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Do Ant Repellent Plants Work?

Garden lovers don’t mind seeing a couple of bees or ants in their garden here and there. But it’s a matter of worry when the number of those pests keeps on increasing.

Ants in a garden might be a common sight but up until they start to heavily damage your plants. Then you should contact a pest agency that will get rid of ants without damaging your garden.

Search “ants pest control near me” from your Google account to find the best pest agency in the business. But you can also try searching via your location, for example, “ant control company Brisbane” if your life there and locate experts.

And after they are done treating your garden and disposing of the ants, you can try some preventive methods. Planting repellent plants in your garden would be a marvelous way to keep the ants away.

The way to keep out ants is the aroma. They depend on scents to communicate with one another and to observe new courses to food sources. Having houseplants around with extremely sweet-smelling oils in them can deflect insects from investigating any further in your home.

Plants That Repel Ants


Lavender can get somewhat enormous for a houseplant; however, it’s most certainly conceivable to grow this exquisite fragrant plant inside. You’ll require a spot that gets a ton of sunlight as the day progressed, and hope to one or the other split or repot this enduring as it keeps on getting bigger every year.

In addition to the fact that you have to think about the light levels, lavender needs a windy spot too. Without a customary wind stream, it will not flourish. A little fan would work when absolutely necessary.

For the fledgling, attempt to find French lavender, it’s known to be the simplest strain to keep as an indoor houseplant.


Here is another famous choice when ants are an issue on your property. On the off chance that you have a pet cat, they’ll be excited about this plant. Regardless of whether you have a cat, you’ll probably be the legend of any friend’s felines whenever they will visit your place.

Regardless, we’re not here to discuss our catlike companions right now, we’re here to dispose of an ant infestation, and catnip will assist you with doing exactly that.

Catnip grows best in a radiant region, and it’s not exceptionally hard to fill in entryways, and it’s considerably easier to grow outside. Assuming that you have a cat around the home, you might need to be somewhat more aware of where you plant this.

In excess of a small bunch of individuals have heard that crash sound, gone hurrying to see what occurred, just to find their cat guiltlessly playing in the spilled soil of the catnip plant they knocked over.


Peppermint, spearmint and some other mints you might come across would all be able to assist with repulsing ants by stopping up their feeling of smell and making it difficult for them to convey. One simple method for picking the best assortment of mint when you’re at a garden store is essentially to smell them and see which one appears to emit the most solid fragrance.

Plant it into your garden, watch it develop like insane, pluck off the leaves, and put them in the spaces where the ants are troubling you. It’s as simple as that. Simply recall that assuming you put it in a nursery bed with different plants, mint will begin to grow rapidly assuming you don’t have time to maintain it.


A portion of the plants we will discuss are exceptionally solid scented. Because ants use smell to communicate with each other, so plants that can hinder those correspondences are really helpful.

Yet, you don’t generally need your home or your yard to smell excessively vivid, particularly if you are planning to plant these inside your home. All things considered, rosemary is a decent choice since it repulses ants with the best of them, yet it has a considerably less overwhelming aroma to it.

Rosemary is a genuinely simple plant to grow outside, and to some degree, a deceiver to develop inside. Assuming you have a houseplant assortment as of now and they by and large progress nicely, you shouldn’t experience an excess of difficulty with rosemary yet it’s excessive to take on for your absolute initial undertaking into houseplants.

If you have space to grow it outside, do that instead. Then, at that point, pluck off little pieces as it grows, and spread them around your home in the high ant activity areas.


Sage is fragrant, and an intriguing herb to cook with, as well. It’ll grow fine and dandy in any spice garden sort of setting, essentially any way that you’d grow things like dill, basil, parsley, etc. You can grow sage in your windowsill, outside, or utilizing a counterfeit light.

An incredible method for utilizing sage is to ground it up into a powder and sprinkle it where the ants are. You could even blend it in with diatomaceous earth.

We would not suggest planting a repellent plant as a controlling measure because it won’t work if the ants have already entered your home. Searching for “ant specialist near me” would be the best way to deal with such situations.


How do I get rid of Ants permanently?

The best way to get rid of ants is by investing in ant pest control treatment and then maintaining the hygiene of your place.

How do you fix an infestation of ants?

The best way to get rid of an ant infestation is by maintaining cleanliness and keeping the food away from the ants.

Can ant control near me get rid of ants?

Yes. An expert can get rid of ants through thorough investigation and then execution.

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