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What is packaging design how it help your brand gain visibility.

What is a good packaging design? Does this influence the sales of your business? Imagine the following situation:

You are going to buy a box of chocolates for your mother’s birthday.

Are you going to examine the ingredients in each box? Compare the calories in chocolates? You may notice these details, but you will also notice whether the box is visually appealing, and this fact is likely to significantly influence your final purchase decision.

Packaging is the first thing we perceive of the product at first glance, and it becomes a complement that adds value to our purchase.

The way you present your articles will be decisive in connecting with the audience. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you:

What is a good packaging design?

  • Nine styles of packaging and examples to inspire you to design yours.
  • Different materials that you can use to design quality packaging.
  • Three tips to take advantage of packaging design in your marketing strategy.

What is a good packaging design?

Good packaging design:

  • Preserve the products correctly during transport
  • Satisfies customer needs
  • Surprise and provoke emotions
  • Conveys the brand’s personality
  • Create an experience around the product

And how can we create the best possible design for our packaging?

Three experts share their views:

Graphic designer

From the designer’s point of view, packaging design is crucial to define the visual identity of the brand.

The package is not only “responsible” for capturing the attention of customers, but for providing information about the product and reinforcing the corporate image of the company.

Design custom packaging for your business

The manufacturer

The point of view of the manufacturers is also decisive, because they focus on the functionality of the design.

For example, you may be thinking of using boxes that contain music when opened, but is it practical from a manufacturing point of view? And most importantly, will this package keep your product safe during transfers?

Manufacturing includes all the technical aspects of packaging: the materials used, the functionality of the packaging, its durability, its weight and the regulations of the countries to which the product is sent.

The marketing team

  • From a marketing point of view, packaging is one more element of corporate strategy, so the team is in charge of:
  • Make the most of the packaging as a means of promotion.
  • Define the message / key phrase to be included in the design.
  • Communicate your brand promise. They are in charge of emphasizing the key value of the product and showing it through the packaging.

In summary, these are the aspects that you should assess to create a good packaging design:

  1. The design: it must be an original, personalized packaging that represents your corporate image well.
  2. The logistics chain: very fragile or oddly shaped items could be damaged in transit.
  3. The marketing strategy: packaging should be the first to show the benefits of the product and the differential value of your business.

Packaging design styles and examples

We have seen the three main aspects that must be taken into account to create a good packaging design.

Next we are going to analyze several styles in which you can be inspired to create a design at the height of your products and your brand.

These examples are based on the visual aspect of the packaging. As we mentioned earlier, we could create other categories based on a marketing or manufacturing perspective.

Minimalist packaging design

Minimalism is a design trend that favors simple shapes. Its most illustrative examples come from Scandinavia and Japan.

Defining minimalism is difficult, especially in packaging design. A cardboard box with a logo and an original design is minimalist, but so is a bottle of white shower gel with a label in soft tones.

In other words, minimalism involves a wide variety of forms of packaging and, in general, you can incorporate it into your brand without incurring great costs.

Packaging design inspired by vintage aesthetics

In packaging design, the term vintage refers to labels with an aged look, handwritten lettering, and dark colors.

Vintage packaging design evokes nostalgia and creates an immediate impression of tradition and craftsmanship. Many new brands like to mix vintage elements with contemporary figures.

It’s a roundabout way of saying to the customer, “I’ve been in business for a long time and I can offer you the best.”

Vintage aesthetics are often used in packaging for food (chocolates, cans of tea, coffee, etc.) and cosmetics. Beard oils and men’s items are often designed this way.

Pattern-based design

Patterns are images (or other graphics) that are repeated across the entire surface of the packaging.

It is a very popular choice in packaging design. Creating a pattern is usually relatively easy and leaves room for additional items, such as a card or stickers.

For example, many companies print an iconographic representation of their product or brand on the packaging.

Design inspired by local culture or tradition

Taking inspiration from the local culture is still a little explored option, so it could be a solution to highlight your design from the competition.

There are cultures, such as the Mexican, that can take advantage of bright colors and their customs to stand out with their packaging.

It is also a very fashionable type of design in the Nordic countries. The popularity of the Old Norse religion (combined with runes, pagan beliefs and other symbols) is used in luxury packaging.

Gradient-based graphics, smart use of labels and stickers, innovative printing techniques, and more. They are all examples of a relatively new approach to packaging design.

Innovative lines packaging

In terms of packaging design, innovation relates to unconventional materials or shapes.

Innovative design is a safe bet for brands with gourmet or premium products (customers are usually willing to pay more if the product comes in a rare packaging).

You can discover more keys about the psychology of color in this link.

Luxurious designs also often incorporate special finishes. Designers tend to use hot stamping with gold accents, UV varnish, and other high-quality variants.

Also, a good color combination is essential. Patterns or tones that break the harmony of the design are not usually used.

Rustic packaging design

Rustic design is directly related to minimalism. Projects based on rustic settings use wood, cardboard, and other natural elements to create an organic feel around the product.

It is also an inexpensive solution. A simple custom cardboard box with a creative design and simple colors helps you cut costs.

Rustic inspirations are often used in packaging for Christmas products, cosmetics (mainly those made with organic ingredients) and artisan jewelry.

Abstract packaging design

Abstract designs are perfectly suited to products and brands with an original (or unconventional) touch.

However, they can be a bit risky for some companies and sectors. Pharmaceutical products, for example, cannot have an abstract design, since the information and technicalities that appear on the packaging are crucial for the buyer.

In some areas of the food industry, as well as in interior design accessories or in the fashion industry, abstract packaging is often very successful.

3 key points to choose a good design:

  • Research your competition, find out which is the most successful with your customers, and try to improve that design or create one with an original touch that surprises.
  • Keep in mind that, depending on your sector, some styles may be too daring, (such as abstract designs).
  • You can mix (always subtly) several styles. High-end packaging can include a small detail of the culture of your country, for example.

Materials to design

We have already seen the different most outstanding styles to create. Now let’s move on to the most optimal materials for our parcels.


Cardboard is one of the most popular materials and is widely used in cosmetics, restaurants, clothing, jewelry, e-commerce, and retail.

Later, the cardboard sheets are joined to create layers called waves. These layers provide cushioning and reinforce the case.

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