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The clan system in Destiny 2 Game Provides a Great Way to Get Clans

Clan in Destiny 2 may have taken some time to reach the top of the gaming charts. But it has truly become one of the best MMORPG games available. Destiny is an online role playing game (RPG) which mixes. The elements of combat and adventure together in an all new storyline. The player assumes the role of a Guardian. A legendary hero who has been tasked to defend the last city on earth. Against the Iron Man type enemy who makes their presence known. As the “Fallen.” This enemy group, also known as the Post-apocalyptic group. Make their home in the Moon. A mysterious and powerful location in the solar system where they make bases against all other life forms.

The Robots and the Fallen:

The enemies are made up of two types: the Robots and the Fallen. The latter are ex-armies who are ovoid of robotic machines. They use high-tech weapons and vehicles to do battle with the Guardians in the Tower. To better help you improve your abilities in combat. The clan in Destiny 2 guides feature a clan arena where you can train. Gain experience and build up your reputation by doing missions and tasks for your team. When one of your team members becomes fallen. They can then be revived and recruited into your clan via the built in clan recruitment panel.

Unlike the original Destiny where you played on individual maps. There is an entirely new system of player versus player in the Destiny 2 clans. Each player begins with a clan emblem which is displayed on their emblem blast shield. And is displayed across the map on the left hand side. In addition to a clan emblem there are several other icons. Which can be used by players on the map. To distinguish themselves from others in their clan. These include a red “S” for members, a blue “L” for moderators and a black “B” for reinforcements.

Certain quests available to be completed in Destiny 2:

You can also build up your standing by becoming a Highlord which grants. You exclusive clan perks and increases your powers. Once you have reached a high rank. You are also eligible to be promoted to a Grandmaster. Which is an even greater honor than being a Highlord. If you wish to achieve this status. You will need to do some heavy duty recruiting. Which includes inviting friends and relatives to. Become a member of your clan via the companion app. This allows you to quickly increase your numbers in your clan. Without the need to spend much time creating them yourself.

There are certain quests available to be completed in clan in Destiny 2 that award you clan points that you can spend on various things like clan gear and upgrades. The only problem is that these are not clearly listed as quests, which means that it can be difficult to tell what the best option is to complete them. Some help books, which are provided by the developer will give you a list of what the best options are, but they are not always comprehensive. So it can be a bit of a hit and miss situation when trying to choose what quests to complete to gain the most clan points or help with your character’s development.

Warehousing system which is found within the Destiny 2 game:

Another way to gain access to new weapons, vehicles, and gear is through the Character Transfer process which is available from the main menu. This is also a great way of revamping your character as there are special paths for each character which help to unlock their special abilities. Each of the Destiny 2 characters has 4 basic paths they can follow while playing the game. The problem is that you cannot select different paths for each character to follow, which means that you really have to play through the game using only one character. This is the main reason that the Character Transfer process is such an effective way of revamping your character.

The final way to gain access to a whole range of new materials for your character is through the Clan Warehousing system which is found within the clan in Destiny 2 game. To use the service you first need to create a character. That has all the abilities you need to be able to tackle challenges in the game. Once you have created your character, you will then need to visit the Clan Warehousing shop to register your character. After you have registered you will then be able to send in any items or resources that you need for your character to be stronger or faster. One thing to note when sending items back and forth between characters is to make sure that you clear your inventory slots before sending anything. This is because some items will be automatically sent to other members but it can sometimes take a bit of time for them to return your items.


One of the most under utilised aspects of the clan system in clan in Destiny 2 is the clan tags screen. The clan tags screen is where you can add friends to your clan based on a points system. There are certain points that can be earned by playing through publish the post various challenges in the game and these points help to determine your position within a clan. Players can earn a lot of respect from their peers when they earn enough points and this is how you become a trusted member within your clan.

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