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The unique website design of the site is remembered and forms a good impression of the company

We trust that you will never use another company’s business card or logo in your business.. So why then use a ready-made design on your website design?

You’ve probably noticed more than once that many sites look about the same. This is because they use popular CMS with free or low cost templates.

In the end, you get exactly what you pay for. Yes, the template site works and even attracts some customers to your business, but it gets lost among the sea of ​​competitors with the same sites.

The unique design is designed to leave a lasting impression on your company, make the user remember it and come back next time.

Unique website design is incredible flexibility and freedom

This is perhaps one of the main advantages in favor of a unique website design.

Using a ready-made template, you are forced to adjust to its structure. The possibilities for customizing the appearance are very scarce and, in most cases, are limited by such possibilities as changing the font, color, logo, images, etc.

Yes, there are many templates that have a huge amount of settings and customization options. Up to changing the structure and logic of work. But we do not consider them in principle! Why? Let’s be honest. To effectively use such a pattern, you will need programming knowledge in any one. At least an understanding of HTML and CSS. Also, due to the huge number of settings, you can get confused pretty quickly. Sites based on such templates work rather slowly, because they have a lot of unnecessary functionality.

Only when developing a unique design can all the ideas and preferences of the customer be taken into account so that they really solve business problems and allow attracting new customers. It is also very important to take into account the preferences and habits of your target audience, which is quite difficult to do within the framework of the template.

A unique website is created taking into account the needs of your business

A cheap template based website may seem like a good idea when starting your business and become a headache as it grows.

As your business grows, you expand your range of services / products, hire new people, you need to constantly update your site, add new information, features, etc. Unfortunately with templates this can be a real problem.

Over time, it may happen that you realize that you have already “outgrown” the template of your site and decide to order the development of a full-fledged project. This may not be an easy and financially costly undertaking.

Advantages and disadvantages


Next, we suggest looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a template and individual solution.

Template site


  • Cheap. A paid template, for example, for CMS WordPress costs around $ 60, and this is despite the fact that there are still a huge number of free ones (the use of which of course has certain risks).
  • Quickly. Downloading and installing the template is not difficult and takes a minimum amount of time.
  • Just. You don’t need the services of a programmer to replace your website template. True, this is a rather controversial point, you can install the template yourself, but setting it up correctly and making it do what you want will already be a problem.


These disadvantages make using templated solutions not a good idea for most sites.

  • Not unique. You may be surprised by the design of some of the templates, their authors’ attention to detail, and a huge amount of functionality. But this is only until you make your project based on a template. After all, the main task of the author is to sell you his product. Therefore, he tries to present it as best he can. But when you start replacing the template’s demo content with your own, you realize that it looks much worse than you expected. After all, the author could not take into account the specifics of your business, your content, graphics, etc. when developing a template.
  • Limited functionality. Most templates have fairly limited customization options. Yes, many templates have a huge amount of customization. But, as practice shows, 90% of these settings you will never need, and 90% of the ones you need, you simply will not find.
  • Inconsistency with the corporate identity of the company. We think everything is clear here. The author of the template cannot know in advance who will use it. There can be no talk of any corporate style.
  • Impossibility of improvement and scaling. Templates, due to their versatility, are rather difficult to modify and scale.

Unique site


  • Individuality. When developing a unique site, first of all, the business tasks that it must solve are taken into account. If in the template version it turns out that you have a task, you take a ready-made solution and try to adjust your task to this solution, then when developing a unique design, the solution adjusts to the task, and not vice versa.
  • The needs of the target audience are taken into account. Before developing a unique design, first of all, a portrait of the target audience of your business is drawn up. This allows her to accommodate her design needs and allow her to interact more effectively with the site.
  • Easy to improve and scale. Over time, your business is calculated, new services / products appear, new segments of the audience are added, the needs of which must be satisfied. The unique design of the site makes it easy to do this.


  • It costs much more. And this is quite natural. Indeed, to develop a unique site, the work of a whole team of specialists in various areas of web development is required.
  • Time. If the template can be downloaded and installed in a couple of minutes, then it takes much more time to develop a unique design (from 10 days or more).


The choice has to be between quality and economy. If you need to quickly create a website with minimal costs, then you can choose a template. But do not pin high hopes on him. At best, such a site will perform some business tasks and still look mediocre – like many others.

You should understand that even if you decide to make a website on a template, it should only be a temporary solution. Eventually the template will become obsolete and will have to be changed.

A unique design is a complete solution that meets all your business needs and is easy to expand and customize in the future. This design takes into account the specifics of your users and converts them into future customers. With a unique design, your site will be recognizable and memorable.

if you want to work on web design then contact us.

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