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5 more effective Martial Arts for Street Fighting

Nowadays, in this world full of chaos, it is very important to learn to fight for the sake of self-defense. Street fighting is riskier than in-ring battles as chances of getting hurt in the street fight are high, and consequences are usually fatal. Whatsoever, street fighting has no rules and is illegal whether you are using Boxing Gloves, MMA, or any technique. Always try to be smart and avoid such situations as they can hurt you even if you get any permanent injury and put lives at risk. Apart from all the dangers mentioned above, life sometimes forces you to get into risky situations. We will guide you in facing such fighting scenarios in life and fighting back and which martial arts skill will help you while taking less risk of injury. So, we are bringing up the best fighting styles by which Martial arts techniques work well in street fighting.

Most effective Martial Arts for Street Fighting.

  1. Brazilian jiu-jitsu

BJJ is the best grappling-based martial Art for street fighting, as it is so high for self-defense or to easily subdue any attacker. Everybody wants to fight by not making it fatal and just working out through grappling, joint lock, or chokeholds. A most striking art which will help you to fight even against a bigger opponent as it applies choke and lock submission techniques.

BJJ submissions are very effective, and a trained person knows how to apply enough force without any serious damage. Martial Art that sharpens your mind and makes you deal with panic by making you conscious for the next move.

Indeed, the best workout if you want to win any fight and work against strikers. Along with self-defense, it will help you strike your opponent easily and make you a deadly fighting machine.

Advantages of learning BJJ

  • Submission chokeholds
  • Wrestling and Judo along with takedowns
  • Learning of force application on the opponents
  • Make your ground game better
  • Keep yourself safe from hurt and attacks while not much hurting to your opponent
  • A lot of sparring will help apply BJJ techniques in real life.


  • Lacks certain striking actions
  • Not that effective against multiple attackers
  • It does not teach you to defend against kicks and punches
  • Not that effective against dirty techniques and any person with a weapon.
  1. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts enriched with self-defense techniques to keep you safe in the street fighting scenarios. It is the Art of eight limbs that use punches, elbows, kicks, knees, strikes, shins, and clinch with eight-point of contact. There is a similarity between Muay Thai and Boxing, but they are not the same.

This specific fighting comes with a lot of conditioning and is always a good combat technique for street fighting. It brings a solid and effective striking pattern for overall movements to put the opponent on the ground. Muay Thai training with various styles will help your Cardio levels and build up strength without gassing out in any fight.

There are advantages of learning Muay Thai

  • Improves Cardio and muscle strength
  • Effective striking Combat
  • Standup martial art that how to use all limbs to damage assailant
  • Hard training for a full-body workout
  • How to strike using kicks and punches
  • Apply vicious knees and elbows in the clinch and sweeps various throws.


  • Muay Thai is limited to its ground game
  • It does not teach you to stop takedowns
  • Lacking dirty techniques or illegal tactics
  1. Krav Maga

This well-known fighting style is for street fighting, which is deadly and quite effective against opponents. A fighting system for self-defense combines wrestling, Judo, boxing, karate, and other forms of martial arts. Krav Maga is a combat system for real-life situations efficiently, so many militaries teach this fighting style internationally. Due to the intensity and effectiveness of Krav Maga, it is even illegal to use any technique in the ring.

It comes with street fighting techniques that are deadly without any rules, and they use various tricks while the training session is not easy.

Reasons and advantages why Krav Maga are good for street fighting

  • How to strike
  • Fight even against weapons
  • Defensive skill against a weapon attack
  • Realistic training
  • Learning to defend against dirty techniques
  • Striking techniques from various martial arts
  • Various strategies to deal with multiple fighters when attacking you
  • Get you out of tough situations without putting your body parts at risk


  • Even during intense training, you cannot mimic the power of a real weapon
  • During training, most of the attacks are not pre-arranged
  • Without adding any competition or sparring
  1. Boxing

Boxing is not ideal for street fighting, but one punch of any boxer can up the last assailant. It is a very hard sport to your body and head, but it does not cover all fighting areas as boxers only use their hands to strike. If you know well how to punch and where to punch, you can knock down anyone with only one punch, but it could be fatal if hit on sensitive parts.

Anyone should not get into different techniques as long as you have punching power, and footwork will also help you keep a specific distance.

With Boxing one can get following Advantages

  • Striking Techniques
  • Adding power in punches
  • Improved speed and strength of your hand movements to allow your punch faster and harder
  • Teaching that how to keep distance by footwork and head movements
  • It helps to overcome the fear of fighting
  • Footwork to avoid damage and increase your defensive stance
  • Deal with panic and mental anxiety in dangerous situations


  • Boxing will not cover everything
  • You are not learning anything about submission and defense against ground-based attacks
  • Lack of clinch fighting
  • it Doesn’t teach you how to defend against kicks
  1. MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the best street fight martial arts due to its versatility and makes you become an all-rounder fighter. One can use all strikes in this combat-driven sport to provide you with enough offensive and defensive games.

In a one-on-one fight, one has a chance of winning due to the versatility of techniques which makes you a good fighter. MMA teaches you basic and advanced moves to keep you strong.

Here we will mention the advantages of MMA

  • Grappling and submission techniques
  • Strong attacks with precision
  • Leg attacks to throw the opponent off balance
  • Heavy attacks and various striking techniques
  • MMA technique with the versatility to prepare you for fighting scenarios
  • Sparring matches are similar to fighting on the street.


  • MMA will not teach your dirty tricks or any illegal moves
  • It will not lead you to fight against weapon
  • Although it covers all aspects of fighting, it is not for street settings


The Martial arts mentioned above are the most effective martial arts in street fighting, but it will take years to learn these techniques. Remember that every Martial Art teaches self-defense, self-discipline, and physical fitness. Indeed, it is a great art to learn without any intention of destruction; even practicing martial arts ensures the least harm to the opponent. Moreover, to get the best quality Martial Arts gear, click here.

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