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How to Clean a Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Refrigerators are appliances we cannot do without, and getting the right product for your home is important. However, there is one more important thing that we tend to forget easily, which is maintenance. If you are thinking about cleaning your fridge for the first time at this point, you probably don’t know how much you can enhance its efficiency by doing so. 

Enhancing the efficiency of a fridge also ensures that you are not paying extra bucks in electricity bills. Therefore, by maintaining your Whirlpool fridge – or any other fridge properly, you can improve its performance and save money simultaneously. Relevantly, if you are looking to buy a top-selling Whirlpool refrigerator, purchase it from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and avail of exclusive perks such as No Cost EMI and zero down payment offer on select products.

How Do You Clean the Refrigerator?


Even though one ends up buying one of the best selling fridge, cleaning your refrigerator has to be done methodically and thoroughly in order to ensure a long lifespan. You cannot just start at the place you think needs fixing. For this reason, we have this guide that serves as a checkbox for maintenance-related concerns.


  • Remove all Food Items:

    First things first, you must take out everything you have stored in the fridge because no effective cleaning process can begin without this. Before you start unloading, make sure you turn off the refrigerator and pull all plugs and connections to be on the safe side. While you are sorting the food items while removing them, take a moment to throw away pieces of products that are not fit to be eaten anymore.


  • Use a Cleanser:

    Since you have removed every piece of food from the fridge, you have the entire space to yourself. Use a mild cleanser to clean the interiors of the fridge to get rid of mildew and germs. This step is vital because it is a step towards leading a healthier life. 

Use a soft cloth and do not rub vigorously because you do not want to damage the internal components. Lastly, take utmost care to make sure that the Whirlpool fridge is dry after the cleaning is complete. You can then proceed to reinstate the trays and holders that had to be uninstalled for the cleaning process.


  • Clean Underneath:

    While you are cleaning the fridge, do not forget to clean underneath it. That is the area that goes neglected with most people. 

It takes about 10-15 minutes to clean the webs and dust off the coils but the exercise can make a world of difference to the refrigerator’s performance later on. If you do not find the condenser coil underneath the fridge, you will surely find it at the backside. The best part is that you can remove and clean it yourself without the help of a technician or expert and if the problem persists then


  • Pay Attention to Detail:

    There will always be a nook or corner that you will miss. Therefore, be careful and clean everything–from door seals to inaccessible parts of handles. Clean with a mild cleanser and always dry the cleaned area thoroughly to avoid accidents when you switch on the fridge. If an area looks particularly gritty, use a vacuum to get rid of the dust that has accumulated with fierce resilience.


Take Precautions to Save Time


 Firstly, you must keep a record of what you are putting into the fridge so that things do not rot unnoticed. This simple trick can help you get rid of the stink that the fridge emits every time there is some expired food left undisposed. 

Whenever you spill something accidentally in the fridge, make it a point to wipe it off instantly. If you forget about it, they would seem invincible a week later. Proper supervision of your appliances is a good way to reduce maintenance costs because you can detect any flaw without much problem.

Organize your fridge space to make most of the space provided. You might not believe it but putting the wrong thing in the wrong place reduces the overall space for you to store items. Consequently, the wrong item receives the incorrect cooling via the air from the vents, leading to more wasted food. The key to having a neat and tidy fridge is to organize it properly.

Lastly, choosing the right Whirlpool refrigerator is one of the primary aspects you must focus on. Calculate the capacity that you will need depending on the number of family members and buy accordingly. Shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get exclusive deals on your purchase. 

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