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JIS L 1902 Test Methods And Its Merits That Every Business Must Know

JIS L 1902 is one of the most recognized terms for testing antimicrobial additives. It is developed based on the Japanese Industrial Standard, which helps products enter the Japanese market. In general, the jis l 1902 test method will be helpful to analyze the microorganisms or antimicrobial additives, efficacy on textiles.

Most importantly, this affords microorganisms the potential which help to grow during the test. However, the level of nutrition present in the nutritious broth plays an essential role. We know that the growth of the microorganism also needs the control fabric. 

Explaining the  Jis L 1902 Test

Control and test textures are immunized adjacent microorganisms that are available three-fold; simultaneously, this likewise guarantees that the inoculum is in touch with the surfaces. Indeed, even Initial microbial not set in stone at time zero by elution, then, at that point, weakening, and plating of control textures following immunization. 

Even the Extra immunized control is permitted to hatch undisturbed for 18 hours after bringing forth microbial not settled. Reduction of microorganisms relative to starting concentrations and the power not set in stone.  Most importantly, jis l 1902 test method will help manage everything, and this will help ensure that the equilibrium or the elution system suitably eliminates the antimicrobial expert on test surfaces.

 What Are The Strengths Of The Jis L 1902 Test

Usually, the technique boundaries are supplementary painstakingly explained than an elective antimicrobial texture strategy called AATCC 100. Even this technique is quantitative in addition to results that are by and large reproducible.  Microbial fixations are normalized, and microorganisms are given supplements during the brooding time, which allows them to expand if the test textures aren’t sufficiently antimicrobial. 

The technique specifies three-fold experimentation, which assists specialists with assessing the accuracy of the special tests and generally grows trial precision. It is the ideal technique that helps to test both bacteriostatic and microscopic organisms’ killing properties on a given antimicrobial texture. 

Significantly, the technique incorporates a pass or fizzle for the determined degrees of antimicrobial action seen in test tests, making judgments of antimicrobial movement less optional.

Trustful ISO antimicrobial test:

Jis l 1902 test method is by the Japanese Industrial Standards organization (JIS). The JIS L 1902 standard is mainly available to describe a test method for testing antibacterial activity. Even this will be the essential aspect to check the effectiveness of textile products. 

On the other hand, this test method helps decide textile products treated using antimicrobial agents. This also helps prevent microbial growth and kill microorganisms in an 18 hour period.

The jis l 1902 test method has become popular today, and it also offers three different test methods: one qualitative and two quantitative. Commonly the qualitative method is called the Halo Method. Even though this method is similar to an inhibition site method but has some modifications. 

The Microbiology Test for Qualifying a Product:

The absorption method is one of the quantitative strategies even though it is well known. This test strategy presented in AATCC 100 norm is another well-known antimicrobial material test technique. The JIS L 1902 is ideal and famous worldwide because ISO (International Standards Organization) is continuously associated with this, but it has changed slightly as the ISO 20743 norm.

On the other hand, the Test strategies introduced in the JIS L 1902 standard related to an elective antimicrobial texture test technique given in the AATCC 100 norm. Especially this test technique is quantitative, and the outcomes are frequently reproducible. Both bacteriostatic (development restraining) and bactericidal also include microscopic organisms killing properties.

The specific antimicrobial texture is the primary concern that allows managing everything perfectly. The test technique assists scientists with assessing the exactness of individual tests and gives triple tests that expand by and considerable trial precision. On the other hand, this test method is generally not accepted for health claims by the U.S. EPA, which is broadly known as Environmental Protection Agency.

Unique Determination Method:

 In general, the determination method of determining the antimicrobial activity, such as

  • Transfer method:

It is the ideal method, and this test is mainly helpful for checking the bacteria placed on the agar plate. Even this also helps to analyze whether the bacteria transferred to the specimen.

  • Printing method:

 The printing method is simple to do also helpful to test the bacteria placement. With the help of this, you can quickly know about the place of bacteria on the filter & print it to the specimen.

  • Absorption method: 

 It is one of the standard methods and valuable than others. Overall, the absorption method offers accurate results, and bacterial suspension with this method inoculated directly to the respective surface or specimen.

  • Halo method: 

The halo method provides maximum benefits, and it is the qualitative method used to evaluate and examine the existence of the halo to the specimen without any troubles.

Nowadays, JIS L 1902 is recognized worldwide for testing antimicrobial added substances. It takes a crucial role based on the Japanese Industrial Standard for items entering the Japanese market. 

Unlike anything, jis l 1902 test method is helpful for fundamental textures in sheet material, attire, furnishings, etc. Even the Test choices incorporate a Qualitative and Quantitative part. 

Qualitative: primarily, the authority JSA JIS L 1902 Testing for Antimicrobial action is an antimicrobial capability examination designed for fabric substances. Overall, this adaptation of the JIS L 1902, the antimicrobial progress is a subjective declaration of development on a fabric. 

Quantitative: The JIS L 1902 Quantitative Antimicrobial Test is a standard JIS L 1902 utilized for materials.  Especially in this adaptation of the JIS L 1902, the information is quantitative. The Quantitative methodology requires a different hatching period for bacterial assurance by plating.

How to Fulfill the Medical Scenario?

Many types of tests also include antiviral tests, and even these are involved in identifying bacterial infections.  Most importantly, the agar dilution method or disk-diffusion method is ideal and commonly prevalent in such fields.  Even many of the other processes are available to identify antifungals. With the help of this, the experts also analyze the poisoned foods. 

No wonder the jis l 1902 test method used for surface disinfectants even this will be useful to know about some antibacterial and antiviral formulations. It plays a vital role and also takes massive equipment in medical services and industries. There is an increasing demand for these kinds of products and the safety confirmations at a satisfying level.

A jis l 1902 test method is widely utilized to check the ability of clothes and materials taken against antimicrobial agents, even to prevent microbial growth. Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) L 1902 method, also known as Testing Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy on Textile Products, destroys microorganisms within eighteen hours. 


The antimicrobial test is the most popular and widely used option. We know that it is one of the basic tests in textile and fabric products. With the help of the above information, you will learn about the merits, qualities, and demerits of the JIS L 1902 test method with ease.

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