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Best Cities For Vegans In Europe

Looking for the top vegan-friendly cities in Europe? Or the European locations that are fully supporting Veganism? Well, then take help from our guidebook on the best cities for vegans in Europe.

Veganism is not only the new trend, but it is also the need of the hour. And thus, different European cities are showing their support for vegan foods. Being at the fore frontier of the vegan movement European cities are coming in front to show their support for veganism. Moreover, Europe has a range of vegan restaurants and you will get a wide variety of European dishes wherever you go.

Let’s know the best cities for vegans in Europe

London, UK

Take a Flight from London to USA, to land at the home of a city with 161 vegan restaurants. Yes, you heard it right, London is supporting veganism at the forefront with a total of 161 restaurants. Moreover, London is the most popular visit in the UK and thus, veganism is an extra reason to visit here.

Always wanted to visit Buckingham Palace, or follow the footsteps of Sherlock homes? Well, then this veganism supporter is calling you for a visit to this amazing location. Moreover, London is a popular name on the list of vegan cities in Europe. Along with having the best European vegan restaurants and celebrating veganism in a unique and all-new way.

The most popular vegan restaurant in London includes Temple of Seitan where you can enjoy vegan-friendly chicken. Besides this, London also has many fine-dining vegan-friendly restaurants for its travelers.

Berlin, Germany

With 83 vegan restaurants, Berlin is one of the top vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Otherwise known as the vegan capital of Germany Berlin is supporting veganism on the international level. Take direct flights to Germany from USA to land at this popular vegan-friendly city of Europe.

Besides this, Berlin is being the wonderland of plant-based cooking that is delicious to another level. Moreover, there is a unique vegan ouch in Berlin’s aesthetic making it a popular vegan-friendly German location. For this reason, Berlin also hosts one of the biggest European vegan festivals, Veganes SummerFest.

Paris, France

The popular French land, Paris is no less than other European cities to support veganism. A city that is on the bucket list of every traveler, Paris is supporting veganism as a frontier. Going with the vegan trend, Paris is the wonderland of vegan food among the best vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

Therefore, Paris provides the best vegan burgers in Europe along with many other vegan dishes. Although France is not a vegan-friendly country because butter and cheese are an essential part of French cooking. But Paris is proving itself to be an exception by using vegan butter and vegan cheese in cooking dishes.

Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital city Warsaw is not left behind in promoting veganism. This Polish city owns 53 vegan restaurants making it ace the game of best vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Moreover, Warsaw is a Polish city that is worth at least a visit in a lifetime. However, few tourists visit Warsaw but veganism is an important reason to visit here.

Besides this, Warsaw has everything from beautiful parks, culture, history, and traditions to look for as a tourist. Also, the vegan restaurants in Warsaw come as a surprise to many visitors traveling the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

The best host of the Christmas Markets, Prague is one of the best vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Having 50 vegan restaurants the city enjoys a high place in the list of top vegan-friendly European locations. The city is compact or much smaller than other European locations mentioned here. And thus, it has more vegan restaurants per square km area than the other cities here.

If you always wanted t visit Prague during Christmas, then now you have one more reason to visit this city. Moreover, Prague has an old-school charm to it that is loved by each of its visitors.

Madrid, Spain

Having 42 vegan restaurants, Madrid is no fewer participants in supporting veganism in Europe. Hence, Madrid is a big supporter of veganism in Europe and a popular vegan-friendly city in Europe. The Spanish capital has a thriving menu of Spanish dishes made up of all plant things.

Supporting veganism since 2017, Madrid is climbing up the ladder of becoming the best vegan-friendly European city. Therefore, the vegan restaurants in Madrid serve the best vegan food and are completely dedicated to plant-based cooking as well.

Lisbon, Portugal

Well, the Portuguese city is not behind others in showing its support for vegan-friendly food. And thus, it is currently hosting 36 vegan restaurants serving delicious vegan dishes. Moreover, these restaurants are dedicated to plant-based cooking with a Portuguese touch to it. Hence, if you share a love for Portuguese food but are avoiding it as you are a vegan. With these 36 vegan-friendly Portuguese restaurants you can finally have it.

Further, Lisbon is ranked 10th in the list of vegan-friendly cities in the world, making it gain international recognition.

Budapest, Hungary

With 32 vegan restaurants, Budapest has to live up to the mark of its guest’s expectations. The recently become popular city, Budapest is leaving no stone unturned to gain visitors’ attention. And thus, the city is supporting veganism at the forefront. Moreover, the city is dedicated to open more vegan-friendly restaurants in the future.

There is so much to do in Budapest along with its completely plant-based food. Spend your time here, exploring the top vegan restaurants along with the city’s amazing nightlife.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Finally, our list of the top vegan-friendly cities of Europe ends with Amsterdam. This beautiful city is hosting 38 vegan restaurants as of now. And the figures are only supposed to increase as the city is fully vocal about veganism.

Having restaurants entirely dedicated to plant-based cooking, Amsterdam has had only 12 vegan restaurants in the past few years. But to support veganism and stand as a frontier in the vegan movement, the city has tripled them. And hence, now the city has a fine number of 38 restaurants that fully support veganism in Europe.

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