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What Kind of Training Do Franchisors Provide?

Trusting franchisees to represent your brand is actually a big risk. A majority of franchisors render training just to ensure all franchisees who are representing the brand are on the same page. Let us tell you that training is vital if you want to proliferate your franchise business. As a franchisor, it is your responsibility to spend adequate amounts on training programs. In every training program, you need to keep your franchisees abreast of the changes your system evolves. Investing time and efforts in training can help your franchisees touch the crest of the wave. In this article, we have meticulously described the type of training franchisors provides. It is advisable to read this article if you’re oblivious of the kind of training every franchisor should provide. 

Do you know why it is highly important to provide training? Regular training can help you maintain brand consistency across your franchises. For example: If you are running an educational institute and want to attain brand consistency, then make sure you train and instruct the teachers of your franchise. This is a sure shot way to flourish an education franchise in India. Well,  make sure you teach your franchisors about the smart tactics of running a franchise. Before you gather prospective franchisees for training, ask them to read the franchise disclosure document carefully. This document can help your franchisees understand the nitty-gritty of your business and it can become easy for you to train them. 

As a franchisor, it is mandatory for you to follow the given ways for training your franchisees:

Every franchisor has the responsibility to train his/her franchisees on how to duplicate the original brand. Well, it is not hard to do so. You just need to provide training in the following manner. 

  • Operations Manual 

Do you remember the syllabus of your school? It outlines the whole course you have to study in a year. Similarly, the operational manual is basically a rule book that describes the whole franchise system. Note that every business follows different styles of doing things. Thus, the operations manual clearly states the objectives of a franchisor. Moreover, it describes the daily procedures, customer service and training of employees. Let us tell you that information in the operations manual is highly confidential. Franchisees are not allowed to share the information of this manual with any outsider. Therefore, franchisees need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before reading the operations manual. This is the first step towards providing training to your franchisees.

  • Training at headquarters 

After reading the operations manual, you need to take your franchisors to headquarters for training. When your prospective franchisees visit the headquarters, they will get to know the culture of your franchise. Also, you can tell them what they need to do for their franchise. Note that training at headquarters can last from one week to 10 days. More often than not, franchisees are asked to bring their manager along with them. Thus, you need to train your franchisees as well as managers of the franchise unit as well.

  • On-site training 

This type of training generally takes place at the franchisee’s location. Franchisors generally instruct franchisees on how to handle customers. Also, they teach franchisees regarding how to hire adept personnel for the firm. On-site training aims at making the franchisees expert in managing their business. As a franchisor, it is your responsibility to make every franchisee capable of running a business. This is how you can help your franchisees in managing day to day operations of a franchise unit.

  • Continuous training 

No doubt, one time training is a must for the franchisees. But, that doesn’t relieve you from the duty of guiding your franchisees on a regular basis. Apart from initial training, you need to offer your franchisees continuous training. For example: You can conduct training sessions after every 6 months and update your franchisees on the strategic ways to run the business. Additionally, it is essential to encourage your franchisees to represent their ideas in front of you. There are high chances that some of your franchisees will share some unique ideas to manage the business of the franchise.

  • Help your franchisees in understanding FDD 

You need to provide franchise disclosure documents to your franchisees. FDD is basically a booklet that can help them understand the daily operations of your business. Give your franchisees adequate time to read the document. In case your franchisees have any doubt, clear that doubt. Also, ask your franchisees to read the document carefully before signing the contract. It is advisable to make FDD of your business in simple and clear words. Avoid complicating the clauses of FDD. This is how you can link with capable and intellectual franchisees.

  • Regular assessments 

An ideal franchisor will always visit the franchise unit regularly to assess the financial position of each unit. These visits can be at the end of a fiscal year. Thus, it is highly important for you to analyze your franchise units. This is how you can easily detect the problems in your franchise system. When you check the performance of every franchise unit, you can easily scrutinize what is working for a franchise unit and what is not working for a franchise unit. You can train your franchisees accordingly and give them necessary guidance and support. If you want your coaching institute franchise to work magically, then don’t forget to do regular assessments.


Training obligations generally completely depend on the franchise agreement and disclosure document. Despite the time and costs involved in training, it is a mandatory investment that can aid in smooth functioning of franchise business. Every franchisor needs to conduct training sessions in the above-said manner. Well, make sure you link with the franchisees who have business acumen. Their intellect can help you establish a flourishing franchise business. You just need to polish their knowledge by providing them regular training and support. A franchisor’s splendid guidance can help every franchisee reach the heights of success. Your guidance and support can aid in establishing amicable relations with your franchisees.

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