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How to Combine vCard Files into One – Complete Guide

Summary – Do you want to combine vCard files into One file. Or are you looking for a way to merge multiple VCF files into one? If so, you must follow this guide. Here we will share some simple ways that can help users to combine vCard files without any problems. 

In today’s field, contacts play the most important role in both professional and personal use. In fact, many users try to transfer multiple vCard contacts at the same time. So, in the next section, we will discuss the step-by-step process for users to understand how to combine VCF files into one VCF file.

Managing an infinite number of files on your computer is literally a complicated and tedious task. Users put individual files here and there, making it difficult to get things done over time. A responsible computer user prefers to merge multiple files, be it a vCard or something else. For those people, we offer different solutions to merge multiple VCF files into one. But before we go any further in the article, let’s first see why the VCF Contacts file needs to be merged and then look at the user queries.

Why Need to Combine VCF File?

  • You can easily manage your Contacts files by merging multiple vCard or VCF files into one file
  • vCard is the easiest and fastest way to exchange contact information compared to other traditional business cards
  • You can easily open and read them with a text editor like Notepad.

User Concerns

Consider the following scenarios shared by users who work with vCard files in one form or another:

I want to share 500 VCF contacts files with my team, but sending them one by one is not a government job. So I am considering merging all these files to make file sharing easier.  Is there anybody who can help with this task?  Before making any recommendations, please note one thing (on my part) that I cannot afford to lose any data if I combine them.

Methods to Combine vCard files into One File

After an in-depth study, we came up with manual methods to accomplish this task. Read these sections for all the tips and tricks for combining multiple vCard.

  1. It will combine many vCard files and provide a vCard for your use. Find all selected vCard contacts in the root of the C: \ Drive folder and rename it. For example: My contacts
  2. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run screen on your PC. Type the cmd string in the text box of this window and execute


3. Run CD C: \ MyContacts in the current command prompt window


4. Type a copy of the /B*.vcf all_in_one.vcf command line and press Enter


5. After running this command, all the VCF files will be merged into one file. This file is automatically named all_in_one.vcf. The complete message indicates that you have merged multiple VCF files into one VCF file


6. Close the command prompt screen on your computer and navigate to the location of the file



The Manual method is, of course, free, but it has some drawbacks. Here are some of them: ――――

  • The whole process takes valuable time.
  • This process requires technical knowledge. It will be difficult if you do not have technical experience.
  • This process is not 100% completely safe and can fail.
  • Therefore, you need to be careful when doing the above.

Professional Solution to Combine vCard Files into One 

If the above method doesn’t work, you can download the SysTools VCF Split & Merge Tool. This is risk and virus free software that splits a large vCard file into multiple files and merges them into one VCF. This tool uses the latest technology to maintain the integrity of the data when splitting or merging vCard contacts files.  This software is very simple and effective. You can open and view VCF files together without losing data. It also has a user-friendly interface and its layout can be understood by beginners without outside help.

Step by Step Guide to Combine vCard Files into one

  • Run the Application on your Windows Machine

Download Software

  • Then start by adding the vCard file to the utility using the Add Folder (s) or Add File options

Add vCard File

  • Then select the path to the VCF file and click the “Openbutton

Browse VCF File

  • The software scans all VCF files

Scan All VCF

  • Now click on “Export” or “Export selected.”

export or selected

  • Select the “Merge vCardbutton and go to advanced settings

click on advanced

  • Select the appropriate version of vCard and click the Save button

Choose Version

  • Enter the path to the exported file and then hit the “Export” tab to combine the vCard files into one file.

Click on Export button


The blog shows 2 ways to combine vCard files into one. The first is the manual mode, which has various limitations; the other way is to take our precautions. Conversion uses and supports all minimal vCard icons. As a result, this program is user-friendly and supports an excellent interface that makes it easy for users to use.

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