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The importance of the network only tester manufacturer

It is essential to test a new network cable after installation with cable testing tools. Many things can go wrong during the installation process, such as damaged wires, broken insulation, and disconnected connections. In addition, electrical disturbances and environmental factors can also affect the performance of the network.

Most of the time, after completing a network installation project, it is necessary to create a report that states that each cable passes many of the required parameters. Only the cable tester manufacturer is the customer that all the work has been done according to the required standards. Checking the network cable also tells the client to refrain from calling on the street saying that he has tried to patch a new port and the connection is not working, so it must be a bad cable.

Nf-866 Portable Designed Telephone Liner Man

You who choose the NF-866 Phone Checker. This kind of phone checker has the function of automatically detecting FSK and DTMFcall information, super lightning protection, and so on. It can meet the requirement of all kinds of switch phones both at home and abroad. As this phone has many functions please read the Instruction Manual carefully before you use it

The test of the network cable largely depends on the purpose of the cabling. For example, if it is a telephone cable, fewer parameters will require for the test time, but if it is a Category 5e or Category 6 data cable, a detailed series of tests will require to ensure that the required data rate tests are more rigorous at this level.

Small, inexpensive cable testers consist of a cable mapping tool that use to ensure that the wire pairs properly connect for use in the pin-out system. These individual cable testers are not expensive and can save a lot of time. The tool can use to test open pairs, swaps, and shorts. Open pairs are wires that do not connect at the end. This usually a result of the wire at both ends not push at all into the finished pin. Smaller testers can also check for continuity and whether a cable patch to a switch port.

Noyafa NF-8601 cable tracker: 

The basic item for the NF-8601 family, can meet customer requirements from every aspect such as cable length testing, PoE testing, Ping testing, Continuity testing, etc.

A higher grade cable tester can use to test the cable length. Although there detail specs for all types of cable work, it varies depending on the type of cable used and the type of network for installation. It is therefore a good practice to be careful not to exceed the approved cable limit for a networking project. This may seem right when designing on paper, but it needs to test once the installation is complete. The network cable tester manufacturer will ensure that the cable meets the required standards.

Not often, when installing network cables, the signal always degrades because it only bein transmitte along the lines.

This condition is known as attenuation. When it increases over a network connection, the signal may be lost. This is very common in fast networks. A cable tester manufacturer with a good tester can be used to detect this error whenever it occurs.

It is important to check all network cables after installation to ensure that all cables properly installed and disconnected and that the installation is able to provide the required data speed and quality level. All cables should test no matter how small the task. There is no point in keeping yourself open to cabling problems and callbacks without testing. It also gives your company a much more professional reputation.

The above-mentioned tests and many more where a network cable testing tool require to verify the installations. There are other tools besides the tester, but only the tester manufacturer is the most important. Investing in a cable tester will save you money and time in the long run. This will keep your clients happy and take your company’s reputation to the next level.

Noyafa NF-488 PoE testing cable continuity testing power measurement tester

Combined with continuity testing, PoE testing, wire mapping, and loop backtesting, voltage, current, power testing functions, NF-488 gains fans for its multi-functional usages and cost-effective price, to provide the best user experience for customers, Noyafa designed NF-488 with led light to allow customers using device in dark environment. 

For any more info about Noyafa and our product, customers are always welcome to contact us, if there are some other items customers want to know the comparison between, pls let us know by email at sale08@noyafa.com

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