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What Should you Consider When Buying Gaming Speakers

Important points to take into consideration when purchasing gaming speakers

But the same rules apply to gaming, just as music. The higher the quality of the sound system is, the more authentic the sound, and the more pleasurable gaming experience. This article outlines the most basic options for gaming speakers, including the necessary connections as well as which audio formats you should search for.

What is the best setup for speakers for gaming?

The 2.0 set-up is the most well-known option for desktop computers. Small speakers located to either side of the screen provide good stereo audio. Utilizing only two smaller speakers could also result in distortion when played at high volume. This setup is ideal for watching YouTube videos, as well as shows that have lots of dialogue and music. You won’t be able to make the most of today’s games without their expertly created soundtracks, however they are a cheap and easy method of enjoying crisp conversations and music in stereo.

The next step after a 2.0 device is 2.1. The number following the decimal point is the subwoofer. This is advantageous because the typical bookshelf or monitor speaker will not go below 150 Hertz. Subwoofers are therefore essential for hearing effects such as gunshots and explosions that are felt with intense force.

A 5.1 setup is most well-known as the most popular home cinema setup. The combination of two forward stereo speakers, a central speaker, and two surround speakers at the back, and a separate subwoofer gives the most authentic audio experience when watching movies. The same is true for gaming too. The main benefit of surround sound systems for games is they permit players to pinpoint enemies and dangers via both sound and sight. A number of PC games, like Assassins Creed, have impressive surround sound effects. The two most popular gaming consoles that are available today The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offer surround sound support in the format Dolby and have the required connections required for 5.1 systems.

Tips to connect gaming speakers

The most used audio connection for computers as well as gaming consoles is the 3.5 millimeter connector. Studio 6 both 2.0 speakers as well as 2.1 systems that have active subwoofers and headphones are easily connected using this method. The 3.5 millimeter audio connector is however not enough for surround audio systems. Multi-channel tracks require a digital connection.

Passive surround systems that make use of either an amplifier, or receiver usually connect to other sources through TOSLINK as well as HDMI cable. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have HDMI connections to facilitate this. Additionally, many of the games consoles designed for PC gaming come with an USB connection.

Sound cards are essential in PC gaming

Many people are shocked by the sound of their premium speakers when connected to their laptops. The reason is not usually the Onyx studio 6 speakers however, but rather the sound card. The sound card functions as an DAC which is also known as a digital-to-analogue converter. If you have high-quality gaming headphones with your computer, but don’t get high-quality sound, the issue is likely to be the inbuilt sound card. The upgrade of the sound card is thus the most efficient solution.

Gaming speakers by Teufel Audio

Mediadeck is an entire 2.1 system. A built-in subwoofer provides the required bass power without the requirement to purchase an additional subwoofer.

* Concept C: The Concept C is an entire 2.1 system featuring two satellite speakers as well as an active subwoofer. A built-in USB audio card allows the system to be compatible with PCs and ensures that every speaker receives the same excellent audio signal.

Important points to take into consideration when buying gaming speakers

* The majority of people use a 2.0 or 2.1 system of speakers when gaming.

* Sound cards with integrated sound do not always provide good sound.

The Surround Sound Mixers such as Dolby Digital can transform stereo to an 5.1 signal

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