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How to choose right Ottoman beds?

Bed Size: How to choose the right bed for your bedroom
ottoman beds contains the bedroom is the place where you relax and recharge your batteries daily and, at the same time, the magical space that houses the piece of furniture that makes all these things possible: the bed. The room would not be as comfortable and inviting without the right bed, but each type of bed has certain features and sizes that can turn the bedroom (re) arrangement project into a real challenge, but most of all, they can influence your sleep quality. .

Types of beds depending on size
A comfortable sleep starts primarily from the perfect combination of bed size, style, quality and durability. A comfortable bed to support your body at night can work wonders for your sleep, and many of the problems you may face over time can be caused by the size of the bed. Problems such as back pain, waking up at night or feeling tired after sleep.

Pat Crib
Dimensions: 79 × 140 cm

Suitable for: N Egg babies and children 1-3 years.

The dimensions of the crib and the frame are standard, so the mattress you buy must fit. At the same time, crib beds are suitable for both babies and small children, having the same size. The difference is that in the case of the latter, the cribs have a higher frame to keep them safe. The Crib mattress is always firmer than an adult mattress for safety reasons and is available in foam or spiral type.

The right time to move the baby from a sieve is after the age of three, when it is already ready for a larger bed, when you can opt for a bed measuring 90 × 160, or directly for a single bed or even a double one. To save money, choose an adjustable-sized sieve that you can turn into a crib when your little one grows up.

Pat Single sau Twin
Dimensions: 90 × 200 cm

Suitable for: Children older than 3 years, teenagers or adults when space is limited.

In the case of this type of bed, the standard size can vary up to 90 × 210 cm – the variant called Long Single – to provide extra legroom.
The single bed, also known as the Twin bed, is the most popular and handy choice as a single bed or for bunk beds in the children’s room . Even if the dimensions may seem restrictive, the single bed is a suitable choice when you want to save space or you do not have a large budget.

Room size: In the case of a single bed the bedroom width of the bedroom is ideal to measure at least 2 m to have enough space for bedside table, wardrobe or even a desk and play area if you arrange the child’s room .

Double or Double Bed
Dimensions: 140 × 200 cm

Suitable for: Teenagers who need more space, a single person who sleeps with the pet or who is active during sleep.
The main advantage of a double bed is that it gives you more space for both a larger mattress and storage. Therefore, if the size of the bedroom allows you, opt for a double bed if you want to make sure you have a comfortable sleep and you do not risk falling out of bed when you sleep.

However, for a couple the double bed may not be exactly the best size because it does not offer too much space in the middle. That’s why a more suitable option would be a Queen or King bed.

Room size: If you want to fit a double bed in the bedroom, but also have enough space to move, the width of the room must measure at least 250 cm.

Pat Queen Size
Dimensions: 154 × 204 cm

Suitable for: One person with active sleep, couples who love to sleep as close as possible to each other, those who want to have extra space around the bed or those who sleep with the pet.
In addition to the advantage of having a width of 10 cm in addition to the double bed, queen size offers you the perfect balance between comfort and budget, and you can easily find both the right bedding and accessories. A queen size bed is a bit narrower than the king size, but even so it offers more than enough space for two people to sleep comfortably.

Room size: To assemble a queen size bed in a bedroom with enough space for movement but also for the rest of the essential pieces of furniture such as chest of drawers , ottoman beds tables , wardrobe , mirror , room size, in terms of width and length, it must be 2.50 -3.50, respectively 4 – 4.50 m. In the case of more spacious rooms, the arrangement is reduced to what comes first – to have more space around the bed or a larger bed.

Pat King Size
Dimensions: 160 × 200 cm

Suitable for: Couples who have an active sleep style, parents who sleep with children in bed and want more space for them.
Versatile, spacious and suitable for families, the king bed enjoys a real reign in the world of interior design. The most important advantage of a king-size bed is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy as much space and comfort as possible during sleep and you are less likely to hit yourself or feel that your partner is moving all night.

