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A Brief About The Rising Trend Of All-Over Print Shirts

The custom printed shirts are the most important part of your marketing campaign, so it is very necessary that the quality of the material used in these shirts should be good.

The price of some shirts may vary and you can get these shirts at a reasonable rate, but you need to make sure that they are made up of high-quality fabric. No doubt, custom printed shirts are one of the most popular clothing options that you can add to your inventory.

If you want to showcase your business in everyone’s wardrobe, then it is the right choice for you. Custom all-over print shirts are a smart way to promote your brand and connect with potential customers at the same time.

How to check printed T-shirts quality

To evaluate the quality of a printed t-shirt, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The density of the print – it must be even so that the picture is not washed out.
  1. The density of the fabric – must be high enough so that the fabric does not get transparent. If you have white or light-colored fabric, check if there are any small fragments on the T-shirt surface. These fragments can appear when the ink dries out during printing and turns into small granules. They give a bad impression and look like spots on your custom all over print shirts. These spots are caused by the dyes used in some T-shirts. It is not possible to get rid of them, but you can prevent them from appearing.
  1. The fabric type – the quality of the T-shirt material is very important. If you have a T-shirt made of cotton, it will be better to print on it than on polyester. The same applies to other fabrics.
  1. The thickness of the T-shirt – if you want to print on a thin T-shirt, you will have to do it in one color. It is better to use a thick T-shirt for printing. In this case, you can print in two colors.

If you want to make a design with your own hands, then you should choose the T-shirt material that is not too thin. This will allow you to print in two colors and get a very high-quality print. It is also recommended that you use a T-shirt with a special finish, such as water-based varnish or soft touch. It will make the print look even more natural and bright.

Basics of T-shirt and apparel printing customization

Every year over $250 billion is spent on apparel and accessories. Ninety-one percent of all apparel sales come from the purchase of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other clothing items. More than half of these sales are items that are customized with a logo or message.

Customized t-shirts are one of the most popular ways to promote your business. There are several different types of printing techniques available and each has its own qualities, limitations, and price points. The following is a brief overview of the most common types of printing techniques used for custom t-shirts.

Best Printing Method 

Screen printing is the most popular method of printing on t-shirts. It’s also one of the oldest and easiest methods of printing. Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a mesh screen and onto a substrate. 

The ink is pushed through the mesh by a squeegee that runs across the screen. The ink is pushed through the mesh by a squeegee that runs across the screen. The squeegee is a piece of rubber that can be moved up and down by hand.

The squeegee presses the ink through the mesh, which is called a screen. The ink dries quickly on the paper, but it does not dry on the screen. The squeegee is moved up and down across the screen, forcing the ink through the mesh. The ink goes through the mesh and onto the paper. The paper is put on a flat surface to dry. The printed paper is now ready to be used.

What is the best quality T-shirt material?

T-shirts are the most popular clothing items and are available in a variety of materials. The purpose of this report is to determine and compare the best quality T-shirt material.

The first step in determining the best T-shirt material is to establish criteria for judging T-shirt materials. The following criteria are used for this report: color retention, shrinkage, strength, softness, and comfort. These criteria will be measured using a survey.

Bottom Lines 

This is all about the rising need for customized apparel which is gaining huge popularity in the garment industry. Similar to customized t-shirts, you can also find out custom socks and other customized apparel in the market. This is a perfect marketing strategy!

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