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What are the advantages of Bowser fabrication & how it is helpful in Diesel Delivery?

Bowsers are tankers that are used to safely and efficiently transport large quantities of fuels like diesel. It  also called mobile petrol pumps, for they are used to deliver diesel to static, immovable machinery in various industries (like construction and agriculture). The bowsers are also used to enable the refuelling of heavy-duty generators used to provide energy to large institutions like hospitals, schools and even malls which are constructed by mobile bowser manufacturer.

In India, diesel delivery service was legalized with an amendment to the petroleum regulations passed in 2019. However, this service is regulated by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO). Only the FuelEnts (Fuel Entrepreneurs) recognized and authorized by the government are allowed to provide this service under the guidance of the PESO.

The FuelEnts carry forth this service of providing Doorstep Delivery of Diesel (DDD) by purchasing mobile petrol pumps or bowsers.

Considerations to be made whilst considering the ideal mobile bowser manufacturer for you:


The mobile petrol pump should first and foremost be compliant with PESO norms; only then it can operate in India.


the bowser should be technologically optimized to provide you with the highest efficiency and safety standards.


The machine should be made with superior quality that maintains the integrity of the product because it is transporting the fuel.

Driver Comfort

The bowser should be ergonomically humane and allow driver comfort to ensure minimized fatigue.

Road Endurance

The machine has to operate on Indian roads; it thus must be tested on the Indian roads, especially given that India is still a developing country with many underdeveloped roads that connect the various states and cities to one another.

After Sales Services

Just buying the machine does not guarantee success for the service or the organization; one must also consider the after-sales services offered by the mobile bowser manufacturer.

Because the smooth functioning of the whole organization would depend on post-sale services and machine upkeep guarantees.

Fuel Bowser Manufacturer in NCR:

Humsafar, a Delhi-based FuelEnt, is mentored by veterans of the Fuel Sector with over 75 years of industry experience. Humsafar provides multiple solutions across the various verticals in the last mile fuel delivery segment. Their services also include mobile bowser fabrication services.

Humsafar’s unique Bowsers are made of superior quality products at competitive prices. The Bowsers conform to the ISO 9001:2015 standards and are put together using new generation welding technology and Branded MS sheets. These portable petrol pumps come fitted with Geo-fencing technologies that only allow the diesel to be dispensed at the pre-set location. Safety equipment like cones etc., that are used to cordon off the delivery area and maintain the safety of all involved; come equipped with the bowser. To ensure that only the best is delivered to the client Humsafar bowsers go through rigorous rounds of tests. Visualizing varying terrains and needs in the Indian market, these Bowsers come with variants including Flow metres, Automation, ATG sensors, and RFID tags, all of which ensure that there isn’t any pilferage no contamination.

Bowser+ Promise

Humsafar is helping more enterprising Fuelents grow in the industry and thus offer the promise of Bowser+.

Through  Bowser+ Promise, Humsafar offers the FuelEnts stellar after-sales services that include marketing assistance to promote the Doorstep Diesel Delivery service and garner a strong consumer base. Buyers of the bowsers have access to Humsafar’s user-friendly app- ‘Fuel Humsafar’ which allows automated billing, order tracking and other services that add to the consumer experience. The fuels can get orders via Fuel Humsafar to further strengthen their stronghold in the market.

Humsafar’s ‘Territory Officers’ stationed in all the major cities; handhold dealers to learn the intricacies and the operations of the mobile petrol pumps; boost sales for the FuelEnts and provide quality after-sales service post-fabrication.

Humsafar also offers media and service launch support to FuelEnts to promote their services and help them grow in the country’s booming Energy Sector.

It also provides diesel delivery services for smaller quantities through its Safar 20 program.

For this requires PESO-approved Jerry Cans to deliver diesel in quantities like 20-litres, 40-litres and 60-litres. They come with a seven-wire seal to ensure zero pilferage and contamination of the diesel.

Humsafar will also offer tank fabrication services that will allow HSD (high-Speed diesel) consumers to store excess diesel safely.

To know more about Humsafar’s services, please get in touch with us +91 7645076450.

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