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Is WordPress A Good Choice For SEO?

Content Management Systems or CMS have become the next best option for many small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. They are fairly easy to get around and require little knowledge of coding. In other words, developing a website is not as difficult as it once used to be. Among the many CMSs, there is one that capitalizes on the market. Yes, it’s WordPress. 

Starting in 2003, WordPress provides an opportunity to everyone who wants to venture online with a website. It’s simple to use and understand. But, what makes it better than the many CMSs other there is wordpress seo. WordPress has one of the best SEO tools, including Yoast that gives it an edge over its competition. However, the CMS is not all roses, there and for a beginner, it can be a little difficult to get around WordPress. 

Through this article, we try to decide the value of WordPress. Should you use WordPress for your website or hire a web developer and build a website from scratch? We try to help you with answers to all your WordPress seo questions. 

Basics Of WordPress SEO 

WordPress understands that for any business to rank higher it needs to adhere to a variety of search engine parameters. Hence, the CMS has its own series of SEO checklists that you can follow to the best results. 



Themes are very important, especially when we talk about the overall look and feel of the website. Choosing a theme that is seo friendly is probably the very first step you need to take when working with WordPress. Since WordPress is an established entity, there are a number of developers who design WordPress themes. So, you can both find free and paid themes. 


The Right Host 

Hosting from an unknown provider can pull your website performance down drastically. When you go onto WordPress, the company recommends some hosting providers. You can choose one of them. Choosing a recommended option means they work best with WordPress seo. 


Yoast seo WordPress 

You need to have the right SEO plugins to make your work more efficient. Yoast seo WordPress is a tool that any WordPress seo cannot live without. Yoast is ranked amongst the top SEO tools in the world and WordPress is the only CMS that allows a seamless experience with Yoast. From content to meta tags and images, you can check over tens of seo parameters on yoast to make your website WordPress optimized. It also helps with wordpress speed optimization.


Sitemap submissions and Google 

Once your website is ready, you need to integrate it with Google Search Console. Once it’s integrated, submit your XML sitemap. This is a mandatory step that makes sure Google knows that there is a website that it needs to scan and account for. 


Writing Plugin 

Writing Assistant is another Semrush Plugin that helps you create effective and flawless content pieces with WordPress. This is a must-have, not just for blogging but also for UI/UX writing. 


Domain Integration 

If you purchase a domain from a third-party pile Go daddy, you need to integrate it with WordPress. This means working your way around the DNS records. You must also have an SSL certification to make your site secure and fall under the HTTPS bracket. 


Why WordPress Is The Best CMS for SEO? 

There is not one but ten reasons why WordPress is the best for search engine wordpress optimization


  • Seo options 

From WordPress speed optimization to Yoast seo WordPress, the CMS provides an all-inclusive approach to SEO. It makes sure your website is always on the right track and helps you rank better, effortlessly. 

Things like customizable permalinks, accurate markups of HTML, and more just take it miles ahead of any other CMS that’s out there currently. Yes, there are others, but not as efficient as WordPress. 


  • Ease of use and multiple options 

Since WordPress has been there for way too long, more developers are working with WordPress to develop new themes. So, you have a variety of friendly options in both free and paid. This is not the case with many CMS that have a limited collection of free themes, and others charge a lot. 

  • Plugin much? 

You name it and WordPress has it. From Yoast seo WordPress to semrush and more, the highest and most trusted seo tools are available on WordPress. For a search engine optimizer, Yoast seo WordPress is by far the most important tool that almost no other CMS has. 

  • Mobile Friendliness 

From WordPress speed optimization to mobile-friendliness, the CMS is on top of everything. In other words, the themes that WordPress homes are very much compatible with mobile and you don’t have to put in the extra effort. 

  • Customer Support 

WordPress has responsive customer support available for queries round the clock. Support is probably one of the biggest needs of any business, especially in times of crisis. Not a lot of CMS excel in support. Hence, WordPress has always been on top. 

  • It’s everywhere 

Have you ever seen a website, the chances of it being based on WordPress are more than 30%? WordPress has grown so dramatically that it encompasses almost one-third of all websites. So, you don’t have to be worried about any errors or issues impacting your website. 

The Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for your Website

Nothing is perfect, and the same goes for WordPress. It has a couple of downsides to it. Here are some pros and a few cons of WordPress and seo Yoast


  • It has the best SEO tools to help you grow your business faster. 
  • It’s cost-effective for growing businesses. 
  • It has a variety of themes and plugins to explore. 
  • WordPress websites are more common than one might think. 
  • WordPress has a strong security system, and customer support is its biggest advantage. 
  • Yoast seo WordPress is a plugin on WordPress which works seamlessly on the CMS. 


  • If you are a beginner, you need to spend a lot of time trying to understand every aspect of WordPress. That’s why a lot of businesses prefer hiring a WordPress developer rather than building the website on their own. 
  • Having no knowledge of coding will land you nowhere. Even though it’s a CMS, you need to understand basic HTML codes to make the best of WordPress.
  • To get the full advantage of WordPress, you need to buy a WordPress plan. So, if you can’t invest today, soon in the future, you’ll have to. 
  • If you go with free themes your website looks very common. So, it is important to purchase themes. Ultimately, you don’t like that theme, the money will go in vain. 


If you are starting out as an SEO expert. You should know your name around WordPress. The term WordPress is so common that people with no knowledge of web development describe that they want a WordPress website for their business. So, you should be ready. On the other hand, If you wonder whether your website should be wordpress based – yes it should. Now, the best advantage for any Search engine optimizer is Yoast. If you start working on it, you’ll not want to move away from WordPress. 

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