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Amazon SEO: How to Get Your Products Found in 2022

Amazon customers can’t purchase what they don’t have regardless of the high-end of your product or your company’s name.

Consider your own user experience. Are you a frequent visitor to the 2nd page for items on Amazon? It’s highly unlikely.

Similar to Google results (opens in new tab) results(opens in a new tab) The click-through rate (CTR) of the

products sold on Amazon is reduced dramatically when they are placed after the third place.

What Is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is all about making sure that your products appear in the very first result page on the search results on Amazon.

One of the most important aspects in SEO on behalf of Amazon is, as you can guess it, selecting the best keywords

Keywords inform the Amazon search engine (A9) the product’s great match for the user’s search. A match that is good indicates that Amazon believes that the customer is likely to buy the item.

You can implement Amazon SEO by writing product descriptions which are packed with keywords-rich text.

Your product’s details page (namely your title, bullets and product description as well as the backend keywords) must be appealing to customers.

While doing so the information should be optimized to meet Google’s algorithm for ranking.

Writing descriptions of products that sell(opens in a new tab) is a continuous process of evaluating, testing with,

and improving factors. To attract and convert customers you must determine which keywords yield the most results. 

Amazon provides guidelines on how to optimize your A9 search engine however, as Amazon experts in marketing we advise conducting your own study.

Performance’s Impact on Amazon Rankings

Amazon ranks results for search results based on the probability of the item being bought. The probability is

determined primarily by the relevancy of your keywords, but also by the performance of your sales.

Amazon will favor products with strong sales, as a product that has been successful in the past will probably do

well the next time. Take note of our question “does my product have a high likelihood of solving the user’s

problem?” If your product has helped solve a lot of problems for other users and problems, the answer is more probable to be “yes”.

This is the catch-22: A good Amazon SEO will boost your sales, but with poor performance, it’s difficult to boost your SEO.

If you’re optimizing your products to be visible on Amazon it’s actually optimizing to increase the relevance of

your keywords and their performance. The most effective way to utilize the relevant and performance aspects for

your benefit is through comprehending what’s happening on the Amazon flywheel. When you turn four primary

gears, the momentum of your move will continue to keep increasing your speed.

How to Improve Performance

Making your business more successful on Amazon will require a bit more effort than creating product titles that are carefully selected keywords. This element of your business requires planning, practice and perhaps some Amazon SEO tools.

Sales velocity

You’re likely familiar with sales speed since it’s mentioned often by sellers. This measure of your business is crucial to keep track of because it directly impacts the way your products are ranked on Amazon. It’s also a major element of getting the Best Seller Badge, which can also benefit your SEO.

It is difficult to determine sales velocity as it fluctuates according to the season as well as the amount of competition advertisements, as well as many other factors. A good sales rate could be determined by the amount of units sold in a day.

However the quantity the number of sales per hour adds more to the search ranking of your product. When you’re selling higher volumes per hour than your competitors, Amazon is going to think of your ASIN as an item that is more profitable and will rank it higher.

An excellent illustration of how this works is research by selling books on amazon. When a book is published from an author it is likely to rise up to number one on the best-selling list. The position will change each hour, not every throughout the day. The longer the book has been in circulation for, the more it will slide down on the list of bestsellers.

Sales history

The previous sales you have made are a huge factor in your Amazon search ranking. Imagine that each sale is worth 100 points to your ranking at the time it occurs. 

However, the next day the same sale could get you 99 points. And the following week, it could get 90 points. The value of the sale will decrease over time, but it doesn’t completely go away. Sales in the past will make your product more visible however they will not be your only source of income.

A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content allows brands to tell their stories through diagrams, images, instructions and other. A+ Content will highlight the most important products’ features, provide answers to the most frequently asked questions and stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace.

A+ Content is visually stunning and is able to promote a product’s value and branding. But, A+ Content will not be indexable by Amazon. It’s great content that can help conversions.

Remember this A+ Content is an excellent method to boost your rank, as it boosts conversions and assists SEO indirectly.

Inventory levels

Having a large inventory of products can affect the way Amazon rates your product and this is especially the case in the case of the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) account. Sellers who are Fulfilled by Amazon don’t have to worry about this however they must strive to have their products always accessible for purchase.

Amazon recognizes sellers with good inventory by advancing them in search rankings. it’s not easy to find something you’d like to purchase but then finding it out of stock.


So how can an online seller determine their price to be just right to make a decent profit, but not have to be in a race to the bottom to be in that Buy Box? It all depends on the seller, and there are many pricing theories on the internet.

We recommend setting your prices in a fair manner and so that you’re profitable. Repricing software(opens in a new tab) is a fantastic method to ensure that your prices are affordable since it adjusts automatically based on the parameters you choose. 

Detail page conversion rate

What is the actual conversion rate? It is defined as the number of detailed page sessions divided by the amount of sales. This will let you know exactly how many people are buying from you once they visit your detail page.

Amazon gives sellers rewards if they have an increased number of clicks and better conversion rates than competitors. You can affect how buyers behave on a page by experimenting with different titles such as bullet points, descriptions and images.

Seller feedback score

This metric evaluates the quality of the Amazon seller. Customers are encouraged to evaluate their experience with sellers by providing feedback on communication and shipping. Sellers can use the five-star rating system and are able to leave feedback following the purchase.

This is a crucial metric for sellers who re-sell since they are often competing with sellers who sell similar items. Sellers with higher ratings on their feedback as well as product reviews and pricing tend to get the sought-after Buy Box more often. Also, winning this Buy Box means more sales.

A high score on feedback will prevent sellers from being suspended.

If your dissatisfaction with your customers is 25 percent negative or positive feedback, you are at risk of getting suspended from Amazon(opens in a new tab).

A suspended account can mean huge losses in profits and a lot of hassle to be reinstated. Inviting customers to leave positive feedback for sellers has more advantages than meets the eye.


The right keywords are crucial for both relevancy and performance. Choose the best keywords to focus on to greatly impact your website’s rank before the shopper has even visited your website’s detail page.

To reach as many customers as they can, and to turn these shoppers into buyers, Amazon sellers must make sure that their SEO strategies are efficient and consistent.

The process of achieving Amazon SEO success entails creating and maintaining pages for product details that function at the top level possible , even before a customer even visits the site.

This is where a well-planned Amazon SEO strategy comes in.

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