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Steps To Turn Off Auto-Renewal McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus is an ultimate and worldwide famous antivirus program. All because it will offer uninterrupted protection to the system at all costs. Importantly, this antivirus program is available with various features that help to protect your system against Trojans and different malware. It will also cover the network from hackers and other types of internet threats.

Undoubtedly, McAfee is the best and most secure antivirus program. It will offer you the securing feature. If you use McAfee while accessing the internet, you can confirm you are not accessing any URLs that are affected by viruses. Thus, using it will give better protection. Also, it would be best if you kept on upgrading to enhance the security level.

When you purchase McAfee antivirus, it comes with a minimum 1-year subscription plan. Therefore, if you want to expand the protection level, it is a must to upgrade it. However, you should know how to cancel mcafee automatic renewal because turning it on will renew the plan automatically.

How best is using the McAfee auto-renewal option?

For those who require round-the-clock protection for your system, then you should turn on the McAfee Auto-Renewal feature. By this, you can confirm that you are under complete protection. There is no doubt that using the Auto-Renewal option is best. However, you should know how to cancel mcafee automatic renewal to avoid various issues.

Suppose you stop using McAfee, then it is required to cancel the Auto-Renewal feature. Along with that, you can obtain various other benefits.

Steps to turn off the Auto-Renewal option

The users want to do the following steps to turn off the Auto-Renewal option. Do as per the instructions.

  • At first, you should open your web browser and type home.mcafee.com in the browser tab.
  • Later you need to tap My Account and select Sign In.
  • In this step, you are required to enter your registered email address along with the password.
  • Then tap on login.
  • Now move your mouse over My Account.
  • Here you are allowed to click and choose Auto-Renewal Settings.
  • After that, you should look at the Uninterrupted protection screen.
  • By this, you can understand whether the auto-renewal feature is turned on for your product subscriptions or not.
  • Then you ought to look at the status of each one on this screen if you have multiple product subscriptions.
  • After that, tap on Turn off if you prefer to turn auto-renewal off.
  • However, this particular screen only appears for some users, based on their location.
  • It would be best to tap on “Yes” to confirm the process.

Why should you turn off McAfee auto-renewal?

Thus, you finally understood how to turn off McAfee’s automatic renewal. But do you have any idea why you should turn off McAfee automatic renewal feature? Understand it is an easy way to cancel a McAfee subscription.

As you all know, if you turn on McAfee automatic renewal, then McAfee automatically renews before it expires. mcafee antivirus not scanning, Therefore, you are all set to stop uninterrupted service straightforwardly by turning it off.

How to cancel McAfee Auto-renewal from the dashboard?

Once you cancel McAfee, the auto-renewal service, for sure, McAfee will keep on notifying you about the subscription expiry date. However, you are all set to use the McAfee plan to date, and then you can only access the free McAfee tools. That is why you should learn how to cancel mcafee automatic renewal even from the dashboard.

  • At first, you need to open your McAfee dashboard
  • Later you need to click on the My Info page
  • After that, tap on Subscription
  • Then the McAfee account page will appear
  • Now give your McAfee credentials
  • Next, open the My Account page
  • Click on auto-renewal settings
  • By this, the auto-renewal window will appear
  • You need to turn off the auto-renewal button
  • Then auto-renewal pop-up on the screen
  • Eventually, tap on the Turn Off button

That’s all the Auto-renewal option of McAfee will cancel. Later you will receive a mail on your registered email address once you have canceled the subscription; never fail to look at the McAfee subscription in the upcoming days. You can even use premium tools of McAfee antivirus till you have the subscription.

Once you get that, you can modify or upgrade the antivirus. Understand if the McAfee subscription expiry, then the chance for virus attack is high. No matter what, you should have an anti-virus program on your system. It will support you in countless ways.

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