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The Ayurvedic Concept Of Graceful Aging: Natural Face Wrinkles Treatment

Aging is a complicated process that brings significant changes in the human body along the passage of time. As it progresses, it reduces the tolerance, agility, flexibility, and radiance from various parts of our body. The biggest effect can be seen on the skin which also happens to be the largest organ in the human body. Skin aging is a product of extrinsic and intrinsic factors and therefore, its aging can be manage by managing various factors. You can also consult a skin specialist on time so that your wrinkles will be treated on time by taking the Face wrinkles treatment in which natural products are used. 

There are several signs that our skin starts giving as we age. Wrinkles, pigment spots, and sagging are some of the first signs of it. There are a number of therapies available in the market along with a number of cosmetics that promise to reverse the aging effects. 

Ayurvedic Perspective On Ageing

In Ayurveda, aging is known as ‘Jara’ which is the act of wearing out. It is also synonymous with the ‘vardhakya’ which means an increase in age. As Ayurveda goes on to describe age, it considers ‘Prana’ (life energy) as the center of all life activities. There are two other things that it regulates in our body: Ojas and Tejas. Ojas is the crux of the basic elements present in our body tissues, it takes care of mental health and the auto-immune system. Tejas, on the other hand, are responsible for our metabolism that are regulate through the enzyme system. It is crucial for the nourishment and growth of every single dhatu in our bodies. 


Charaka states that our skin (twak) is made up of six layers where the first two are known as udakdara and astrikdhara. Sushruta, on the other hand, states that skin is made up of seven layers namely mamsadhara, rohini, vedini, tamra, shweta, lohita, and avabhasini. Avbhasini is the outermost layer and mamsadhara is the innermost layer of  our skin. Our skin mirrors that balance or imbalance in our physiology. Mamsadhara keeps the skin stable and firm, so it needs to be kept tight in order to maintain tight, younger-looking skin. When all these layers are in harmony and in balance with each other, the skin looks young and radiant. 

A good anti-aging product nourishes the mamsadhara and slows down the overall aging process. Then you need to understand the dominating dosha of your skin. A Vata skin is cool to touch, delicate, fine-pored, thin, and dry in nature. A pitta-based skin is usually soft, fair, and warm with a medium thickness. It is very photosensitive and cannot tolerate sunlight for long. Kapha-based skin is oily, cool soft, and thick to touch and develops wrinkles in a very later stage in life. Vata and Pitta kind of skin is more vulnerable to the accumulation of toxins under the skin. 

What Does Ayurveda Say About Wrinkles? 

Wrinkles are causes by the shrinking of the superficial muscles under the skin. You must consult an ayurvedic skin specialist who will provide you with the foremost Face wrinkles treatment. As the muscle mass reduces, elasticity and skin thickness go down. Wrinkles begin developing during the 30s and reach the peak around the 40s. They start appearing more clearly by the time we reach our 50s and are in their full form from thereon. There are a number of internal and external factors like stress, metabolic disorders, endocrine system disorders, hereditary factors, environmental factors, sun exposure, and eating habits that decide the progress of wrinkles all over our bodies. 

Ayurvedic Approach To Antiageing Methods

Based on all this information, Ayurveda tries to take a very natural and chemical-free approach towards anti-aging. The process includes some herbal applications, Panchakarma therapies, natural topical methods, and sustainable lifestyle and diet changes that work both internally and externally. Face wrinkles treatment works on several levels and thus helps in improving overall health and looks. The Panchakarma therapies like lepam, sedan help in reducing the effects of external factors like pollution, junk food, stress, and so forth. It also simplifies lifestyle and diet which works on internal factors and detoxification of all parts of the body which eventually slows down the abnormal aging process. 

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