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How to create merge mail using the Gmail service?

Now it has become simple and easy to send personalized email to the contacts with Gmail Mail Merge. Every email is simple and unique so people love to use it. Unlike inserting email addresses in the BCC or CC domain, recipients will receive the email as if it were sent individually to them. There is something called email tracking and it helps to know when people read your message.
Users can create merge mail using the Gmail service and can use this service to send mass emails. You can send a holiday greeting, scroll assignments, event invites, and schedule birthday messages. In addition to this, one can send press releases and create a rich email newsletter to reach existing clients with any forthcoming offers in the stores.

What does merge Mail in Gmail mean?

Mail Merge is ideal to work with G Suite and Gmail accounts as well. It has become simple to send merged emails or to send the emails and built-in scheduler later. Users have the capability to compose email templates that appear in Gmail. Else, one can use the visual HTML editor to make rich text emails using CSS and HTML. Gmail is compatible with CSS queries in order to CSS patterns.

This facility is currently used by branded organizations to send email updates quickly to use for those who are working from home. It is compatible with email aliases so that, the email will be sent on behalf of someone.

Number of Emails one can send per day

Mail Merge users can send 25 emails per day. They have the facility to upgrade it to the Premium Edition by contacting Gmail experts for help to enhance the daily email quota.

  • Navigate the Google Sheet and go to the Add-ons
  • You will see Attachments of Mail Merge
  • Click on Show Email Quota and there you can check the daily email limit which actually you get after upgrading to Mail Merge premium.

Daily Quota Consists of

  • Premium Mail Merge for Gmail is 400
  • Mail Merge Premium for Google Apps for work is 1500 (only paid customers)
  • Google will reset the daily quote automatically at a certain time period

Limits for Attachment Size

For drafts email, the highest attachment limit size is 15 MB

For Email messages, the greatest file attachment size is 15 MB for the G Suite, Google Apps, and Gmail accounts as well. In case of attaching large files with Gmail messages, you have to upload the file to Google Drive. It will create a shared link and attach that link to the email message body.

Possible Activity with Mail Merge

Users have the ability to include different attachments from Google Drive for every person and the email can be either in rich-text or plain text formatting. It is advisable to compose messages in HTML inside the Google Spreadsheet. Else one can easily create a draft email in the Gmail account to use that as the template for Mail Merge.

The opened emails also can be reached with Google Analytics. The Mail Merge adds a 1×1 tracking image to the email body. If the recipient has enabled image downloads in the email client then the opened activity will be recorded. Mail Merge helps to import Google Contacts into the sheet. Due to this, there is no need to type your contact email id manually. If the person has multiple email addresses, the Merge app provides the primary email address. In case if it is not available then, it merges the work email or home email.

Unbelievable Gmail Mail Merge Features

There are a few exciting Gmail Merge features that will enhance the experience of the users. These are a few reasons due to which one should merge mail using the Gmail service

Automatic Follow-Ups

It is not possible that everyone will reply to your email campaign. Some of them might forget about it whereas some don’t get time to respond.

Whatever it is, Gmail Merge will help to engage the recipient by automating the email follow-ups. You easily can customize everything about such emails that include the total number of emails to send and follow-up frequency.

Innovative Personalization

The main problem with massive emails is that they aren’t customized for every recipient. As a result, the emails might come across as irrelevant or generic. The recipient will decide not to indulge with them. But when it comes to create personalized emails then, it might be tough to get the bulk of emails.

Merge Email helps you to create customized mass emails effortlessly and also allows you to personalize paragraphs, names, images, links, file attachments, and many more.

Deal With Sending Limits of Gmail

Generally, an ordinary Gmail account can send 500 emails in 24 hours, a Google Workspace account can send 2,000 emails/rolling 24 hours. GMass allows you to exceed the attachment limit of sending emails due to which you can send 10, 000 emails.

It does so by distributing these emails automatically over multiple days based on Google Account’s sending limits so merge mail using the Gmail service by following the given methods.

Let’s Wrap Up

Creating a mail merge using Google Apps script might consume time unnecessarily and be complicated as well. An alternate and easier way to do this is to do your Gmail merge by using Google Sheets that is integrated with GMass.

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