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What’s The Reason Behind Proton To Publish Its Vehicle In Pakistan

As Proton is Getting More And More Attention,

People have started to raise some questions and are asking what’s the main reason behind Proton launching its vehicle in Pakistan. And this type of question was highlighted in multiple domains and because of this, the curiosity in people has increased even more. So our team and I have gone through various articles and blog posts and tried to gather as much information as possible. We even contacted some senior officials of Proton and asked them to give their review on this topic.

We all know that Proton Is a Malaysian brand, and it entered the Pakistani market in 2018. Proton was founded in 1985 by the then Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad who dreamt to propel Malaysia into an elite club of automotive producing nations.

Reason Behind Proton To Publish Its Vehicle In Pakistan:

As mentioned above, Proton is a Malaysian brand, and various well-known figures attended the event, which was hosted by Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Mathair Muhammad. One of the senior members of the Al-Haj Group also participated in the event. As a result, the deal was signed between Al-Haj and Proton to bring Proton Vehicles to Pakistan. When Proton entered Pakistan people were unsure whether it would garner acceptance from the customers in Pakistan but to everyone delighted, we can now safely say that PROTON has received a great response to the launch of X70 & SAGA from the Pakistani nation at large. The years 2020 and 2021 saw heavy bookings for both X70 & SAGA.

Reason Behinds Its Successes:

Superior Value for Money:

The main reason behind proton success is the superior value that their car offers. Why? Let us tell you. When it comes to car lovers, people will think about the customers belonging to the USA, UAE, or Saudi Arabia, and various other countries where car lovers live. But they would never have expected that there would be countless car lovers in Pakistan also. These cars love value superior technology, comfort, and the latest features and specification, and PROTON has all of these and so the Pakistani customers also value PROTON greatly as they perceive it as a value for money car.

They were all pleasantly surprised by the superior value for money. And also wanted to purchase the car for themselves and for their loved ones. Proton’s value also grew in different cities of Pakistan when they advertised the ads. Such as sedan cars for sale in Faisalabad, sedan cars for sale in Gujranwala, sedan cars for sale in Gujrat. Sedan cars for sale in Hyderabad, and other titles like SUVs for sale in Sialkot. SUV for sale in Peshawar, SUV for sale in Multan and many more.


Now the following reason for its successes was due to 3S Dealership and availability. In the various regional regions and cities of Pakistan. For people who are living in mountainous areas or where there are rocky or bumpy roads. In these types of areas, regular cars can not take the load and will be damaging. In the first few months. But because of the ads advertised, such as SUV for sale in Peshawar, SUV for sale in Multan, SUV for sale in Rahimyar Khan, SUV for sale in Sialkot. Thanks to these types of advertisement proton were able to get a grip on the regional regions and were able to sell most of its Proton X70 there, and with the coming of Proton X50, countless people are waiting for its release.


The following reason is because of the luxurious design of the vehicle. When an average person wants to purchase a car for himself. The only issue is that it has to be under or above his budget. And that figure may be under 20 lack PKR for SEDAN or maybe 60 lack PKR for an SUV. But it’s challenging to purchase a car under those price range. But thanks to Proton, the impossible is possible with its Proton saga ACE, and Proton X70. Both of them are under the 20 lack. And 60 lack PKR and both of them give off Luxury cars for sale in Pakistan feeling when you drive them.

Noise Issues:

The next and most popular feature of the Proton car is the noise-free drive that it offers. When people are driving their vehicles, they literally complain about their car making too many sounds. And sometimes older adults can not handle that much sound because of their health conditions. But when Tesla introduced its vehicles it also added a feature which people could not even hear the engine sound, countless people started to talk about this feature, and even big companies like Proton, Toyota, Honda, and other brands began manufacturing their own vehicles which were noise-free. Proton is also adding this feature in their new design cars. Such as the Proton X70, which is already trending in Pakistan. And X50, which is coming in 2022.


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