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Obtain a Glovo Clone App and Grow Your On-Demand Delivery Sector

Smartphone penetration is increasing rapidly and people are ordering products online. Courier delivery executives will receive real-time information about the service requests from customers. Later, they will proceed to the homes of users and hand over the same. Which is that startup that is a pioneer in on-demand delivery? It is Glovo. The Barcelona-origin platform has delivered 268 million orders since its launch in 2015. Likewise, entrepreneurs can also digitize their commerce venture by creating a Glovo clone.

Deciphering the importance of a Glovo Clone

  • It is an on-demand delivery solution that contains features similar to Glovo Clone. Retailers like alcohol shops, flower shops, grocery stores, liquor stores, medical shops, restaurants etc. Can directly sell their goods to the target audience.
  • Besides that, sellers across nations can monitor their business operations on a real-time basis. For insurance, Glovo operates across 1100 cities and 24 countries. Besides that, advanced tracking tools will monitor the orders of customers and the activities of delivery executives.
  • Moreover, techpreneurs benefit from flexibility as you can add brand elements (colours, images, logos, shapes, and taglines, etc). Moreover, new features can be added as per the business requirements and the changes in market conditions.

What are the major features of the Glovo Clone Platform? 

  • Discover section – Customers can find their preferred stores effortlessly. They can tap the filter and search option and view the list of eateries, fast food outlets, grocery shops, medical shops etc. Later, they will receive results about the products, prices, ratings and reviews.
  • Live tracking of orders – Retailers will have 360-degree control over the business operations. They will get information like the names of customers and delivery executives and the route they are following. Importantly, comprehensive business reports are available frequently. As a result, retailers can monitor their operations on a real-time basis.
  • Online feedback system – Customers can rate the quality of the products on a scale of 1-5. Moreover, they can pass comments about the professionalism of the delivery executives on a scale of 1-5. Retailers can go through these comments and initiate corrective action.
  • Reorder option – Individuals can save time by tapping the Reorder option. They can purchase the same products by checking their previous orders. This enables them to get their products delivered in a quick time.
  • Rider registration button – Delivery personnel can earn more income on the Glovo clone. They can create a profile on the on-demand delivery platform and benefit from flexible scheduling. Gig workers must enter details like the city, email address, name, phone number etc. Moreover, they must submit information like ID proof and driving license.
  • Retailer onboarding panel – Sellers across sectors can enhance their business prospects effortlessly. They should create an account on the Glovo like platform.
  • Integrated payment gateways – Glovo clone platform is integrated with ultra-modern payment processors. Therefore, customers can pay for their orders via credit cards, debit cards, and net banking accounts.

This ensures that retailers receive their dues on time. This enables them to swiftly expand their delivery operations from one region to another.

The software tools available for managing the delivery operations are

  • A Glovo like on-demand delivery platform contains different tools for keeping a close check over the daily operations. It comprises order tracking, schedule planning, payment gateways, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • A Glovo clone platform also ensures real-time control over the logistics operations. This is because of an advanced route optimization tool. This automatically shares a list of the fastest and shortest routes to the delivery executives. Hence, fleet management can be done effectively.
  • This is because stats are shared about the number of pick-ups and orders. As a result, retailers can modify their business operations by splitting them based on period (hourly, daily, and weekly)
  • Is there a pricing tool available? Yes, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) gives you more flexibility. This is because you can earn a commission per order from retailers. Distance-based pricing is applicable.
  • As a result, the fees can be modified based on factors like traffic, weather conditions, and the demand from customers. Moreover, digital receipts are issued for every order.
  • This ensures transparency in the management of finances. Moreover, multilingual technical support is available for handling customer queries, problems faced by delivery executives, and other issues faced by retailers.

How is Glovo aggressively expanding its business operations? 

  • In just 6 years, Glovo has grown from a small startup to a strong force in the on-demand delivery giant. Moreover, it has an active customer base of 4.3 million. The number of active couriers has surpassed 65,000.
  • The on-demand courier delivery platform has also helped retailers to reach out to customers globally. Overall, it has teamed up with 99,000 local stores. Besides that, customers across 900 cities are placing orders daily.
  • Which is the largest on-demand delivery platform in the world? It is Glovo. This is because of its flexibility in hiring full-time and part-time delivery executives. On average, 15000 courier delivery personnel operate every day with hourly earnings of 7.72 euros.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have also increased their sales effectively. Around 84.48% of businesses (standalone stores and multiple chains) are experiencing a higher Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).
  • Glovo is planning to expand its employee count to 240,000 executives by 2023. This will give it an edge in 1200 cities across Central Eastern and South Western Europe and Africa.

Wrapping Up

Are you that entrepreneur looking to build wealth by dominating the digital economy? Talk with an app creation enterprise now and get hold of a Glovo clone script soon.

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