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Top logo trends you should think about for 2022

According to the last few years of the IT sector, it is evident that technology has changed a lot of things. The same has been happening for the graphic design department as well. Be it designing a page or a complete website, a small and vital logo, or a complete brand; everything has been changing over the years. Big or small, every company has to embrace the change. Especially, if you are a logo designer you must think of top logo trends.

As revolutionary or important it may sound, transitioning of logo is a drastic change. Even a small dot in a logo is noticeable and people do like or dislike the change. But for many brands, this is a must thing because over years their product line and brand identity have changed. This makes logo changing important.

So, if you are too looking for a custom logo design that sets a new trend in your vertical then you can try using any of these.

Here are the top logo trends you need to think about

Minimalistic Logo

Have you heard the phrase, “Less is more?” This is a perfect thing when it comes to designing logos. You might have seen bigger brands keep it simple when it comes to their logos. This is a mantra that creates a better value of your logo in people’s heads. The more content you give your customer to remember, the harder it becomes for your brand to create a recurring memory.

Minimal logos have been in trend for a long time now and if you try to track their presence, it will be back to the 1960s and 70s. A clutter-free logo was in trend then and a clutter-free logo is trendy today.

 Detailing the logo

 Where some people go for minimal logo designs others love detailing. A lot of brands love to show all the color patterns and canvas in their logo. There are a lot of vertices in which detailed logos are more beneficial than the others. This happens too often in food brands. A lot of such brands do not simply bank on images or texts, they go after the integration of both these in one place. Detailing logos is very important for many food brands.

A lot of startups take help from online logo makers and create compelling logos. This trick has been the opposite of the first point and equally adopted.

 Hand-made logos

Don’t get shocked, in today’s world, there are a lot of brands that have still been keeping handmade logos as their brand identity. You will be surprised to know that there are brands like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Cadbury, and Kleenex that haven’t used any tool or online logo maker to create their logo.

The logos of these brands are completely handmade. These companies are huge and old. They have already established themselves and their kind of logo is remarkable and part of top logo trends.

Logo with Fine lines

To make this more understandable; have you seen the logo of IBM? The company has created a completely different type of logo design. They have considered taking things to different levels and have used the technology in a great way. They have used graphic designs to test different logos but have come up with the fine line type.

This is one of the rarest and the most unique types of logo designs afloat in the market. Lines are known to be one of the most prominent and main components of your entire design. Keeping this in mind, IBM has only played with this piece of knowledge and has used it brilliantly. This is one of the everlasting top logo trends that you can adopt in 2022 for your brand.

Responsive logo

Logo being a critical part of the brand identity, it has to be responsive on all platforms. It isn’t rocket science to analyze that customers are more on their mobile and tablets than laptops and desktops. We at Designhill not only consider the fact that a logo should be attractive; but take the other aspect seriously too. We know how important it is to have a logo that is responsive on mobile and other devices.

But how can you combat your logo? Previously there was a thumb rule that stated, “never change your logo.” But that’s isn’t true now! There are brands having 4 different logos for different devices. So, can you!

 Typography logo design

Yes, you heard that right! Typography logo designs are also a thing and many big brands have been using them for a long time. What do you think Google, Amazon, Coca-cola, Netflix, and other such brands are doing? One of the best custom logo designs in the market is typography style.

You can take cues from the brands that have been using this style and then try to integrate it into your logo. Maybe that could give you all the boost you need.

 Logos with geometry

There are some trendy brand logos that take geometry too seriously. Have you seen the logo of Mitsubishi? Or maybe the logo of Renault? They have designed their logo in such a way that it creates a persona of goodness, trust, and belief. These kinds of logos are more trendy than any other because they do not take a lot of space or time to settle in your brain. Being a geometry, a lot of people relate it to something they want to remember for a long time.

And this helps the brand to create a recurring memory. Or what we can say better is a long-term memory of the brand. This in every aspect becomes a healthy deal for the brand. Making this in your brand will also be helpful. Isn’t it?


What makes a good brand? A good product indeed! But what makes it a popular brand? A good logo after all. Yes, your logo is an integral part of your business and you should be very cautious about what’s being uploaded. Make sure you have all the tools and expertise and think of top logo trends. Or else, simply connect with the experts of Designhill to know what should be done.


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