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Karate Belts: Ranking System Explained

We understand that Visual cue about students’ progress through Karate Belts provides a sense of accomplishment. But many audiences need to know about different colored belts in karate classes. Many of us want to see from where the idea of colored Karate belts for various come? How is the correct Karate Belt order?

Martial art has a great history, but the belt system is evolved recently, and belt grading is a relatively new addition. Before introducing the Karate Belts system, martial Arts handed over certificates to acknowledge a certain ability level. Let’s find more about Karate Belts and their various colors in detail.

Why are there different Color Karate Belts in Martial Arts?

There are different types of Martial Arts and Karate schools; among them, some institutions do not even have belts. Some of the Karate Training schools have white and black belts and some with different colors to show the competence and advancement of their students. Any color is used to signify the other ranks based on different schools and arts. Belt colors depend on the style, school, and country, and rank them differently.

 How many Karate Belts are there?

Most people are familiar with only the two most common colors, as the White belt is where everyone starts. But, on the other hand, the highest belt in Karate is the Black Belt, and only 3-5% of people will earn this rank. Therefore, making this belt in Karate is as prestigious as it takes years to achieve, and it is a profound of pride and accomplishment. But keep in mind that earning a Black belt is not the end but the beginning of the lifelong journey.

White Belt: 

A symbol of purity and is considered the beginning of the art of Karate. A beginning of a journey to the road to the Master of Arts.

Yellow Belt:

Yellow Belt is advanced from the introductory level and transformation of novice to a person who understands the basics of Karate’s art. It represents energy and getting an initial control over the body.

Orange Belt: 

Orange Belt comes with a symbol of stability, but the white, yellow, and orange belts are given to the candidates with basic skills. This orange belt is awarded after learning of postures, punches, and kicks.

Purple Belt: 

With Purple belt, students have advanced intermediate level as they have learned all the standards blocks and strikes. Learners know well now how to achieve the desired block or strike.

Blue Belt: 

Learners will be more adaptable given situations and mastered enough are given Blue Belt. It depicts the strength and confidence to demonstrate fluidity and adaptability.

Green Belt: 

The training gets more severe and challenging as transition comes with a great flow and emotion. At this level, the activity becomes more complicated and more even intense.

Brown Belt:

By achieving the Brown Belt, you plunge into the advanced level of Martial Arts. This belt depicts that the learner is way more knowledgeable and experienced now.

Red Belt:

After getting practical and creative in their techniques, students grab Red Belt. Typically, red belts are near mastery and integrated with many styles.

Black Belt: 

Eventually, the Black belt is renown for the summit of achievement and accomplishment of mastery. It is indeed a symbol of outstanding achievement, an actual award in the new self-awareness.

 Progression in Karate Belt System

There is no particular time to obtain a belt in an organized manner or a specific given time. However, getting ahead to the next step takes time as it depends on learning and growing. After achieving a Black belt, the true adventure begins.


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