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Inogen G3 System and Accessories – Quality Oxygen

Inogen, Inc. is the leading maker of Portable Oxygen containers. It was invented in 2001. It is dedicated to its vision of entailing quality oxygen concentrators to the ones in need of oxygen therapy. Furthermore, it is now an established premise that Inogen adds freedom to breathe to the lives of disadvantaged ones. Furthermore, it enables them to work like normal and healthy people.


Inogen never fails to mesmerize its customers. It has now come up with portable oxygen containers of the next generation. It keeps the promise of constantly innovating its products.


To add to your knowledge, you may purchase these enabling kits by utilizing Inogen Coupons. It will save a lot of money in your wallet. You may avail of and save up to 65% on a variety of offers.


Energy Efficient and Powerful


The Inogen are home oriented oxygen concentrators. They are effective at energy conversion. They convert five liters of water into oxygen within a minute and maintain an incessant flux of oxygen.


The home-oriented Inogen concentrators weigh around eighteen pounds. It is the most lightweight container available in the market as compared to its competitors. It is energy-efficient and consumes low power. That is why it is a feasible option for the patients.

The Inogen One G3 System


The Inogen One G3 is a HME supplier POC of decision because of its five stream settings. These settings give the G3 fantastic pulse beat portion quality oxygen conveyance along with retaining as lightweight, convenient and carriable.


The G3 rises outfitted with a solitary battery equipped for presenting to 4.7 long hours of battery span. It has a discretionary twofold battery fit forgiving as long as 10 hours of battery life. The G3 offers your clients a solitary arrangement that adjusts to their increased quality oxygen needs over the long haul while keeping your upkeep costs low.


The Inogen One G3 Accessories


Column Pair (Sieve Beds) for Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrators


There are two distinct swap-section sets accessible for Inogen One G3 POCs. It is a seasoned Inogen One G3 gadget, with stream settings from 1-4. Utilize Standard Column Pairs (Part RP-320). More up-to-date Inogen One G3 gadgets, with stream settings from 1-5, use “High Flow” Column Pairs (Part RP-321). Both segments look practically the same; be that as it may, High Flow Column Pairs ordinarily remember a blue sticker for the foundation of every segment, and the letters HF in the section chronic number. Additionally, the residue covers on Standard Replacement Columns are normally dark while the residue covers on High Flow Replacement Columns are generally orange.


Single Battery Pack for Inogen One G3 


Inogen One G3 batteries are the ideal force hotspot for excursions to the store, seeing a film, or a supper out with the folks. For distant outings, keep two batteries close by, or utilize the 16-Cell Battery to ensure that you can get going at whatever point you need and any place you need. For a flight from New York to London, one battery is enough.


Inogen One G3 batteries will charge on their own. Moreover, it is compatible with the InogenOne G3 framework (when associated with an AC or DC power supply), or utilizing the External Battery Charger.


Output Filter Replacement Kit for Inogen One (Original) G3


Output Filters for the Inogen One G3, and Inogen At Home Concentrators are expected to shield the client from the inward breath of little particles in the item gas stream. The output filter is strategically placed behind the detachable cannula spout fitting and ought to be assessed and supplanted on a yearly premise.


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