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How to Find the Cheapest Way to Ship Freight

Ruzave logistics directory and Shipping Directory

Ruzave logistics directory is listed with millions of worldwide businesses ready to assist you.Assisting and finding the best logistic partner is essential to guide you in a cost-effective way.

One of the best ways to expand business sales is to deliver products or goods internationally instead of domestics, but overspending is challenging.

Small or large businesses always look for cost-cutting in their business and look for cost-effective solutions for their shipping cost. Finding the cheapest way to ship freight doesn’t mean using slow services.

If you are an e-commerce business owner you should be aware of shipping rates and discounts. Likewise, you can get a cost cut and save money on your ship freight.

Let us introduce one of the cost-effective platforms Ruzave- the maritime, Shipping & logistics business directory where you can meet the upright business partner.

Before you ship your product or cargo you must be familiar with some facts that cost you more. Let’s have a look at how we can reduce the cost of ship freight.

Freight rates are calculated based on cargo size, shape, weight, mode of transportation, etc. where you can save money in various factors such as incentive programs, carrier negotiations, etc.

Freight Forwarder makes everything simple for you.

1. Freight class:  What mode you have chosen for your transportation depends on your cargo. LTL (Less Truckload ) and PTL (Partial Truckload) take less cost for shipment.

2. Size and weight of shipment: What weight of your cargo also matters for the costing of shipment. smaller or light cargo could be less expensive while heavyweight and size of cargo need more labor and resources from shipment. so, you can be calculated it according to your cargo size and weight.

3. Mode of cargo transportation: The cost of shipment also depends on the mode of transportation. If you choose to ship via air then a truck, rail could be expensive. Air is an expensive mode for shipment however its time saving while sea and rail are cost-effective yet time-consuming. it’s up to your time deadline & costing to choose your cargo.

4. Shipping origin and destination: Destination and origin of shipment matter in costing, the metro area can cost less while delivering in a rural area can have an expensive impact in freight due to fewer transportation connections.

freight forwarders ready to serve cargo and freight transportation.

  1. Time sensitivity: those shipments are on customer timely manner it consumes speed transportation hence it ensures higher costing of shipment. Time-sensitive shipments always consume higher costing.
  2. Special handling: That shipment has special goods such as refrigerated or hazardous materials, it needs more attention, hence it requires special packing, handling and costing more.

Saving money on freight shipping

There is critical to understand and manage factors that cost you in ship freight. For that we can consider the following tips:


If you are an e-commerce business owner and looking for long-term shipping services you have to do some good research on freight and the cost of such a service provider.

There are lots of incentive programs, carrier negotiation, third-party service providers offering a diversity of shipping services policies. If you want to cost less you have to go with a 3PL service provider, as they provide the best possible discount fright cost.

Don’t be fooled by Big discounts

Make sure you did good research on ship freight pricing & logistics process before hire that huge discounts offering shipping companies, as saving money with discounts rates. They usually inflated prices in their ship freight services.

Plan in advance

Make sure you have planned your shipment in a timely manner else it will cost you. hiring at the last minute is going to be too expensive in freight shipping. Proper planning gives you flexibility and saves you some bucks.

Hire an experienced shipping company

Planning, researching and handling, and managing all the logistics tasks can be hard for e-commerce business owners who are juggling their business expertise. Therefore hiring an expert 3PL service provider or shipping company is essential to transit your shipment conveniently. Different goods and businesses have different cost and logistics rules over the countries , hence hiring experts is a smart step to expand the business.

Let us help you to find the best rate provider shipping company

We like to lead you to the Ruzave maritime directory where you can meet and connect with trusted and experts shipping service providers. Ruzave Freight forwarder directory rules out such business owners who are juggling their business expansion with cost-effective solutions. Here is the revealed secret to expand, connect and build worldwide business network ease. Ruzave logistics directory has tons of maritime and logistics businesses listed to help each other grow.  Find your shipping partner, get assistance from them and fly high your business with their expertise.


















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