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“Talented eople Make Countries Proud

It has been talking of the town and reaching everyone through Pakistan latest news channels and along with that, it is a much-discussed topic on international news channels that Dr. Aneela Drabar has performed the first-ever awake intra-axial brain tumor surgery at the best hospital in Pakistan. Yes! Pakistan is very proud of its daughter. Aneela Darbar also is the first female surgeon who got her training from the US.

She also has been a faculty member of Texas University and she has taught at Aga Khan medical institute in Karachi. Dr. Aneela Darbar has been practicing in one of the best hospitals in Pakistan, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, or in easy words it is called MASH.

Pakistani talent is commendable

Seeing this amazing news on Pakistan latest news channels, I was very fascinated and happy about how far mankind has come. Back in the days, it was completely unimaginable and unperceivable that one day, somebody would be able to perform awake brain tumor surgery without any complication.

But seeing it today happening in Pakistan, left me speechless and what made me even more excited is that international news channels are also recognizing this great achievement of Pakistan. Pakistani talent is much renowned all over the world, regardless of any field. No matter where you go, you would find the best doctor, engineer, IT person, or any talented person, he would be a Pakistani. 

It wouldn’t be easy for Dr. Aneela Darbar to be this successful

Well, this is human nature, we only see a successful person without seeing the hurdles and hardships he came across to reach this point. Speaking of this surgery, I am pretty sure that it won’t be easy at all for Dr. Aneela Darbar to be where she stands today. How many hurdles she must have crossed, or how many sacrifices she must have made to be this successful and her efforts are not only making a name for her but the country as well. This was all about the doctor, what about the patient?

The patient truly believed in the doctor 

Sometimes I think about how strong that patient would be who had his head opened while being awake for the whole surgery. Can you ever do it? Well, it’s I guess, the patient’s trust in the doctor. The credit for this also goes to Dr. Aneela Darbar, she made the patient believe in her abilities to perform such risky surgery. Anyhow, the patient would be a brave one to feel and sense the procedure and be aware of everything at all times. But then I think that he was aware of everything that was being in control as well. The hospital played a very important role to make the surgery successful. 

The hospital takes full credit for facilitating such risky surgery and carrying it out successfully

Yes! MASH takes full credit for facilitating such difficult and risky surgery. This would indeed be a very challenging decision for the hospital to make. If it had gone wrong, there could be adverse repercussions of it. Still, when Dr. Aneela Darbar is with you then excellence is a guarantee! The best hospital in Pakistan took risks with the support of Dr. Aneela Darbar, the hospital believed in her capabilities, and the best thing about the whole scenario was that Dr. Aneela Darbar proved her excellence once again and everything went well.

MASH is making a great difference in the society

MASH is known for doing progressive things in society. It is backed by MAST, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust which is motivated and actively participates in the progress of south Punjab. The Trust has also built a school in the vicinity that is devoted to providing education to young girls. Because of this school, the girls who had never seen the face of the school before are going there and making their future bright. The Trust believes that a society can only progress if everyone has equal access to education and medical facilities.

Therefore, it established a school and MASH in south Punjab to facilitate the locals here. MASH is one of its kind hospital with the capacity to accommodate up to 300 patients at one time. It is super equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and it certainly has made a great difference in society not only by providing medical services to the people but also by creating awareness among them on multiple issues. MASH is a great addition to the health department and certainly the best hospital in Pakistan. Pakistan latest news channels also mentioned it multiple times. 

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