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Amazon Product Listing Updated Guide

Amazon has hundreds of millions of customers who visit their site every month.

Amazon has created an extremely sophisticated platform with a ready audience who are always willing to buy.

However, regardless of whether you are a new brand or an established seller on Amazon, customers will be able to quickly find and review your products there, making your company stand out from the crowd.

You can monitor and respond to customer issues by making an effort to control your Amazon listings.

Sellers must ensure that Amazon listings are correct as this plays a major role in customers’ decision to purchase a product.

What to Include in an Amazon Product Listing?

Amazon product listings include six components or key features: title, images, and description. Features can also include features, reviews, ratings.

These elements can be used effectively to help brands stand out in the Amazon marketplace.

1. Product Title

The product title is the first thing potential buyers notice about your listing. It is therefore important to make sure it grabs their attention. 

Amazon allows you to use up to 200 characters for titles for most product categories. However, 100-150 characters are the ideal length to provide the best customer experience.

2. Photos of the products

Your product images must be of high quality if you want to convert visitors into buyers.

Amazon’s best sellers include 5-8 images in their listings. However, six images seem to be a good medium to inform (rather than overwhelm) customers who visit your page.

3. Description of the Product

To improve your ranking and drive sales, the best product descriptions combine creativity with keyword optimization.

These descriptions can make a big difference in a customer’s perception of your product(s) and help them decide whether they want to purchase from you or not.

4. Product Features

Bullet points are often used to describe product features. They are simpler and more readable than long blocks of text.

To focus on the product’s greatest assets or attributes, most shops limit their bullet points to five per product.

It is also encouraged that you include unique features that set your product apart from other sellers.

5. Review of Product

Online shoppers are largely reliant on customer reviews. You must gather honest feedback about the product’s value and pricing.

Amazon product reviews can make a big difference in whether someone buys from your store.

6. Star Ratings

Ratings and reviews are closely related to product reviews. The more reviews you have the better. 

It’s safe for you to assume that a product performs well if it scores between 4 and 5 stars. There are ways to improve the metrics of an item if it falls below four stars. 

You can simply look at the patterns in your negative reviews and find a solution for any product defects or flaws that customers complain about.

How to organize your Amazon listings

As your Amazon business grows, it can become difficult to keep track of inventory. These are two important things to remember to organize your inventory.

Variations between Parent and Child

The possible items that may be found in certain categories are listed within the product variation theme. This could include size, color, or flavor.

Customers can choose what they want when all these variations are displayed on one detail page.

SellerApp’s Amazon variation listing blog provides more information about Amazon product listing variations.

Duplicate Listings

Sellers may create duplicate listings for many reasons. Perhaps they didn’t take the time to check the UPC on a product to locate the original listing or never created a new code.

Sellers likely introduced duplicate products to have their listing. This can drive Amazon sponsored ads and organic traffic, but not have to compete for the buy box.

What is Detail Page Control?

A detail page is the primary landing page for Amazon products. Many factors can influence the content displayed on this page. However, Amazon offers three levels of detail page control for every item.

1: Seller Contribution

Seller contribution is the first level of control over detail pages. Simply put, any seller can add content to the detail pages, such as product photos, features, and descriptions.

Amazon will use an algorithm to decide which content to show to customers if multiple sellers post content to the same listing.

2: Brand Registry

Did you know that your company can have an Amazon URL? Although the ability to register your brand is not new, it is often overlooked by small and large businesses.

Register with Amazon to make it easy for your customers to land on your site. This will allow them to have a more direct-to-consumer experience. 

This action encourages customer loyalty and brand autonomy, even though you are still selling on the vast Amazon platform.

3: Vendor Central

Vendor Central is an invitation-only platform that allows businesses to sell products directly to Amazon.

A supplier is a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer who sells products directly through Vendor Central to Amazon. 

Amazon simply sends an order to the supplier detailing the products they want, and the supplier then ships the product.

Important to remember that Vendor Central content will be given priority and override Brand Registry in a movie called ‘Retail Contributions’.

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