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5G and Network-as-a-Service: Orchestration

Telecom operators will go beyond the new radio investments that have overwhelmed 2020. Operators will find a way to plan for expected demand from organizations for 5G services. These steps will incorporate more partnerships with cloud service providers and the deployment of the first independent 5G core (SA) network, alongside the deployment of network orchestration and 5G charging systems. Many operators will set up marginal processing abilities to strengthen their positions.

Network-as-a-Service and the journey to 5G: Degrees of freedom

Today, being an executive of a Communications Service Provider (CSP) isn’t easy. Business and technology executives are bombarded with insightful messages about the paradigm shift that 5G and the cloud will bring, and how highly automated service intent networks will simplify the management of multi-layered networks driven by complex operations. It is important to facilitate the added layer of complexity over decades, preparing for a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) future that will allow CSPs to deliver new services.

It is, however, a daunting and multifaceted challenge to make the necessary changes to the network, operations, and customer experience. A simple, comprehensive, and manageable solution is key. A CSP can achieve complete freedom in creating value with 5G and switching to NaaS most flexibly and efficiently by addressing seven key design principles. These are commonly referred to as the seven degrees of freedom.

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Apps built for the cloud-native environment

CSPs are unlikely to be able to build a true 5G network if they do not implement cloud-native real-time applications that are built to take full advantage of the cloud’s agility, scale, and efficiency.

Software vendors must develop methods for cloud-native design across the full spectrum of 5G applications, and consistency is key. In addition to cloud-based microservices and containers, such capabilities should cover non-national functions through common data models, control and user aircraft separation, and N+K design resistance. By following these fundamental principles, applications will achieve the 5G “network functionality breakdown” that maximizes software reuse, which is a fundamental business driver since it brings skill for new vertical services.

Create a service intent network that meets market needs

To design agile 5G vertical services and 5G cuts, network orchestration driven by service intentions is essential. For closed-loop service assurance, a service requirement must be tied to a quality of service and service level agreement metric across the network, and the intent for that service must be dynamically created.

It will take some time to build data flow models and workflow engines across networks, operations, and insurance. These are complex designs to orchestrate and guarantee.

Create a framework for continuous delivery

A CSP’s extensive network and operations are powered by multiple software vendors. It is possible to have 80+ cloud-native applications, each with a microservices framework, and with each new feature on a specific microservice requiring end-to-end validation. The traditional software release cycle is every four weeks, providing a continuous feed of new releases.

Software delivery pipelines must be mature enough to handle multi-vendor environments and be secure and continuous in both construction and testing environments. Automated and secure integration points must be available. The CSP landscape is changing, requiring detailed implementation plans.

Application design should prioritize security

The security industry faces constantly evolving challenges. When designing and delivering applications, threat analysis, vulnerability management, and software validation are essential.

In a cloud-native world, applications require a “security design” practice, including

  • detailed risk assessments,
  • a common namespace, and
  • access control for substrates.

One poor cloud application can harm the entire ecosystem. If there are hundreds of microservices and shared environments for multiple tenants.

Application, endpoint, access point, and API security must be end-to-end and continuous. Despite the ubiquitous nature of security threats in the software world, NaaS environments require a disciplined approach to workload protection.


When you compare the cost of rolling out SDN/NFV infrastructure with that of the “physical network infrastructure”, the telcos may end up spending more. Spending for buying and operationalizing the SDN/NFV gear. For example, telcos have to invest now in virtualization software, virtual infrastructure manager, orchestration software, SDN controller software in addition to upgrading their OSS stack to support the SDN/NFV network. So, all of this would add up to additional hardware, software, and manual labor costs. However, the service provider will reap the benefits in the longer run – when they are able to quickly roll out new services to customers and when they are able to enable ‘self-serve’ for most network services for the customers. So, the answer to your question is… in the shorter term, it may not be worth the effort… however, in the longer term, it is definitely a worthwhile effort.

Where do we go from here?

CSPs can gain full 5G business value on their journey to SaaS by leveraging the seven design principles. And building freedom into their networks and operations.

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