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Start these 5 yogasanas daily before marriage, your body will be toned and you will be healthy, fit, and stress-free

Are you going to be a bride soon? If yes, then you must read this article, before marriage, many things go on in the mind, due to which there is stress, while some girls also worry about their looks or weight. To avoid all these problems, you should do yoga. Today we are going to tell you 5 yoga poses, which will not only keep your health good but will also add to your beauty in marriage.

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1. Chakravakasana (Cat-cow pose for the toned body before the wedding)

Posture is good by doing this yoga. In marriage, girls want toned bodies. This yoga is best for them. You can do this even if you have back or back pain due to fatigue. It is also called a cat-cow pose because by doing it a pose like a cow or a cat is formed. To do this, sit down with both your hands and feet on the ground. Keep the spine straight, inhale, and look upwards. Then take the head under both hands. Keep the feet away from each halkalı escort other.

Muffin top pose

2. Muffin top pose to reduce belly hip fat before the wedding

Muffin top is a slang meaning lower belly or hip fat. If you also want to reduce hip or belly fat, then this yoga will be perfect for you. Some girls’ lower part is heavier than their own, they can do it. For this, cross your hands and lie on your back. Bend the knees. Join the fingers at the back of the head. Raise both the knees up towards the hips. Bend the upper body towards the right knee. Take the left foot away. Come to the center Then turn left. Repeat this 5 times.


3. Kapotasana (Pigeon pose is good for digestion)

At the time of marriage, outside food or heavy food can cause indigestion, so you must do this yoga. It is considered good for the digestive system. Those who have sciatica problems can also do it. To do yoga, sit straight, take both the hands backward, keep them near the waist and keep the hands on the toes. Bend the neck backward, also bring the waist back. Take the hands behind the feet on the ground. Slide the hands towards the feet. After staying like this for some time, take the hands towards the toes and hold the heels by keeping the claws up. In this posture, you will make a pigeon pose.


4. Simhasana (Simhasana pose to reduce weight before the wedding)

This yoga is helpful for the bride-to-be because many girls are worried about their weight at the time of marriage. This reduces weight. If you want to improve your face at the time of marriage, then do this yoga. To do Simhasana Yoga, sit with both legs stretched in front, bend the right leg and place the left on the thigh and bend the left and place it on the thigh of the right leg, bend forward and on both knees, place the hands on the floor. But keep it, now pull the upper part of the body upwards, take the tongue out of the mouth, breathe through the nose and keep the eyes open. You will find yourself in the pose of a lion. Repeat this 4 to 6 times.

Visama Vritti Poses

5. Visama Vritti Poses to reduce stress during wedding

Many girls get nervous thinking about new life at the time of marriage. This yoga will come in handy to reduce stress. At the time of marriage, many things are going on in your mind, in such a situation you take the stress. To avoid that, try this yoga, it also keeps blood pressure under control. Sit quietly, close your eyes. Pay attention to natural breathing. You have to count 4 seconds while inhaling. Breathe in for 4 seconds and exhale in 4 seconds. This simple yoga has to be done for 15 to 30 minutes.

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