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PRP An Excellent Cosmetic Treatment

Have you heard of PRP-Facial treatment, also known as platelet-rich Plasma?

And are you interested to learn what the fuss is about? Let us discuss why we like PRP-Facial treatment here at Accent for Skin. How this treatment is a beautiful supplement to your cosmetic medicine treatment program.

PRP is an excellent cosmetic treatment that naturally revitalizes the skin and fixes the visible signs of aging. The procedure involves injecting your platelet-rich Plasma into your skin, giving you a plethora of growth factors that boost the body’s natural healing response which helps you improve your skin’s appearance.

PRP increases collagen and elastin production, which helps to tighten and thicken the skin by smoothing lines and wrinkles. It dramatically increases collagen in the skin, making it an excellent treatment to improve your skin’s overall texture and tone.

PRP is the most effective treatment for those areas that are difficult to treat, like the delicate region under the eyes, which our patients frequently see beginning to notice the signs of aging; however, other treatments like lasers cannot employe.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Plasma with a high concentration of platelets (PRP) can describe as an expanding treatment option that continues to show great potential in cosmetic medicine. It has been utilized for a long time in various medical procedures, including oral surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery. That continues to evolve as a multi-faceted treatment option in cosmetic medicine. This is an autologous blood serum (meaning it is derive from the body’s serum) with high growth factors and platelets levels.

The clinical use of PRP relies on increasing the level of growth factors released by concentrated platelets and specific proteins. They are all effective in accelerating the healing process on a cellular level in the skin. It can bring back natural beauty by activating and stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process, resulting in an improvement in overall skin health and youthful appearance.

The numerous growth factors present in PRP may encourage neocollagenesis, angiogenesis, the general expansion of stem cells, and the restructuring of soft tissue. PRP is readily derived from your blood in its entirety and is, therefore, a safe and effective procedure in clinical settings.

Some of the most reliable dermatologic indications based on scientific evidence for PRP include hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation, and improvements on acne-related scars. Furthermore, combining PRP and other treatments like laser therapy micro-needling and dermal fillers and autologous fat injections have shown synergistic results, which can improve overall outcomes for cosmetics.

How can it help to rejuvenate your skin?

The application of PRP using micro-needling is becoming more widely used in cosmetic medical treatments. Micro-needling procedures create tiny pores in the skin that increase intake of PRP by penetrating deep into the dermis. Causing noticeable improvements to the skin’s structure. That enhances the healing of wounds and speeds up time to heal while also reducing the treated areas’ post-treatment erythema and melanin index. Trans-epidermal loss of water (TEWL) and hyper-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation is also significantly less when combined and dermal needling.

The patients we treat with PRP treatments report an improvement in skin firmness, elasticity, improved appearance and texture, reduction in fine lines. Improvements in acne as well as traumatic scarring. Studies have shown an increase in the density of collagen bundles. Dermal elastic fibers as significant advantages in the dermis in the aftermath of PRP treatments. When PRP is utilized alongside other treatments like micro-needling, laser treatments, and hyaluronic acid fillers, more skin appearance is seen.

Hair loss treatment using PRP-Facial treatment

PRP has demonstrated significant improvement in hair growth in patients suffering from androgenic hair loss. Growth factors from PRP promote hair growth by stimulating stem cell development in hair follicles by inducing. Prolonging the proliferative period of hair follicles, activating the anti-apoptotic pathway. Encouraging angiogenesis to boost perifollicular growth vascularization as well as the longevity of dermal papilla fibrocytes.

Numerous studies suggest PRP as a potential treatment for hair loss. Female and male type hair loss and Alopecia areata could be treate with PRP.

Some studies have shown slight improvement in the process of hair restoration. It is believe that the wrong treatments protocols were use. The method of undergoing a series using PRP is require to see significant improvements in hair density. It is recommend to go through several monthly injection treatments until improvements are notice. Then follow up with regular treatments every 3 to 6 months from now on.

How do we obtain the PRP you need for treatment?

The most appealing aspect of PRP lies in its being based on your own blood. It’s pure and abundant, and there are no worries about allergic reactions.


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