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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloakroom Toilets

The cloakroom toilet is a compact toilet that is suitable for small bathrooms. Generally, we don’t expect a cloakroom to have everything that a standard bathroom can have. However, the toilet is an essential part of it. Since you may already know that cloakrooms are usually the smallest bathrooms in the homes, we still want to add as many things as possible into it. These are usually for the guests or anyone who wants to use the bathroom without entering the main area. However, despite being small, the way you decorate and add functionalities to it creates an impression on your guests. The small space does not mean that you should compromise on the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom. 

Why Cloakroom Toilets are a Better Option?

When we are out of space, it is wise to utilize it in a better way. The best way to utilize it is by installing the fittings and fixtures that take less space. So, that is why we usually have what we say compact toilets, and compact vanity sink units, etc. These are a better option simply because they take less space. And when we install them, we have the possibility to save some space that we can utilize for other purposes. 

What’s The Difference Between Standard and Cloakroom Toilets?

The cloakroom toilets are not a separate range of toilets. But what we see is that many retailers have a separate category with this name. It is to help people get what they are looking for. There are many types of toilets, small or large, and we can use them any whereas our needs and availability of the space. However, we think that cloakrooms are small thus need space-saving toilets. So, the standard toilets may not have space-saving designs, which compact toilets have. 

Cloakroom Toilets UKAre Cloakroom Toilets Less Functional?

Many people think that since small toilets are compact, these may be less functional or uncomfortable to use. But in reality, these are just the same as the standard designs. The only difference is that manufacturers have tried to cut down every possible inch from their designs to make them fit into small spaces. So, there is no compromise on functionality or aesthetics. These look and work in exactly the same way as their counterparts. 

What is The Cloakroom Toilet Types Recommended?

The small toilets come in various shapes in designs. But there are a few specific types that we can recommend. We discuss these options from the most suitable option first. 

  • Wall Hung Toilets.  It is the most space-saving option thus highly recommended whenever or wherever you are out of space. These have minimum projection inside the bathroom with the floating type of bowl. That means a spacious bathroom look and less space required. However, these are expensive to install where you will need to break the wall to fix its cistern. It may make it a less preferred option for the people who don’t want anything fitted inside the wall due to various reasons. 
  • Back To Wall Toilets. Your second option should be btw toilet. It is also a space-saving design where you can pick the cistern and pans separately. We recommend using a short project pan with any type of cistern. With cistern, you may choose either WC unit or inside the wall like wall hung style. We recommend the cistern that fits inside the wall can be a better option. In that way, the only difference between the earlier type will be that it is the floor-standing pan that sits right against the wall. 
  • Short Projection Toilet. These are a type of toilets with a pan that has less projection inside the bathroom. It usually has a lower dimension height and width. However, that does not mean it is less functional or uncomfortable to use. It can be your choice if you want to go for a close-coupled style toilet. 

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are looking for a cloakroom toilets or toilet for a small bathroom, then you have multiple options available for you. We have a discussion on each of these types so you know exactly what you should get and why. In the earlier part, we have also answered a few frequently asked questions to help you understand better your toilet options for small bathrooms. If you are confused about it, you can visit Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK for all types of bathroom sets.

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