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Which site is best for bras & lingerie set shopping online in India?

When we talk about women’s clothing, lingerie is equally important like outfits. Lingerie is something that carves the overall shape of your body and helps you to look beautiful smart and confident.  There are many national and international lingerie set shopping online brands in the industry that offers a wide range of lingerie wear of varieties of color, fabrics, designs, shape, and size. All these began to change during world war II when nylon was introduced. Its comfort, stretch, durability, and easy care were very beneficial.

Things are different now, nylon is still used in lingerie products along with many other man made fabrics and elastics. Innerwear’s are now available in a wide range of fabrics which includes both natural and synthetic. You can choose lingerie’s from a wide range of fabrics. The fabric you choose has a great impact on your final look. So choosing the right fabric for your lingerie is very essential to look attractive and confident.

If you are looking for the best online lingerie store in India, then visit Ellixy. We are one of the most trusted and renowned online platforms that offer a great quality of lingerie products for women of all ages and sizes. All the products of Ellixy are available at very affordable prices.

At an early age, lingeries were made only from natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. Everything from bra, bra panty set to nightgowns was made up of these natural fabrics.

Factors to consider while choosing the right lingerie for you

When you finalize the style of lingerie that you want to buy, it’s time to consider some points before buying the product. Whether it’s a nightgown, a full coverage bra, or a sleep bralette, you should choose them very carefully.

Stretch: Look at your selected style and determine if you require stretching in that or not. If yes, how much stretch is required? If your style of lingerie requires a stretch, then it will give you an idea of the percentage of the stretch that is necessary. They will also let you know if you need one way stretch or two. One way stretch runs from selvage to selvage ie in one direction. The two-way stretch runs lengthwise as well as crosswise means it provides stretch in both directions.

Weight: One of the other points to take into consideration is the weight of the fabric. Lingeries are usually made to be body fit and worn under everyday wear. So, it is very essential to consider the weight and thickness of the fabric of the lingerie that you are going to buy. The lingerie should be non-bulky and does not show an extra appearance around the waistline and tummy. That is why always choose the thinner fabric for your lingeries. Thinner lingerie doesn’t give the appearance of bulk around the waistline and tummy.

Look: Look is one of the most important things that you should consider when buying any lingerie. The type of fabric that you choose for your lingerie can completely change the overall look of the lingerie. For Example, a pair of panties made up of floral print on a cotton fabric looks completely different than the same pair of stretchable silk panties in a coffee color. Imagine the final look of the lingerie and feel it even before you started your shopping. Determine how it looks on you and your body type, then do shopping according to that. 

Feel: The list thing you should consider before buying any lingerie is the feel. A lingerie is something that is made to wear close to the skin under the outfit. So, the fabric of the lingerie should be skin-friendly and it should provide proper comfort for long hours. If you wear lingerie made up of irritating fabrics then it may cause irritation and make you feel uncomfortable, This leads to a lack of confidence. So always try to test the feel of any lingerie at your sensitive areas like cheek and neck. Rub the lingerie lightly on that area to check for itchiness.

How to shop from the lingerie set shopping online? 

Once you are done with the type of lingerie you want, make the list of requirements that you want in your lingerie like the fabric, stretch, flexibility, color, etc. Determine how that lingerie looks on you. Always choose the lingerie according to your body type and as per the occasion. Consider fitting the most important point. A properly fit lingerie enhances the overall look of your body.

Which site is best for bras & lingerie set shopping online in India?

If you are looking for the best website for the shopping of bras and lingerie sets, then look no further than Ellixy. Ellixy provides you what you want exactly. Explore the latest and most exclusive collection of bras and lingerie set on Ellixy. Select your favorite products and order online at the most affordable prices.


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