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What are the components of Experiential Learning and it’s benefits to pre-schoolers?

The method of learning through doing is known as experiential learning. Students can better apply ideas and information taught in the classroom to real-world issues when engaged in hands-on activities and reflection. Experiential education in schools opportunity may take many forms, including community work, service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad/away, and culmination experiences like internships, student teaching, and capstone projects, to mention a few.

Learn by doing fosters active, involved learning. Experiential learning includes the six components listed below.

Experiential learning relates the material to “reality.”

Exposure to real-world challenges or issues connected to course content in a real-world scenario. To find solutions to these real-world issues or to find best schools India, students must do significant study. There is no one solution to students’ problems in experiential learning. Students will need to learn how to cope with these issues throughout their lives. The central topic or subject of study is critical in all experiential learning techniques. As part of experiential education in schools, teachers and students may create a realistic environment.

Experiential learning is learner-centered.

Experiences may be more meaningful when facilitators appreciate the deep, complex, and complete nature of learning. Location and space, activities, social and emotional dynamics, sensory stimulation, and challenging learners’ intellect are essential components that facilitators must manage. Unlike when professors develop the project plan and guide the process, students have multiple choices concerning their learning. Experiential learning empowers students to address underlying challenges by preparing and discovering resources. The role of professors in experiential learning is different from many other teaching tasks. Students ask to do things that aren’t standard student employment.

Experiential learning requires critical thinking and creativity.

Students think critically and imaginatively about their own lives and apply what they’ve learned in new situations. Experiential education in schools requires students to synthesis information and apply it to new contexts. Experiential learning is a teaching method in which students use data from their past experiences and education. They use a multidisciplinary strategy to get to the bottom of the problem for the most part. Practical experience necessitates an ability to think creatively and critically.

Experiential learning requires students to build oral, writing, and media communication and collaboration skills.

Most experiential learning methods need students to work in small groups. These aren’t groups where students study alone and then collaborates on ideas. Experiential learning necessitates collaboration, much as in the schools. Educators have challenges assigning students to teams, fostering collaboration, and communicating regularly in best schools India.

Experiential learning requires students to gain information literacy skills.

Through these methods, students will gather information and apply knowledge. The objective is for pupils to find the resources they need to solve problems. Finding resources may help students enhance their information literacy. Consider what materials your students will need to succeed in your course.

Formative and summative assessments of students’ work need for experiential learning.

Throughout the process of experiential education in schools, students must evaluate. Improving argument justification and assessing critical thinking are complex tasks. Exams for fundamental knowledge should be low-stakes, and critical reflection should consider using rubrics.

It might be formative or summative evidence. Formative assessments are low-stakes exercises that may help detect learning, gather information about student learning, and help students improve their current and future learning experiences. Formative assessments provide valuable feedback for student learning. Summative assessments assess knowledge and offer a final grade.

Allows for personalized learning

Every program must permit a trip through the following stages to enable individualized learning: assessment, teaching and learning approach, and curriculum selection. Experiential learning methodologies are very efficient in addressing these needs for individualized learning. It is a significant break from standard learning approaches and extends outside the classroom. The participants determine the rate of learning. Companies are making this notion accessible anytime and everywhere, across many platforms, by merging technology and simulations with experiential learning. Giving knowledge to students instead of giving it back is called a “flipped classroom.”

Wrapping Up

When students engage in experiential education programs, they obtain the following benefits:

  • A broader perspective on the world and a sense of camaraderie
  • Understanding of their abilities, interests, passions, and values
  • improved comprehension of course content
  • Possibilities for collaboration with a wide range of organizations and individuals
  • Professional practices and skill set that is beneficial
  • The satisfaction of aiding in the fulfillment of communal needs
  • Self-assurance and leadership abilities


By experiential education in schools with new ideas and concepts, kids gain problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong love of learning. Experiential learning affects sentiments and emotions while boosting knowledge and skills. Beyond classroom learning ensures high memory, resulting in a higher ROI than traditional learning. Find the Gurgaon top schools, who are implementing the experiential education in their schools.

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