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Major differences between VPS and Dedicated Server.

We all know the essence of having an online presence in this technological world. A website is represents a business or an individual over a virtual network called World Wide Web or internet.

For a Hosting website you need purchase Hosting Provider that they provides best hosting for Your website that you easily host a website in WORLD WIDE WEB.

Whether it is HTML files or the graphics you need to have a server space to host your website on the internet.

There are multiple web hosting providers who offers a variety of hosting plans at different prices.

A customer can choose from a pool of hosting options such as shared server, dedicated server, VPS, cloud and more. In this blog we will majorly discuss about VPS and a Dedicated Server.

Before starting with VPS and dedicated server lets firstly know about some famous hosting solutions.


A short introduction about Hosting Solutions

Keeping aside a new website or a website that already exists needs a hosting service to stay on the internet. There are multiple option in the market from which a customer can choose.

The most popular type of web hosting includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting is widely choose option by the new website owners and startup firm who do not want to use more server resources and want to spend less on the hosting option.

They also choose this type of web hosting because they do not get high traffic at the launch of website and as soon as their traffic increases they shift their plan to another hosting option being a smart way to manage your website on the internet.

In addition mostly the costumers upgrade their hosting solution from shared hosting to a VPS, dedicated server hosting and cloud.

Let’s dig in to our main topic of major difference between VPS and a Dedicated Server.


What is a VPS Server?

VPS Server

VPS server hosting works on virtual server method. A VPS Is a Physical Machine but VPS is Parts of multiple Server or Hosting .

A VPS works in a separate environment and each environment is connected with the server.

This isolated environment provides proper allocation of resources and guarantees improved performance than other websites.

Also you can get control over your server configuration. Hence, VPS can be said as an upgrade of shared hosting.


What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server

As its name suggests a dedicated server wholly works for a single client.  All the server resources whether bandwidth, CPU and memory are utilized by a single user.

This type of hosting solution is demanded by the high traffic website who requires high security and space. A major drawback of dedicated server is that it comes at costlier price.

Difference between VPS and A Dedicated Server

VPS and Dedicated Server


A VPS server is a part of a dedicated server. It is made by splitting a dedicated server into many different parts that are virtual isolated and all the resources are allotted to each of the virtual server from a dedicated server.

On contrary, a Dedicated Server is the physical server that works for a specific client. Unlike shared hosting its resources are no shared by any of the other clients.

As all the resources are wholly dedicated to one user this server is costly as compared to other type of server.


Search engine like Google works on algorithms they have their own set of rules and conditions by which they rank sites on their platform.

Its SEO algorithm states that a website should focus on its website loading speed and user experience.

With a VPS server you only have a desired amount of resources that helps you to load your website at decent time.

But when we compare the both a dedicated server is one of the best solution to never let your website down because of frequent downtimes and loading times.

Hence it is the best solution if you need to have a best performing website.


We all know how important it is to focus on security. Specifically if we talk about ecommerce website that takes personal details of their customers like storing the details of credit and debit cards.

Both VPS and Dedicated Server are good in terms of providing security.

You can manage both of them as you get the benefit of owning root access for your server by which you can install security software. However, a VPS is less secured than a dedicated server.


In Conclusion, both VPS and a Dedicated Server have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A VPS is an upgrade to shared hosting that gives your dedicated resources at cheap prices with security and decent performance on the other hand a dedicated server has no comparison and is the best solution to provide high security and performance.

The only drawback for a dedicated server is its high price.

If you are looking for web hosting services, shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server or even cloud at pocket friendly prices than Hostnetindia is the right place for you. However, selecting a hosting option wholly depends on your website requirements.

Hostnetindia guides you for selecting the most suitable options for your website and is capable to fulfil your website requirements. You can connect with us anytime anywhere.






Hostnetindia is an IT firm working in the industry since 2006 and providing the best IT services to its clients. We currently have 2250+ datacenters worldwide with 4500+ satisfied customers. We deliver high quality services and maintain customer trust by serving best hosting solutions, dedicated server, VPS at low and affordable cost. towards customer Hostnetindia is an IT firm working in the industry since 2006 and providing the best IT services to its clients. We currently have 2250+ datacenters worldwide with 4500+ satisfied customers. We deliver high quality services and maintain customer trust by serving best hosting solutions, dedicated server, VPS at low and affordable cost. We believe in providing full control and managed services to our clients, we provide worthy control panels to manage all the things at client level. We believe in providing all time support to our clients so whenever they face any type of issues whether minor or major we are ready to assist no matter at what time it arises. The reason behind our successful journey is driven by our highly passionate and qualified team of professionals that are available all day all night to guide you regarding all the types of web hosting solutions. We are a reliable company that believes a hosting solution should be fast and reliable. For catering all the different types of industries whether it is small, medium or large we have customized plans to offer you with more other benefits like free SSL and All time support services. We are committed towards customer

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