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Why is Judo the best Martial Arts?

Learning Martial Arts needs time and dedication along with money, so choosing another art is confusing and tricky. Mixed Martial Arts are a combination of knowledge and techniques of various arts into one style that works for fighters. In today’s world Judo is in the spotlight because of the strike force, although Judo is not that popular as other Martial Arts in MMA. Judo in MMA can be highly effective if you clearly understand it.

Moreover, knowing Judo gives you some excellent moves, and judo training can exponentially apply to Combat and self-defense. It comes with plenty of explosive throws and tosses to stun your opponent, so many fighters are using it for significant effect in their careers. We will provide you with compelling reasons why Judo is the best Martial Arts.

Gripping and the Utilization of Clothing

If you cannot swing a punch, you cannot fight. Although one can try kick and headbutt, punches are still the best tool for the street attack. According to some critics’ judo techniques too heavily rely on gripping, and a judo player is continuously trained to grip. A judo player comes with a vice-like grip.

The opponent might be thinking of hitting you on the face while the Judo player plans to grab the arm the fist attached. While practicing and understanding Combat, focus on Martial Arts gear as well.

Hit with a Planet 

Different people use knives, kicks, or sticks in training, but Judo fighters while Judo uses a giant planet to hit people. Judo taught you to throw people with force and control.

Available and Economical 

Judo is known worldwide and practiced almost in every country worldwide as it comes with Martial Arts training and self-defense. One should practice with diligence for an ample of time to be proficient. Additionally, most Judo is not-for-profit entities and has low club dues compared to other Martial Arts classes.

Gravity as a weapon

A force of gravity never makes us float off into space. A Judo fighter can pick you up, and suddenly, you drop a lot faster. This technique is simply a foot sweep, and here, gravity will work as a powerful weapon and help a lot in self-defense situations.

Fitness, Strength, and Determination

Judo is a far more demanding sport, so when scrapping, does not expect a Judoka gassing out anytime soon. A judo fighter is determined enough to take your punches and still be there. This strength builds up as a person goes through the trenches; they have been pinned, tapped out, and thrown.

The training process gives internal strength to keep fighting back with physical fitness.

Grappling over Striking

It comes with traditional techniques by using the fleshy blade of the hand or palm while delivering a blow, not a closed fist. The human hand is compassionate with fragile bones, so fist punch carries a higher risk of injury without proper padded glove protection; by contrast, Judo’s throwing and grappling safeguard the body limbs.

However, the significant part of any fight is understanding fighting and striking range. Judo usually comes with training at grappling range to deal with any physical conflict without delivering any single blow.


While practicing Judo, one must learn ground grappling techniques and, in competitions, must execute it in seconds. This groundwork must be continuous and interrupted from Combat and self-defense standpoint.

There are various opportunities for standing participants over those rolling around the ground. Seize the opportunity faster as the groundwork submission technique can be applied and finished in a matter of seconds. Many combat situations involve fighting on the ground, so in the fight, get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

A sport for all ages and abilities 

It comes with techniques that an average person and styles can perform are for self-defense training. It covers all walks of life and for everybody size and imaginable shape and self-defense training against unsolicited attacks regardless of gender or age.

Martial Arts Gear

Martial Arts are combined with discipline and stamina, and protective gear is required for practice. StarPro Combat gear brings out the best in your students with constant training.

For physical and mental resilience practice with traditional judo uniforms, Starpro Combat understands the importance and symbolism of the Judo uniform.

Judo Suit Uniform 250G with free white belt

  • Ultimate durability
  • Breathability
  • Available with a lined belt
  • Designed for comfort
  • Diamond design
  • Designed with increasing mobility
  • Comfortable
  • Elastic Waistband for a perfect fit

Judo Suit Uniform 350g Comes without Belt

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Soft yet comfortable
  • The 1-line diamond design makes it convenient for regular use
  • 100 and 150 size elastic Waistband and rest with drawstring
  • High-quality material and design
  • Without belts
  • Unique designs and colors
  • Ideal for training and competition
  • Breathability
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Various sizes and colors
Concluded Note:

Judo is a devastating fighting system and effective for Combat and self-defense. Although there are various shortcomings when we examine martial arts self-defense systems thoroughly, Judo sport still prepares you for a physical conflict. Judo is practiced as a contact sport and immensely influential on the street and in the field of Combat sports.

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