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Tips and tricks for making your stained glass

Tips and tricks for making your stained glass. You often have to cut off the tip of your outline nozzle yourself the first time you use it. Try to cut this point as close to the end as possible to narrow the hole in the tube for controlled application.

Don’t panic if your outline gets blotchy in some places! You can make it neat by cutting off the buttons with a craft knife. However, make sure you let it dry completely first.

Never use a meeting to apply your mirror paint, as this will leave bubbles in colour. It is better to grease and mix with a pointed stick such as a cocktail or kebab stick. If you get bubbles, use the tip of your grease pen to squeeze them.

You can mix stained glass colours separately to create a different colour or experiment with on-site mixing, where both colours are poured and then twirled with your wand. This way, you get some brilliant swirls and patterns that look stunning when the light shines through them. also, check pencil art.


Be careful to run the stained glass paint to the raised relief without gaps. Glass colour will shrink as it parches so that holes will become stronger over time, so try not to leave them.

Your glass paint will usually be dry enough to apply a second coat after about 24 hours, but you will need it for about 24 hours. Seven days to dry completely. You can hurry up this method by baking your artificial stained glass object in an oven at 80ºC for two hours.

If your homemade stained glass is mounted on an outside window, you should always face the painted side out of the weather, i.e. indoors, exposed to the rain.

How to make homemade stained glass

The basic technique is the same, whether you want to decorate a window or paint it on a wine glass or jam jar to make a teapot. 

How to make homemade stained glass

The basic technique is the same, whether you want to decorate a window or paint it on a wine glass or jam jar to make a teapot.

Step 1

Make sure your paint adheres well by thoroughly cleaning your glass plate with a lint-free fabric and massaging liquor to clear all grease and fingerprints, leaving your art glass surface sparkling clean to go. After cleaning, allow the alcohol to dry thoroughly before continuing with step 2 of our DIY stained glass tutorial.

stained glass 1

Step 2

Begin by using your relief liner to mark the “leading edge” of your faux stained glass. You can do it freehand, but we find it easiest to place a stencil of your chosen design under the glass and follow it to guide your outline. Even if you want to draw your plan, it’s still a good idea to sketch it out on paper and use it as a template for your outline. Hold the tip of the tube straight against the glass and apply very light pressure, moving the direction along with the shape of your template. Try to control your cables thin, though accomplished worry if you get the weird lumpy outline – we’ll clean it up in step 3 of our faux stained glass tutorial.

Step 3

Allow your outline to dry completely, which will take between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the thickness of your application. When it’s scorched, use a craft knife to cut off any splatters and carefully peel the black border off your jar – it behaves similar to acrylic paint with a plastic-like finish once it’s dry. If some sections or lines go very wrong, you can remove them entirely. Handling your period and perfecting your system in this course will make a tremendous distinction in the general finish of your DIY stained mirror design.

Step 4

Use your emboss contour to go back over any sections you had to remove or add lines that look a bit sparse when the buttons are cropped. Allow the outline to dry again before proceeding to stride 5. You can reprise stages 3 and 4 as numerous moments as you want until you are happy with the finish of the design to give a realistic “lead effect” on your self tinted glass design.

ٍٍStep 5

While you’re waiting for your outline to dry, it’s a good idea to plan the colours you’ll be using in your faux stained glass design. Check out the colours in your painting and see which ones go best together. We get the best results when using a mix of single colour elements and mixed colour components in our DIY stained glass commissions. The blends look stunning, but too many of them without solid colour areas can spoil their overall impact on your faux stained glass design. We used our template to plan what colours we would use in the different regions of our DIY stained glass window.

Step 6

Apply your paint straight from the tube, press a glob into the centre of your outline and use your pen to pull it out against the system’s edges. The amount you need to apply for depends on the size of your department. You want to flood the area, so the colour extends to the edge of the “front” without being thin, but not it spill onto the next section of the design. It is best, to begin with too small a share as you can consistently add more if you work quickly and add colour while the glass colour is still thoroughly wet. Once it begins to dry, you must allow it to dry completely before adding more colour, or you will lose the glossy finish, which will spoil your faux stained glass effect.

Step 7

For the areas where you want to work with gradients, place buttons of colours other inside your outline. Use your wand to pull the colours “forward” and where they overlap, twist the edges together to give you a swirling colour change with your faux stained glass element. If you introduce an air bubble as you spin, push it with the tip of your stick or, if you don’t want to bounce, drag it to the painted rim toward the leading edge, so it doesn’t show.

Step 8

After you’ve added all of your colours, let your project sit for 24 hours to dry completely before flipping it onto its side. The mirror paint choice is dry sufficiently to drive after 24 hours when you can count another coat if you must or otherwise place it in a low oven at 80C for 2 hours. Alternatively, you can skip this oven setting step by allowing your record to dry completely for seven days instead.

stained glass 2

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