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How fast does an electric longboard go?

Electric skateboards are lots of fun to ride. E-boards have made it possible to use skateboards as your everyday urban transport. But can an Electric longboard go fast enough to take you to your destination on time? Let’s find out all about it today.

Electronic skateboards, preferably e-skateboards, have brought a lot of fun into skateboarding. An electric longboard is the most common of the variants that belong to this category of the skateboard. Electric longboards bring one very important factor to the board, which is practicability. They are not fun killers in any way and add the convenience of portability on top of it. A good electric longboard can achieve a speed of at least 15mph to a peak speed of around 30mph. e-skateboard

The factors involving speed

There are several factors that control the speed of an electric longboard. From the view of the maker of the board, they involve the components of the skateboard such as the deck, motor power, wheel shape, etc. There are some other external unforeseeable factors too such as the weight of the rider, the condition of the board, and the terrain.

The deck itself is very important as the front portion helps by boosting the forward motion and the back portion leads in controlling the braking mechanism.

A powerful motor is a necessity if one decides to go for electric longboards when buying a skateboard. Dual motors perform very well and can pump out enough power to increase the speed to a new limit.

The shape of the wheel is connected to the terrain the board is being run on. The stability of the run will depend heavily on it.

External factors such as the weight of the speed and the terrain affect the speed directly.

How fast can an electric skateboard go?

Let’s consider that, you are the luckiest guy in the world. In that case, those factors will be in favor of you. But it remains a question if you can achieve the theoretical maximum speed even if those factors are no more the blocking point.

In general, the average speed can be anything between 18 to 30mph.

Can you make them even faster?

If you are a thrill-seeker like me, you must be wondering if you can make your electric longboard go even faster. Technically, the answer is yes. Recently one board ran at an amazing speed of 60 miles per hour. That is both amazing and a hint of the future to come.

To surpass the maximum available speed, your electric longboard system has to juice out as much energy as possible. That depends on energy conservation and the efficient transformation of energy.

One could say, those two terminologies actually point toward simpler things. Energy conservation can be guaranteed by reducing the friction between your board and the road.

Efficient transformation of energy requires a better system. This means that you have to improve upon the components and do some maintenance on a regular basis.

For example, quality-of-life improvements such as adding a shock absorber, improving the motor, or replacing it with a better one can help you take it to the next level.

Getting A Faster Skateboard

Pick a board with a bigger wheel if you want to enjoy the thrill of riding a longboard at a high speed. Wheel with a larger radius can achieve better momentum. It is also very easy to gain speed on these kinds of skateboards with nice, large wheels.

See if they come up with shock absorbers. Those are very helpful in off-road terrain. On the point of off-terrain skateboards, it is better to pick one with sturdier wheels.

Picking up a board with a better motor often causes you to expend more on skateboarding but it is actually a wise decision. A board with dual motors will go faster.

Check the battery capacity to compare between various brands e-skateboards and pick up something that can provide you with the power for a longer period. So you’ll be able to ride at peak speed for a longer time period.

Safety & Precautions

Many overlook those two very important aspects of extreme sports. However you see it, skateboarding with regular skateboards or with old school, blazing-fast skateboards is an extreme sport.  There’s no getting around it.

Wearing safety equipment will boost your morale. You won’t be worried while bumping on small bumps in the road anymore. That doesn’t mean that you should go for the maximum speed though. You won’t lose your focus while traversing through an uneven area as you are not constantly worried about what might happen. While some will see this as the end of the thrill, sometimes too much thrill can be fatal.

Precautionary steps include choosing a smooth track and remaining alert while riding. Any sudden encounter is enough to put you in an accident and take away the opportunity to ride a skateboard, ever again. But if you are cautious and know where you are riding out, you can have a lot of fun without looking back.


The thrill of speed is something that you won’t be able to forget once you get a taste of it. Electric longboard makes it even possible to have that fun when going to some places near you. It can go a lot faster than the old-fashioned skateboards. So, remain safe by following the precautions and enjoy the immense fun thanks to your wonderful electric longboard.





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