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Do you know the difference between overjet vs overbite?

Overjet and overbite are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things that both relate to your teeth’s relationship with each other and your jaws. In this article, we’ll discuss how overjet and overbite are similar, how they differ, and some strategies you can take to fix them if you’re experiencing either one or both of these issues.

Difference Between Overjets and Overbites

Overbites are more accurately defined as Class II division 1 malocclusions (malos is bad or incorrect, and occlusion refers to teeth coming together). People with overbites have their lower teeth in front of their upper teeth when they close their mouths. Overjets are also a type of malocclusion but have to do with your lips instead of your teeth. In an overjet, your upper lip comes past your lower lip when you smile. The most common type of malocclusion is a class I division 1 malocclusion, which involves neither an overbite nor an overjet. In fact, there are many possible types of misaligned bites that vary in severity from mild to severe.

What Causes Overjets and Overbites

When your front teeth meet too far in front of your jawline, that is known as an overbite. Overbites vary in severity; some people just have slight overbites, while others have severe overbites. In most cases, it’s just a cosmetic issue with no real implications for health. You might not even realize you have an overbite unless your dentist tells you about it or points it out to you. An overjet is similar to an overbite, but technically they’re different because they involve different parts of your teeth: The term overjet refers to when your top front teeth stick out too far past your bottom front teeth.

How Dentists Treat Overjets and Overbites

When it comes to treatment, dentists have a few options for fixing overjets or overbites. They can use braces to move your teeth into their proper positions. They can extract teeth if necessary. And they might suggest something as simple as re-contouring a dental appliance so that it better fits your mouth. If you’re looking for advice about which treatment method is best for your situation, ask a dentist for his or her recommendation during your next appointment.

Can it be treated at home?

The answer is both yes and no. Sometimes a tooth alignment problem can be treated at home, while other times it requires the attention of a dentist. It really depends on what’s causing your teeth to be misaligned in the first place. If your teeth are only slightly out of place, then at-home solutions like flossing regularly might do enough to get your teeth back in line. But if your teeth are badly aligned or crooked due to some other factors (such as TMJ or chronic grinding), then you’ll need help from a professional to address those underlying issues so that your teeth can realign properly on their own.

What not to do

If you were to do a Google search for overjet vs overbite (as one of my new patients did), what would you find? If it’s anything like mine, a lot of ads for dentures. But here’s what we all need to remember: When it comes to your mouth, your dentist is not in the business of selling appliances. He or she is in the business of keeping your mouth healthy, functional, and attractive. In other words, he or she should never give advice based on his or her financial gain alone. Even if that gain does come from selling appliances.

What are braces used for in overjets or overbites cases

Overbites are commonly treated with braces because there is no effective non-surgical solution. Overbites can occur as a result of many different factors, including genetics, improper bite development as a child. Or habits such as thumb sucking. Braces for overbites can help by slowly correcting teeth alignment. If a healthy change in your bite isn’t possible, then gum surgery may be necessary to reposition your jawbone. However, if you want to avoid invasive dental procedures like gum surgery. You might want to consider other treatments that don’t require invasive procedures.
For example, Invisalign trays and clear aligners offer an alternative orthodontic treatment that also help reduce crowding or. Spacing issues in addition to crooked teeth or an overbite. A traditional set of braces relies on metal wires that have been wrapped around each tooth; these wires create tension to slowly pull your teeth into position over time. But it does mean that visible hardware has been applied directly onto your teeth.

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