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The Top Ten Business Ideas to Start In the United Arab Emirates

There’s no denying that all entrepreneurs must consider and plan strategies to further their business- this should also include searching for new opportunities. If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that such opportunities may either exist in your own country or the UAE. This is essential since the Gulf country is fast becoming a commercial centre for the world- with their Business Setup in Dubai Free zone-friendly government and geographically favourable locations.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the various choices you have when starting or expanding your business setup in UAE.

Construction Agency

It’s essential mentioning that the influx of foreign investors looking for residential options in Dubai has resulted in greater development prospects- this is further encouraged by the rising real estate market. Therefore, it looks ideal, to begin with, a construction agency if you want to start a new business setup in UAE. You will work on residential and commercial projects to become one of the most profitable businesses on the land.

Real Estate Agency

Secondly, it is worth mentioning that real estate is one of Dubai’s most lucrative Business Setup in Dubai Free zone options. To put it simply, the place is essentially hosting a skyscraper race. You must consider important factors such as supply, increasing rent moderation, and shifting demand for executive roles in the job market. You can always set up a real estate firm in the UAE to tap into the seemingly infinite commercial potential of the land.

Business in Health Sector

Digging deeper will essentially help you realise that higher birth rates, a fast-shifting epidemiological profile, longer life expectancy, and an increase in non-communicable diseases have collectively found their place in the UAE. You must read between the lines to realise that all of these characteristics, combined with a shortage of healthcare staff and poor insurance penetration rates, present significant potential in the healthcare sector of the UAE.

Consultancy Service

There’s no denying that consultancy services are always in high demand in the UAE. This is essentially due to the country’s growing number of organisations and Dubai Free zone Company Setup. It would be best if you always kept in mind that most UAE-based companies are young and in the incubation stage- this means they are in constant need of advice and guidance to manage their resources efficiently.

These companies often outsource their planning and strategy to skilled consultants for more precise and feasible answers. Now you identify these opportunities to set up a consulting agency to enter the market- as there are no clients in the UAE market.

Beauty Brand or Store

If you are an outsider, you must keenly observe the wealthy consumer market’s strong interest in beauty items in the UAE. It fits to admit that the country is one of the most rewarding areas for luxury beauty brands and traders to make incredible profits. This is essential since people are willing to cough up a premium for high-quality goods if they believe they are worthwhile.

E-commerce solutions

Detailed observation will essentially help you realise that the Covid-19 pandemic provided a boost to the online Dubai Free zone Company Setup and sector. To put it simply, the global health crisis has contributed significantly to allowing e-commerce to shoot to new heights. The UAE recorded a mammoth 300 per cent surge in client demand for e-commerce during the initial months of 2020. As a result, you can taste guaranteed success if your company provides simple solutions to such Dubai Free zone Company Formation owners.

Fish Farming

It’s essential mentioning that the United Arab Emirates relies heavily on imports to meet its food needs. It would be best to keep in mind that the local government is also encouraging both international and domestic investment in aquaculture development to maintain food security.

Moreover, they are open to incentivising the interested parties to improve the sector, including fingerlings of native species, aquaculture frameworks, institutional and investment restraints, and mapping out viable development sites.


If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that recycling is a well-known and lucrative industry. According to experts, millions and millions of dollars are squandered every year in this industry. You will see that retail shops in malls and high-end retailers undergo a revamping operation as part of a clean image campaign every two to three years. This means contractors enjoy exceptional opportunities and revenue as a result.

Security Service

Much like everywhere else in the world, people in the UAE hire security services to protect themselves, their private property, and government entities. This has proven to be a great opportunity, especially since the land will always demand efficient security guards in high numbers. However, it would be best to keep in mind that either a free zone or mainland scenario would be preferable for many.

You are open to trading with the local market without any limitation if you consider Dubai Free zone Company Formation. This will essentially allow you to compete for lucrative government contracts by bidding on them. Alternatively, you will be exempted from any customs duties since it is a free zone.

Jewellery Making

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing the jewellery industry to Open Company in Dubai Free Zone. This is essential since the country is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. You must also keep in mind that the local government has enacted particular rules and regulations- that require those bringing gold or other expensive metals sold in the Dubai Souk to undergo inspections.

Research conducted before the pandemic suggests that the UAE jewellery market was estimated at 12 billion dirhams. Moreover, you must also realise that the UAE jewellery business is driven by Dubai, which attracts tourists who find it cheaper than their nations and enjoy a wide selection of exceptional jewellery.

Final Word

It only fits to admit that the abovementioned fields are some of the ideas you can explore to make a fortune in the UAE. However, you must remember that some of these sectors will only be viable long-term if supportive laws are in place.

You must ideally align with the rules, grasp the local culture, and provide excellent service to Open Company in Dubai Free Zone successfully. You may sign up with Dubai Business Setup online today for further assistance.

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