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McKesson iKnowmed The Right Partner for Your Oncology Practice?

iKnowmed is a specialty EHR solution aimed at oncologists. As such, it comes with features targeted towards oncologists. Using this web-based technology, oncologists working outside of big institutions can provide improved patient care. This software’s features and functions are mainly developed for cancer care, allowing doctors to record cancer stages, monitor treatment outcomes, and manage therapy recommendations. This interoperable oncology EHR system improves cancer treatment efficiency across all care settings.

The goal of the iKnowMed EHR is to provide practitioners with 24/7 instant access to detailed cancer diagnosis and staging information, descriptive patient charts, and elaborated up-to-date cancer regimen library, and to automate practices by eliminating handwritten notes and drugs, which reduces the occurrence of misinterpretations. It also seeks to improve patient care by generating safety alerts when the system identifies any drug conflicts or excessive toxicity levels in any of the patients. Finally, the program can identify patients for appropriate clinical trials accessible at the practice and propose evidence-based treatment choices.

However, aims, ambitions, and goals are abstract unless put into practice. Does iKnowmed deliver on its goals is the question this post hopes to answer. We can only answer by looking at the feature offering, iKnowmed pricing, reviews, and demos. 

iKnowmed Features

In all honesty, through its feature set, iknowmed does meet all of the goals mentioned above. With that said, let’s take a deeper look at its features. 

Seamless Integration 

Interoperability is a crucial feature of iKnowMed, and complete implementation can take just a few weeks. Another appealing feature of this program is its customizable integration features. A practitioner can determine that it is compatible with the present workflow, and doctors can customize their workflows.

McKesson’s full range of technology solutions can be integrated with the EHR platform. This benefits value-based care delivery while also improving the workflow of fundamental practice operations. It includes interconnected modules such as:

  • Oncology-specific portal
  • Inventory and purchasing management 
  • Inventory and purchasing management 
  • Regimen Support
  • Revenue cycle managemenet

Beyond integration, iKnowmed offers a wide range of essential EHR and practice management features necessary to run a practice smoothly. Automatic alerts, medication and allergy warnings, clinical charting, electronic prescription, chart management, care planning, patient education, electronic billing and labs, E&M coding, order tracking, patient profiles and histories, nurse portal, and physician dashboard are some of the features. All of these elements work together to automate the cancer care procedure. It also provides lab management, medication management, report management, image management, and referral management.

In addition, the EHR offers significant training in the form of virtual training, group training, end-user training, online tutorials, and so on.

iKnowmed Reviews

Knowing the features is important, but it doesn’t reveal the complete picture. For that, we need to go through user reviews. This way, we’ll know whether those features work and if they’re effective or not. 

Furthermore, going through reviews will help us manage expectations and ascertain whether we can live with drawbacks, flaws, or quirks pointed out by users. 

Overall, reviews are mixed, and users have conflicting opinions. For example, some users appreciate customer service, and some call them unresponsive. However, I found no reviews that pointed out any deal-breaking flaws. 

  • Innovation and Optimization
  • Client Relationships and Cultural Fit
  • The breadth of Offerings, Client Types, and Delivery Excellence
  • Strategic Alignment of Client Goals
  • Deployment and Outsourcing Implementation
  • Training
  • Financial and Managerial Viability
  • Customization
  • Flexible Pricing, Scalability, Client Adaptability
  • Support and Customer Care
  • Best of Breed Technology and Process Improvement
  • Modules and Marginal Value Adds

iKnowmed Pricing and Demos

iKnowmed has not published pricing on their website. You can contact them directly and request a quote. 

As for demos they’re widely available, understandable, and accessible. 

Final Words about iknowmed

In the end, does iknowmed deliver on its promises? It provides features specific to oncology and, an excellent practice management module, and revenue cycle management. In addition, it has all the essential elements required to keep a well-oiled practice running smoothly. 

Reviews, however, are concerning with an average rating below four but are made up for because it has consecutively been ranked as the best oncology EHR eight years in a row. 

As for you, whether it’s suitable for your oncology practice depends a lot on the quote iknowmed gives you. If you find pricing reasonable, our advice would be to go for it.

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