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How Does Yoga Help With Sciatica Pain And Its Prevention?

Sciatica nerve pain has been a matter of concern for the medical community across the globe. Since the beginning, doctors across the world have attempted to study the symptoms of sciatica. And the reasons responsible for this condition. If you go through its research history, you will find endless papers and studies done on the streets. Even in Ayurveda, this problem has been describe as a pain originating from a vein. Medically, sciatica is mentioned as a radiating pain that moves from legs to buttocks. And is caused by inflammation or compression of the largest nerve in our body known as the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve originates from the lower back and goes all along through both our legs. It is responsible for all the sensory signals that move from our legs to the brain and vice versa. 

Several medical conditions like a herniated disc or slipped disc, and weakness in back muscles can result in compression of sciatica nerve root which leads to sciatica pain. Yoga For Sciatica is the best option for everyone.

Common Symptoms Of Sciatica

A number of factors are directly associate with sciatica pain which includes:

  •  Obesity, injury, or accident
  •  Disc Herniation
  •  Spondylolysis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease

How Does Yoga For Sciatica Helps? 

Individuals who suffer from compression of the sciatica nerve along with back pain problems face a lot of difficulty in carrying out everyday activities. The problem affects their quality of life and prevents them from pursuing a normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, millions keep suffering from this problem without realizing the natural benefits of yoga. 

A slow and gentle practice of major yoga poses and breathing exercises can be very effective in alleviating the pain caused by compression of the sciatica nerve. It is important to perform these exercises under experts’ guidance because the wrong technique for extra pressure can easily lead to injuries and an increase in pain. If done properly, yoga can bring immense relief to sciatica and back pain patients. It provides them with the right kind of support needed to reduce the pain. And prevent any kind of serious complications. But please make sure to talk ok to your doctor before you pursue any kind of physical workout. Remember,  yoga is a complementary therapy that needs some time to show its real benefits. Its effect is slower than that of medication but lasts much longer than any other therapy or treatment. 

Yoga For Sciatica Relief

Yoga is highly recommend for people suffering from chronic lower back pain especially the ones caused by slipped discs and sciatica. It is a widely accept approach because it is gentle and subtle with body movements. You won’t find any yoga routine that involves high-impact motions or brisk movements. It only involves regular stretching of muscles that improve their flexibility, fluidity, and strength progressively. 

For sciatica, specific yoga asanas like gentle seated poses, breathing exercises, forward bend posters,  and backbends are involve. The reverse poses and forward friends help stretch the hip flexes, glutes, and hamstrings which relieves stress from the lower back area.  However,  as the training moves ahead after the pain has subsided a few strengthening exercises are also involved to ensure your lasting relief and prevention of nerve compression in the future. The yoga poses for sciatica work on pelvic, abdominal, legs, and back muscles simultaneously.  Therefore,  you can rest assured that regular practice of these exercises will improve your overall health and well-being. 

But if you are suffering from intense pain or case of a severe herniation you must consult a physician before pursuing yoga. Yoga can accelerate the healing process provided you take ample amount of rest along with regular exercise. Everyday practice of these poses will rectify your spinal alignment, give strength to the local muscles, and will release extra tension from the piriformis muscles. 

Yoga For Sciatica

It is a scientifically supported physical workout that has been studied a thousand times by researchers and medical professionals from all over the world. There is hardly any other therapy or exercise that can rectify nerve-related issues in such a gentle manner with a lasting effect. There is no reason why you should overlook the benefits of yoga for sciatica and keep yourself in constant pain and under harsh medication. 

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