeping disorders:

1. Serious physical health issues

It may be caused by persistent sleep disturbances.

These diseases include heart disease and high blood pressure and strokes. If you are diabetic, your chance of developing these severe health conditions is increased when you sleep all night long.

2. Impairment in cognitive functions

It is a further result of not getting enough sleep. Sleep, for instance, is vital in allowing your brain room for separating and organizing your thoughts and the memories you have from the day.

French researchers and American researchers have discovered that brain processes known as “sharp waves” help to consolidate memory. The ripples also transfer information from memories that are temporary (in the brain’s hippocampus) to memory storage for the long term (in the Neocortex).

Sharp wave ripples happen most often in deep sleep. Therefore, if you’re not getting enough sleep the chances are that you’ll forget what you’ve learned or experienced in the last 24 hours.

But this isn’t all. Sleep deprivation affects your alertness, focus, ability to think, reason and problem-solving skills. This can make learning and remembering difficult.

3. Unexpected accidents

It occurs more frequently in those who are tired.

The primary reason could be that in addition to diminished cognitive capabilities sleep deprivation results in blurred vision, and all of this can lead to poor judgment and poor decision-making.

In one study, employees who complained of sleepiness throughout the day were more likely to be involved in workplace accidents and frequent accidents were more frequent, as in comparison to their awake colleagues.

It is estimated that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA has determined the role of fatigue as contributing to 100,000 crashes and greater than 1500 road fatalities each year in the United States.

Sleep deprivation played a role in a number of the most devastating industrial catastrophes of the twentieth century… like the nuclear explosion in Three Mile Island in 1979… the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl during the year 1986… as well as The Exxon Valdez crude oil spill in 1989 that caused one of the worst environmental catastrophes ever caused by humans.

4. Your sexual passion

It could be killed by a sleeping disorder.

Women and men who are deficient in sleep frequently report that they’re not as libido and have less desire for sexual activity than they used to have, as per sleep experts.

People who have sleep apnoea, which causes breathing pauses as you sleep produce lower levels of testosterone (the most prominent male sexual hormone) at night and this could explain why those with these conditions have fewer sexual drives.

So far, scientists haven’t been able to figure out why sleep deprivation decreases the sex drive of other males as well as females.

5. Old-looking skin

Skin with no elasticity or smoothness, or dark circles around the eyes… may be due to an insufficient amount of sleep.

There are two main reasons to this:

First of all, if you’re not getting enough rest, your body produces more cortisol, a stress hormone. However, excessive cortisol may cause collagen to break down which is the protein that keeps your skin soft and soft.

Additionally, the absence of sleep can hinder the production of the HGH, a hormone that is produced by the human body. While we’re young, HGH helps us grow. As we grow older, HGH assists in increasing the mass of our muscles (which diminishes as we get older) as well as keeping our skin strong and soft, as well as strengthening our bones.

HGH is released when we sleep as an element of the normal repair of tissues. If the normal wear and tear of the day cannot be repaired while we sleep, we’ll quickly begin to appear older. The loss of sleep can hinder the production of HGH.

6. Weight increase.

It can be another serious side effect of sleep loss, particularly in the case of diabetics who require a slimming down process in order to fight diabetes.

Sleeping less than six hours per night are nearly thirty percent more likely to get obese than those who rest between seven and nine hours, as per an investigation released in 2004. This suggests there’s an association between sleeping less and an increased appetite.

Here’s the reason:

Ghrelin is which is the “hunger” hormone is a stimulant of appetite, while the hormone leptin is known as the “satiety” hormone decreases the appetite. Recent studies suggest that sleep deprivation is associated with an increase in ghrelin as well as lower levels of leptin.

However, not only does sleep loss boost a desire to eat… the process will also increase your craving for high-fat carbohydrate, high-carb meals.

Diabetics, beware!

Sleeplessness cures

Because of the severity of the many medical conditions that sleep deprivation can cause, finding a solution or at the very least a way to increase the quality and length of your rest is crucial particularly if you’re diabetic.

It is possible to start using sleep pills. However, they do not as per my experience, provide you with a good the best quality sleep.