The disadvantage of such a bed is that it does not fit in too many rooms, you need a generously sized bedroom. At the same time, the mattresses are very large, so you may encounter some problems if you want to turn the mattress from one side to another or if you want to move it and it requires special maintenance .

Room size: Before ordering a King, properly measure the bedroom to check if the room size is the right one. The bedroom should measure about 3-4 m to make room for ottoman beds tables and chest of drawers .

Pat Super King
Dimensions: 180 × 200 cm

Suitable for: People who need more space in the bed – the width can reach up to 194 cm, and the length of the super king bed can reach 204 cm, which makes it ideal for very tall people. Couples with children who sleep with the little ones and want to enjoy extra comfort.

The ultimate king of beds is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy the luxury of as much space as possible during sleep and there is no possibility to feel cramped whether you sleep with your partner, children or pet. The disadvantages of a super king bed come primarily in terms of space and budget, because it is more expensive compared to other types of bed.
Room size: For such a bed you need a more generous space, if you do not want to have a bedroom that contains only the bed. The room should measure about 4-5 m so that the furniture is not crowded and or create a suffocating atmosphere.

How to choose the right size for your bed
The total size of the bed is not the same as the sleeping surface. To find the right size you need to consider certain important things, such as: the size of the mattress, how many people will use the bed, the sleeping position, the size of the bedroom or the budget.

Mattress size
When choosing the size of the mattress, you must also take into account the height you have – the mattress must be 15-20 centimeters longer than you to feel comfortable.

In the case of single beds, the most popular mattresses are 90 cm wide, although depending on personal preferences or the size of the bedroom, you can choose models with a width between 80 and 120 cm. For double beds, depending on the space available, you can opt for a mattress with a width between 140 and 200 cm, the most popular model of mattress for two people being 160 × 200 cm.

To choose the right size for your bed, you also need to consider the type of mattress you want, as memory mattresses and latex mattresses require a different frame than a standard mattress.

Who sleeps in bed
If you need a bed with the right size for a single person, single or double models (for those who are more active during sleep) are the most suitable.

If you plan to share the bed with a partner or children, you need a larger sleeping area to make sure everyone has enough space to sleep comfortably. Especially if you don’t have a very deep sleep and any movement wakes you up. Opt for Queen, King or ottoman beds.

The position and style in which you sleep
When exploring options for choosing a suitable bed, consider the predominant sleeping position to know what works best for you – especially if you share the bed with someone else.

If you are more active during sleep on ottoman beds and move in all positions a Queen or King bed are the best choices. On the other hand, if you wake up in the same position, you can easily opt for a double bed or, in the case of a single person, for a single bed.

Body conformation
Don’t forget about your height and weight and that of your sleeping partner.

People who weigh less than 65 kg will prefer a softer mattress and ottoman beds than those with average weight (70 – 80 kg). People who are heavier need a larger mattress, therefore a larger bed. And, if you are among the very tall people (over 185 m), you need to consider the legroom, so the right option is the Super King bed.

Bedroom size
Do you live in a house or an apartment? Do you want to arrange a small bedroom or a double bedroom? These are some of the important questions to think about before buying a bed.

Keep in mind that in arranging a bedroom you don’t just need a bed. You need to leave enough space for movement and the other essential pieces of furniture. An overcrowded space can cause stress and make sleep more difficult. So, a huge bed in a small room is not the happiest choice.

Budget is another important criterion because it determines the options available. When it comes to the budget for the right bed, our recommendation is to take into ottoman beds account all the above factors and establish a realistic budget without compromising – a bed is an investment that you will enjoy for several years.

The right bed for you is a quality one
Your preferences for a ottoman beds are as unique as you are, so consider these factors when choosing a bed. Choosing the right size can have a big impact on your sleep, health and even your relationships, as well as the type of mattress, by the way. If you are also looking for mattresses, read our guide on the best types of mattresses and how to make the right choice.

A bed that invites you to relax and makes you feel good every night must be functional, durable and, of course, good-looking. To ensure that we offer you the best at optimal prices, over two thirds of Mobexpert furniture is produced in United Kingdom.

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