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Buying high-end knives: tips, brands

Characteristics of high-end knives, brands and prices

To buy high-end knives, you have to compare the quality of their materials and the finish in their manufacture between the different brands and models and choose the one that finally comes closest to our need and taste.

To call a knife as high-end is to define it by the quality of the details in its construction and the perfect balance of weights that feels in hand. They are knives that, in addition to doing their job with ease, give us a design plus that never goes unnotice.

Mainly we find two well-define lines. On the one hand, the knives with an oriental character from the Japanese brand KAI and on the other, the typically western knives represent by the German brand Wüsthof , with a long world history base in the industrial city of Solingen.

Both brands present their specific lines with their target audience in mind. In sight, KAI represents a concept of artisan design, delicate but with the best materials. Wüsthof, in addition to worrying about design, gives us a series of knives that are capable of adapting to perfection in any environment, both for the amateur kitchen user and professional users.

We present here those that, in our opinion, could be consider the best-selling high-end knives in Spain:

Kai Damascus Shun Knives

Kai Shun damascus knives

Manufacture in Japan by the KAI company, the Shun Damascus series is compose of 30 models that are characterize by a blade made of 32-layer Japanese damascus steel that gives the aesthetic characteristic of this series.

In their manufacture they combine the best materials, the most advance technique and the manual finishing of their experts until the final sharpening.

Unmatch sharp knives made of extremely hard steel 61 ± 1 HRO (a good quality knife can have 55 HRO), 1% carbon, 1.5% cobalt. The end result is a perfectly balance knife in hand. A cult object that works like no other and for many the best kitchen knives in the world.

Buy Shun Damasco knives

These high-end knives average € 180. You can see and buy Custom Damascus Knives in Lecuine and if you use the code “soylecuiner” you will have a 5% discount .

Kai Shun Premier Knives

Kai Shun Premier knives

The Shun Premier Tim Mälzer series of knives made in Japan is compose of 13 types of knives that break the classic lines, the slogan of this series is “USE AT YOUR OWN RISK” to make it very clear: these knives do not leave anyone indifferent .

A groundbreaking aesthetic create from its blade compose of 32 layers of damascus steel and finish with a manual and artisan hammering technique on the blade known in Japan as “tsuchime”, they are manufacture by master forgers in the city of Seki, Japan.



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Choose the Shun Premier range if:

  • you want to have knives that are finish by hand, by hand
  • like premium japanese knives
  • Can invest a little more
  • A unique edge


Buy Shun Premier knives

These knives average € 200 per unit. You can buy the Shun Premier series knives with a 5% discount at Lecuine using the code “soylecuiner”.

Kai Seki Magoroku Composite Knives

Kai Seki Magoroku Composite knives

The Seki Kai Magoroku series is a favorite writer of this article. A very simple aesthetic, a combination of wood and steel, a cutting object that has won design awards. All knives in this series are made in Japan by the Kai company.

The soul of these knives is the union of two steels with an innovative copper welding technique that joins both steels and produces the aesthetic effect that identifies this series. The steel use is VG-MAX and has a hardness of 61 ± 1 HRO, the outer layer is SUS420J2 quality satin steel. The handle of the knives is made with pakka wood that gives it a lightness and a very pleasant touch.

The Shun Seki Magoroku series has been award the Red Dot Design Award.



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Wüsthof Epicure series knives

Wüsthof Epicure Lecuine Series

The latest from renowned American knife maker Wüsthof is call Epicure. The Epicure series stands out above the others for its superior design and the excellent application of recycled materials for the construction of the handle, achieving an extremely durable material with excellent grip in hand.

The  epicureísmo is a movement that embraces the pursuit of a happy life through intelligent pursuit of pleasure, lack of embarrassment and friendships. It is this concept that this manufacturer of knives achieves with satisfaction with a series that breaks schemes and to which it brings a warmth and a closeness to the natural environment without equal.

Wüsthof has develop a technology called PEtec: Precision Edge Technology that allows you to keep your knives sharp for much longer.



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Classic Ikon knives from Wüsthof

Wüsthof Classic Ikon knives

The series best – selling Lecuine: Wusthof Classic Ikon. A classic series of German knives Classic Ikon knives are robust, ergonomic and with classic lines.

The knives are forge from a single piece of chrome-moly-vanadium stainless steel) in Solingen, Germany . On the handle, the triple rivet scales are mounted seamlessly to maintain maximum hygiene.

They use Wústhof’s PEtec technology: Precision Edge Technology to keep their edges sharp for much longer.

Buy Classic Ikon knives from Wüsthof

The Classic Ikon series is made up of more than 30 references whose price averages € 120. You can buy the knives at Lecuine with a 5% discount if you use the code “soylecuiner”.

High-end Epicure knives from Wüsthof

Wusthof Epicure knives New

The Wüsthof high-end Epicure series was presentmthroughout Europe in 2018. Its knives are characterize by a German X50CrMoV15 steel and its characteristic ergonomic handle made of recycled wood. The Wüsthof Epicure series of knives consists of 8 pieces plus a block with 6 knives.

If you want the high-end Wüsthof Epicure knives you can buy them here  and in this post, you have much more information.

Maintenance of high-end knives

High-end knives need periodic maintenance to be able to cut to their full potential, they need care according to their quality. A good option to maintain the edge, if you know how to do it, is to use the Kai sharpening stones  or go to a professional sharpener .

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