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Swimming board – is it useful Lifeguard training material?

A swimming board is a tool that belongs to the standard equipment of a (sports) swimmer. In addition to the zoomers, pull buoy, snorkel, and possibly paddles.

Why use a swimming board?

A swimming board, also known as a kickboard. And thus it immediately indicates its application. It is mainly used in isolated training of the leg muscles. To improve the leg stroke with the lifeguard training. This is possible for all four strokes and for all levels. The swimming board is used by both novice swimmers and advanced swimmers.

Advantages & Disadvantages kickboard swimming

Good for the development (technique and strength) of the leg stroke
The plank gives extra buoyancy so you can focus more on the leg stroke.
Can be used in a variety of ways, for variety in training.
Inexpensive training aid
Disadvantages kickboard

There is really only 1 disadvantage (or inconvenience) and that is that you can get neck pain if you keep your head above water. Especially if your hips stay high and you don’t sink too deep into the water, you can easily suffer from your neck.

Different types of swimming boards

Swimming boards are available in different shapes and sizes. There are also swimming boards on the market that combine both the function of a pull buoy (leg float) and a swimming board. They call this a pull kick. This again saves on taking materials with you.

Some boards have a very streamlined appearance, so you go a little more streamlined through the water with your board. Other planks have made room for a handle again, which makes holding a bit easier.

What to pay attention to when purchasing?

It is mainly a bit of experiencing what you enjoy yourself. For most swimmers, the basic plank is fine. Make sure that you buy a swimming board that is easy to take with you in your swimming bag. Some shelves can quickly be too large for a swim bag. If you want to take the board with you in your swimming bag, find out in advance what the maximum height may be.

Warming up and swimming

It is important to gently warm up your body. Start each swimming and lifeguard training session with some stretching exercises. Examples of stretching exercises can be found in the training schedules aimed at land training. You then continue your warm-up with a quiet swim of a number of lanes with a stroke of your choice.


You lose a lot of fluid while swimming. You don’t notice it because you’re in the water. Our advice is to always take a water bottle with you when you go swimming. Do you often have cramps while swimming? Drink water before you go swimming. In most cases of cramping, this is due to a lack of fluid in the body.

Swimming equipment

Swimming goggles are essential when swimming. It protects the eyes against chlorine and it also provides a lot of orientation in and underwater. For swimmers with long hair, it is recommended to tie the hair or to use a swimming cap, so that no hair can get into the eyes while swimming. It is recommended to wear close-fitting swimwear, this promotes resistance in a positive way.

To perform certain technique exercises, aids can be used such as a swimming board, pull buoy, zoomers, or a snorkel. View these products in our webshop.

Training schedules

Mijnzwemcoach has more than 40 different swimming Lifeguard training programs aimed at improving swimming technique and fitness. Within the fitness module, there are training schedules with the swimming strokes front crawl, breaststroke, and open water. For the technique module, there are training schedules in all strokes; front crawl, breaststroke, open water, butterfly, and backstroke.

  1. Open water – pool schedule (level 1 to 4)
  2. Open water – open water (level 1 to 4)
  3. Openwater – City Swim program (level 1-2)
  4. Butterfly Technique (level 1 to 4)
  5. Back Crawl Technique (level 1 to 4)
  6. Land training Core Stability (level 1 to 4)

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