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Building a compelling Mobile Design for your App

With an app, it is important to keep in mind that all application users are unique individuals. Who use the application for various purposes. An application designer must avoid adding too many features, which can clutter up the app and cause difficulty navigating through the application. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to make your next mobile application compelling and user-friendly.

  1. Include a clear and concise description of the application

When designing an application, make sure to include a brief yet informative description about what it does. For example, “This is Appy” is not enough information , while “This is an application that helps you find parking spots in New York City” provides additional insight into what the application does . Also explain why users should download the application. When a description is engaging and informative, application users will be more interested in downloading it.

  1. Consider your audience when designing the layout

When planning out application screens, keep in mind that all application users are unique individuals who have different needs. In order to make an application easy-to-use for everyone , consider your audience’s habits and practices when designing layouts. For example, if you know your audience uses their mobile devices mainly during the daytime, design the application to appear bright and cheery with lots of white space and crisp colors in order to appeal and improve readability in well-lit conditions . If you know your audience uses their mobile devices at night or in dark settings , the application with darker colors and application screens will be ideal .

  1. Add informative text to each function in order to help users navigate through the application

Mobile app users want an application that is easy-to-use and well organized. One way to make an application seem user-friendly is by adding descriptive labels to application navigation buttons or icons. When designing application screens, use text instead of images whenever possible. If you need to include an image, try using simple arrows to point out objects on the screen or images that relate back to the application’s description . For example, if your application has a search function, don’t just put a magnifying glass as the icon because it could mean any number of things to different people (e.g., scanning for WiFi signal, looking for a building, etc.) . Instead include an icon of someone’s head with the application’s title next to it. Which will make more sense to application users.

  1. Make sure there is enough white space on every screen in order for it to be visually appealing

Mobile application designers should always keep in mind that application users are viewing application screens on small touch screens. Which makes determining what’s important difficult. One way to improve readability and ease-of-use is by adding white space to each application screen. White space provides breathing room so app users can focus on one section at a time without staring at too much detail or text at once . It also helps improve contrast so app screens are easy on the eyes and remain interesting for app users.

  1. Use icons that are easy to understand and don’t require any additional explanation or text

Time is a valuable application resource. Therefore app designers should make every attempt to avoid forcing app users to think about what an application icon means. In order for application screens’ icons to be intuitive, they should have descriptive labels . For example , instead of using a magnifying glass as the app search function icon, use a person with “app” next to it so application users know exactly what the app does without having to ask themselves why there’s a magnifying glass on this application screen . Also, include text sparingly in order ensure clarity and prevent too much detail from cluttering up each screen.

  1. Keep navigation menus simple and easy-to-use, with only one level deep

Many application screens will include application navigation buttons or menu options to allow application users to move between app screens. Mobile app designers should avoid making app navigation menus too complicated because it could lead to app user confusion . For example, if you have an app screen where the user can sign in to their account, instead of having multiple levels of login security (e.g., Username/Password, Login through Facebook), keep it as simple as possible by including “Login” as a button on this app screen . Include only those functions that are relevant at this point of time because adding more will make the button look crowded and cause app users not wanting to navigate through them .


Before application users can download or use your application, they first need to know what app it is and why they should use it . Like any other product, app designers carefully consider how their app looks because attractive design catches the eye of potential app users . Ensure that your app’s internal design follows best practices in order to gain app users’ attention. Convince them that your app offers the best value out there. Remember that time is a valuable resource. Therefore put yourself in the shoes of application users by making everything about your application. Easily understandable with concise labeling and intuitive navigation buttons. You want an app people will actually use instead of one they’ll never open again.

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