The majority of people who use sleeping pills fall asleep feeling sleepy and then remain in a semi-somnambulant state for several hours after the effects of the chemical compounds in these sleep aids diminish.

Therefore, it is wise to avoid using medications and go for natural cures.

Here are a few ideas you could be able to use:

  • Get up in the early hours

During the morning… in the morning, since exercise can alter the body’s rhythms and the quality of sleep.

In a study that was published in the Journal of Sleep, researchers found that women who were moderately active for at least 30 minutes every throughout the day on 7 days of the week, had better sleep than women who did not exercise as much or later during the daytime.

What are the reasons why the timings of sleep and exercise linked such a way? There isn’t a definitive answer.

One possible reason could be related to your body temperature. Your body temperature can rise when you exercise, and it can take up to six hours for it to return to normal. Cooler bodies lead to better sleep, so if you train earlier in the day, you’ll be cool prior to the time you go to bed.

  • The green tea

It prior to you going to bed can be perfect for calming your body and mind, based on my experience.

Green tea is a source of L-theanine. It’s an amino acid widely believed to help reduce the anxiety that can disrupt sleep.  Zunestar 2 mg helps to reduce anxiety and get better sleep. L-theanine has been proven in a research study conducted that was conducted in 2007 to decrease the heart rate as well as the immune responses to stress. It also stimulates brain waves linked to relaxation.

  • Hot milk

Hot milk was taken before bed is a traditional natural cure for insomnia.

It can help to relax you since it can bring back the pleasant memories of your mother sleeping with her arms.

It is recommended to drink warm almond milk since it’s a good source of calcium that helps the brain produce melatonin an important hormone in the regulation of the cycle of sleep and wake.

  • Melatonin

It is an internal pacemaker that regulates the timer of your drive to sleep.

Melatonin is a stimulant for drowsiness. It lowers body temperature and sets the body in a state of sleep. The hormone is naturally produced inside the body.

Studies about how melatonin supplementation affects sleep for those suffering from insomnia has produced mixed results. It helps to improve sleep and its quality for those who suffer from insomnia however it has no effect on other people.

Melatonin supplements are readily available over the counter. However due to the absence of regulation, they’re not always subjected to rigorous or consistent manufacturing. They should be handled with care.

  • Magnesium

It is an important role in sleep.

Studies have shown that an insignificant deficiency of magnesium can stop the brain from sleeping at night.

Magnesium-rich foods that are natural are green leafy vegetables wheat grain, pumpkin seeds, and almonds. Incorporating these foods into your diet routine is simple.

  •  The oil of lavender

It can be calm and may promote to sleep for some people.

Try a hot bathtub with lavender prior to you go to bed. It’s a great experience that can calm your body and mind. Try it.

  • Valerian roots

It can be described as an herb for medicinal use with an effect of sedation that has been utilized to treat sleep disorders. Some sleeping pills like Zopiclone 7.5 mg and Zopifresh 7.5 mg help to get enough sleep.

However, research into the efficacy of valerian is mixed, and any benefits will require a few weeks before becoming beneficial. Talk to your doctor prior to making use of it.

  • Avoid eating snacks before bed

Eat snacks before going to bed as much as you can. Because digestion can disrupt your sleep and delay the development of deep sleep.

Do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to going to bed.

  • Ambiance in the bedroom

It is crucial to get the best night’s sleep.

Here are a few suggestions to make your bed as peaceful as you can:

  • There should be no TV or other player within the room… so as to stay clear of distractions
  • Maintain a cool temperature, but not freezing.
  • Be sure that your bedroom is dark
  • Remove unwanted sounds by using a white noise machine If necessary
  • Make sure to choose a firm, but comfortable mattress with adequate support
  • Make sure you have a pillow that is able to support your neck and head
  • Utilize the linen sheet… Their airflow minimizes body odor, sweat, and irritations to the skin.
  • Wear the pajamas… so that you transmit the appropriate signals to your brain

Final point… If you aren’t able to get to sleep within 30 minutes of settling to bed. And switching off the lights then get up and get out of your bedroom. Do other activities that require concentration until you’re tired again. Return to bed.

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