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Top 4 Methods to Avoid Gonorrhoea and Home Remedies to Treat

Did you know that more than 1 million men and women have sexually transmitted infections a day? The reasons for this problem include a list of acts. So, we will try to figure out the reasons behind this STI or sexually transmitted infections and home remedies for it. There will be some most effective methods to avoid gonorrhoea and its complications.

Methods to Avoid Gonorrhoea 

Gonorrhoea is a painful disease that can cause a lot of problems for both men and women. The best method to avoid this problem are

Having Protected Intercourse

The use of a condom can protect both parties from STIs like gonorrhoea. Practising safe intercourse can be helpful for both vaginal and anal sex.

So, if you are having intercourse with a new partner, you should try using a condom for protection. Female condoms are also effective to avoid this problem.

Number of Sexual Partners

Having more than 1 sexual partner you have can cause big problems for you. So, try to have a limited number of sexual partners.

To ensure there is no such problem, you should try to have a relationship where both partners have only one relationship. Such infections can be caused by unsafe sex; protection from partners with this infection is essential.

Avoid using Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

The use of alcohol and drugs can be a cause to avoid. The best method that you can use to avoid this problem is to avoid these reasons.

Alcohol can lead to a sexual act without understanding much about what you are doing. This situation means that you may engage yourself in an unprotected sexual act if you have used alcohol.

The same problem can occur due to the use of recreational drugs. So, try to avoid any kind of recreational and sedative products before having intercourse.

Unsafe Injecting

The use of used injections is one of the reasons for infections in the body. If you use unsafe injections, there are chances of STIs like Hepatitis B and even HIV.  This threat rings an alarm bell, and you should try to get the best hygienic situation when you are injected. Moreover, do not share any kind of syringes to avoid any kind of transmissible disease.

Prevalence in Younger People

The prevalence of STIs is higher than older ones. Men and women between the ages of 15 to 24 are normally at more risk of catching this disease.

Home Remedies for Gonorrhoea

You might think that home remedies are not safe enough to present a solution, but they can. If you are looking to have results with home remedies, you can try some most effective single herbs. Apart from that, effective compound products are considered to help a great deal.


The experts count on Garlic for its antibacterial properties. It can help with gonorrhoea and other types of infections in the body.

What Garlic does is kill bacteria that cause infections in the body. Garlic can help with antimicrobial properties and can improve the infection symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for having antimicrobial properties. You can use it to relieve inflammation and other symptoms of STIs. Although it is effective for this problem, it can also irritate the tissues of the genitals.


Ginger is a helpful herb that can inhibit the growth of germs that cause STDs like gonorrhoea. That is why you can have this food for vaginal yeast infections and reduce the infection’s pain.

Honey may help

Experts believe that the use of Honey can be effective for infections. So, you may try using it for effective results. Scientists tell us that this sweet syrup contains hydrogen peroxide that can help with antibiotic properties.

It is a fact that you can treat internal infections with this natural sweetener.

Thyme Essential oil

The use of thyme essential oil is considered an effective method to get results against bacteria. You can use it to kill bacteria, so it is an effective treatment method. The experts believe that it can kill around 120 strains of bacteria. If you are looking to apply this oil to the body, try diluting it with other maters to avoid side effects.

Compound Products

Compound products consist of more than one herbs and can help reduce symptoms of gonorrhoea. So, you can try using them for effective results against this problem.

Safoof Tabashir

This medicine by Ajmal Dawa khana is effective for reducing symptoms of this problem. You can use it for urine irritation as well.

Sozi Ajmali

Sozi Ajmali is an effective solution for STDs symptoms. You can use it for urinary tract infections. It can help improve symptoms of irritation while urinating. It is one of the best medicines for gonorrhea in the Pakistani herbal industry.


Prostnal is one of the best medicines for gonorrhea that can help with bladder inflammation. It can help improve urinary tract inflammation and infections.

It can also help with inflammatory problems in the pelvic area and nerve damage.


This medicine is effective for gonorrhoea. It is made to improve inflammatory conditions. It contains antimicrobial properties that can help against chronic problems as well.

Sozak is an effective medicine that can help improve pus, inflammation, and other infectious symptoms. The experts believe that it can help against acute problems as well.

These medicines are effective as STD medicines that work well enough to solve the problem.

Bottom Line

STDs like gonorrhoea are preventable, and so you should try to get results with it. But, if you already have this problem, you can try multiple types of home remedies.


Garlic, Ginger, and apple cider vinegar are among the best home remedies for this problem that you can try. You can also try some other best medicines to treat gonorrhea in the herbal section.

If you are looking to buy herbal products that could help Safoof Tabashir, Sozi Ajmali, and others are effective. You can go and buy these products here and treat this problem with gonorrhea best medicine options.


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