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What are the challenges in Cloud Computing Services?


Cloud computing is an on-demand, self-service internet service that offers users to access cloud computing resources from anywhere. Cloud computing services are a new model to deliver cloud computing resources and not a new technology. There are many examples – Hotmail and Gmail that are well-known applications in different industries. Comparing this cloud model with other types of hosting. It provides many advantages: –

  • Cloud computing companies provide massive computing resources that are available on demand.
  • Elimination of commitment by users.
  • Payment for resources that you have used.

Cloud Computing – New Computing Model: –

Cloud computing is still in developing mode. But with time and constant development, it will evolve. Service point of view shows cloud computing model that involves three main models: –


Web/ mobile applications are hosted on a cloud service provider and showcased to consumers over a network, typically on the internet.


The development tools are published on the cloud and such tools are accessed via a web browser. Here developers can build and design web applications without installing even a single tool on their end-user device. Developers can use that tools without specialized administrative skills.


Cloud users outsource the hardware equipment to support different operations that include storage, hardware, networking components, and servers. The provider owns the hardware equipment. And they are completely responsible for running, maintaining, and housing it. The user is paying on a per-user basis.

Cloud Computing Four Deploying Models: –

The US  national institute of standards and technology consists of four major standards.

Public Cloud

A cloud service provider makes resources that are available to the general public over the internet. For instance – Cyfuture Cloud allows users to rent virtual space on which they can run their applications. It runs within its own cloud network infrastructure and data centers. This infrastructure allows consumers to pay only for the resources they use.

Private Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is operated only for a single organization. For example – cloud-enabled consumers to build a foundation for private cloud infrastructure by using Windows Server and System Center group of products with the Dynamic data center toolkit.

Hybrid Cloud

The cloud infrastructure comprises two or more clouds. In this infrastructure, an organization offers and manages a few resources that are within their own data center and has others provided externally. For instance – Other cloud providers – IBM works with Juniper Networks to provide hybrid cloud infrastructure to enterprises. It seamlessly extends private clouds to remote servers in a secure environment.

Challenges in Cloud Computing Services: –

Management Aspect

The main challenge that includes is a lack of trust in data security and privacy. Users are often afraid of organizations’ inertia, uncertain provider compliance, and loss of governance. The concern arises when customers have sensitive data and critical applications that move to a cloud computing paradigm. Here providers cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the privacy controls and security.

If a cloud provider cannot meet the pre-requisite compliance norms ex- regulations, applicable laws, contracts, standards, or policy changes. Then a customer investment might be at risk. In some cases, certain customer services are difficult to use.

Security Aspect

There are numerous data security risks in IT. Such as – cybercriminals, network breaches, hardware failure, poor configuration, abusing administrative rights, and natural disasters. Specific risks to cloud computing are poor encryption management, changes failures, and other abuses.

Cloud computing is usually available to different consumers. If the cloud provider fails to distribute the computing resources. This can cause several security risks. For instance – a consumer requests to wipe data that is stored in the virtual machine. In many circumstances, stored data can be restored if the block is not deleted on which the disk is added. In other scenarios, hardware resources are reused by other consumers. If blocks are not deleted properly, then there is a higher risk of data theft. 

The customer management interfaces of cloud providers are Internet accessible and this mediates access to large sets and therefore, it increases the risk with web browser vulnerabilities and remote access.

Having strong encryption with key management is one of the core machinery that cloud computing systems use to secure. However, a poor key management process causes the loss of encryption keys. Disclosure of secret keys or passwords to malicious parties or unauthorized use.

Legal Aspect

The use of cloud computing comes with many legal issues such as contractual law, data jurisdiction, and property rights. There are many legal challenges that need to consider and understand properly before opting for cloud computing.


Cloud computing is a new model of computing that pledges to offer more flexibility, efficiency, and less expense in IT services to end-users. It has different potential opportunities in different industries. However, many companies offer the finest industry-leading services in cloud computing. To get best-in-class cloud services, connect with us now.


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